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10 Top Tourist Attractions in Istanbul - Travel Video


10 Top Tourist Attractions in Istanbul - Travel Video

Check out all the attractions seen in this video:

Istanbul is a city that wears its cultures and history well, blending them into an exciting city that has much to offer travelers from around the world. Founded during Neolithic times, Istanbul today is a modern city that remains true to its historic heritage through its mosques, basilicas and ancient bazaars. Standing between the East and the West, Turkey’s largest city offers an aura of intrigue and charm that will appeal to all visitors. Here’s a look at the top tourist attractions in Istanbul:

Top 10 Attractions in Istanbul

This crossroads of the East and West is a legendary city. Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Attractions in Istanbul. For this list, we’re looking at the must-visit sights, attractions and monuments from in and around Turkey’s largest metropolis.


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10: Spice Bazaar
9: Galata Tower
8: Istanbul Archaeology Museum
7: Ortaköy
6: Basilica Cistern
5: Süleymaniye Mosque
4: Topkapı Palace
3,2,1 . . ??

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MY 8 MUST DO THINGS in Istanbul Turkey - Vlog 205

Welcome to my 8 MUST DO THINGS in Istanbul Turkey! One of my favorite cities, Istanbul is a mashup of cultures, language, religion, history, and food. It's a rich tapestry of a place and it's unlike anywhere in the world. If you are able to do all the things on this list, you will leave Istanbul happy... I promise!

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Monkey Istanbul
Mikla Rooftop Bar
360 Istanbul
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Top 10 places to visit in Istanbul - Travel Video

This famous metropolis at the crossroads of East and West is a legendary city. Welcome you to trovexgo, today we're listing down our Top 10 Attractions in Istanbul. We're looking at the must-see sights, attractions, and monuments in and around Turkey's largest metropolis for this list.

10- Spice Bazaar
9- Kiz Kulesi
8-Galata Bridge
7- Hippodrome
6- Taksim Square
5- Fener and Balat
4- Istanbul Archaeological Museum
3- Basilica Cistern
2- Dolmabahce Palace
1- the Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya) Mosque

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Amazing Places to Visit in Turkey - Travel Video

Turkey is a wonderful destination if you are dreaming of going to Europe. . Here you will find beautiful landscapes like beaches with crystal clear waters and breathtaking rocky views. This beautiful country has many invaluable monuments and relics which remind humankind's history. Turkish lands witnessed different cultures like Greco-Roman, Ottoman, Ethiopian influences, and even more. Are you still not sure about traveling to this gorgeous country? Come with us and discover stunning sites that will make you book the next first flight to Turkey!


00:00 Why visiting Turkey
00:49 Istanbul
01:59 Ölüdeniz
02:48 Aladağlar
03:55 Pamukkale
04:57 Izmir
05:52 Ephesus
06:46 Alanya
07:57 Antalya
08:52 Cappadocia
09:51 Mount Nemrut
10:40 Places in Turkey

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10 Best Places to Visit in Turkey - Travel Video

Check out all the places seen in this video:

With cities steeped in history, amazing beaches, and a beautiful countryside, a visit to Turkey promises an enchanted vacation. Diverse offerings such as the ancient ruins of Ephesus to the luxury beach resorts along the Aegean Sea will enthrall and captivate even the most jaded traveler. Istanbul, once the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, features prominently in most travel plans but there are many more great destinations. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Turkey.

ISTANBUL Top 50 Tourist Places | Istanbul Tourism | TURKEY

Istanbul (Things to do - Places to Visit) - ISTANBUL Top Tourist Places
City in Turkey
Istanbul is a major city in Turkey that straddles Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait. Its Old City reflects cultural influences of the many empires that once ruled here.

In the Sultanahmet district, the open-air, Roman-era Hippodrome was for centuries the site of chariot races, and Egyptian obelisks also remain. The iconic Byzantine Hagia Sophia features a soaring 6th-century dome and rare Christian mosaics.

ISTANBUL Top 50 Tourist Places | Istanbul Tourism

Things to do in ISTANBUL - Places to Visit in Istanbul

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ISTANBUL Top 50 Tourist Places - Istanbul, Turkey


This is the first of my travel guides in Istanbul. Hope you all enjoy watching. I will be uploading another one soon, so stay tuned to them by subscribing to my channel.


Istanbul is a city full of wonders. It's home to lots of culture, food and sights. This video includes 10 attractions that one MUST visit Istanbul if they have a day or two. In case if you want to visit any of these places, I will provide them right below:

1. Sultan Ahmet Mosque
2. Topkapi Palace
3. Gülhane Park
4. The Grand Bazaar
5. Galata Bridge
6. Galata Tower
7. Istikal Avenue
8. Taksim Square
9. Besiktas
10. Kadikoy

Hope you enjoyed this video. I will be uploading more. :)

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10 Top Tourist Attractions in Istanbul - Must visit

Istanbul was Founded around 1000 BCE and has always been a cultural Hub. It was the capital of Constantinople and was later occupied by the Ottoman Empire. The sightseeing in the city is something that can impress even the most monument-weary visitor.

Here is the list of top ten tourist attractions, if you have missed the first four you have not seen Istanbul at all.

1. Hagia Sophia/Aya Sophia
2. Topkapi Palace (Topkapi Sarayi)
3. Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii)
4. Grand Bazaar
5. Süleymaniye Mosque
6. Galata Tower
7. Dolmabahce Palace
8. Rüstem Pasa Mosque
9. Maiden’s Tower
10. Bosphorus Bridge
11 (Bonus). Ortakoy Mosque

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ISTANBUL, TURKEY (2022) | 7 INCREDIBLE Things To Do In Istanbul!

Istanbul is located in the northwest of Turkey and is the largest city in the country. It’s not the capital city of Turkey, but is known as the country’s economic, cultural and historic center. There are many historical places to visit as well as lots of interesting art, architecture, culinary heritage, and a vibrant local atmosphere. Try to stay at least 3 to 5 days in this bustling city to be able to enjoy the many things to do. In this video we'll highlight 7 INCREDIBLE things to do in Istanbul, Turkey!

7. Istiklal Street
The 7th best thing to do in Istanbul is to explore the vibrant Istiklal Street. Istiklal is the busiest street in the city, comparable to Oxford Street in London or Fifth Avenue in New York City. This long stretch has a wide range of shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, and much more. It’s the perfect place to try the local cuisine, such as kumpir, döner, or a traditional Turkish breakfast.

Istanbul Food Tour:

6. “Relax” at a Hamam
The Turkish bath, or hamam, is an important part of Turkish culture. It’s a type of steam bath and also a place of public bathing that was used primarily within the Ottoman Empire starting in the 16th century. There are about 60 baths in Istanbul, offering just the traditional bath or including massages. The price can range from $15 to $50.

5. Galata Bridge & Bosphorus
The 5th best thing to do in Istanbul is to walk the Galata Bridge in the heart of Istanbul. This bridge spans the Golden Horn and stretches between modern Istanbul on the north and the Old Town of Istanbul on the south. The Golden Horn is actually an inlet of the Bosphorus river, which forms the border between the European and the Asian continent.

4. Topkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace is an architectural highlight in Istanbul and therefore ranks at number 4. Home to the Ottoman sultans for nearly 400 years, this palace was the heart of the vast Ottoman Empire. The palace has hundreds of rooms decorated with beautiful tiles, gold, and other decorations.

3. Galata Tower
The 3rd best thing to do in Istanbul is to visit the Galata Tower. This historic tower sits high above the city and is visible from all angles. It was once used as a watchtower, but is now converted into a museum. It offers the best view of Istanbul!

2. Shop at the Grand & Spice Bazaar
The runner-up activity is to shop at the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar. Both are located in the old town of Istanbul, near the Galata Bridge. The Spice Bazaar is a giant covered market with the majority of shops selling food. The market is also close to the Grand Bazaar, which is the true centre of hustle and bustle. With over 4,000 shops, the Grand Bazaar has a little bit of everything.

Hagia Sophia (Free Walking Tour)
The best thing to do in Istanbul is to visit the Hagia Sophia. Located in the heart of Sultanahmet, this is one of the most impressive and important buildings ever constructed. It’s now free to enter, but to fully understand the importance of this building we encourage you to go on a “free walking tour”. Free walking tours run daily at 10:30AM. And in addition to the Hagia Sophia, the tour also passes by the Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, and Grand Bazaar. It’s a great way to learn about the city and its history.

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Top 100 Bucket List Destinations:



Pamukkale, Turkey:
Best Things To Do in Oludeniz:
Best Things to do in Izmir:
Best Things to do in Antalya:
Best Things to do in Cappadocia:
Best Things to do in Kas:
Best Things to do in Olympos National Park:
Lake Egirdir: Turkey's hidden gem:

Best Things To Do In Istanbul:

Rejoice in the morning by The David Roy Collective
For your name by Gan Raveh
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Vast desert by Anthony Vega
Acacia Tree by Gan Raveh
Jericho at dusk by Alon Peretz
Rolling wadi by Itai Armon
Changes by Ray

0:00 Intro
1:41 Istiklal Street
2:32 Turkish Hamam
3:32 Galata Bridge
4:23 Topkapi Palace
5:19 Galata Tower
5:45 Grand Bazaar & Spice Bazaar
6:46 Hagia Sophia (Free Walking Tour)
8:00 Bonus Activities
8:34 Things We Learned

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10 BEST Things To Do In Istanbul | What To Do In Istanbul

Things To Do In Istanbul.
⬇️ 2022 UPDATED ⬇️
UPDATED Top 10 Things To Do ➡️
Best Hotels In Istanbul ➡️


Looking for the best things to do in Istanbul? Or the fun things to do in Istanbul? In this video, we share things to do in Istanbul at night, things to do in Istanbul in one day and cool things to do in Istanbul.

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Istanbul Travel Guide (2022) Our Top 10 Must Do Favourite Things City Vlog | Turkey Road Trip Series

Hello, and welcome to the first installment of our biggest series yet, Near From Home's Turkish Coastal Road Trip. In this video, we start the series by exploring the world famous city of Istanbul, in which we see some of the most popular sites, as well as some hidden gems along the way. Join us as we experience our first hamam, the Grand Bazaar, Cistern of Philoxenos, Suleymaniye Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, Galata Tower, and the Theadosius Cistern. Please like and subscribe to follow the rest of our roadtrip through Turkey! You don't want to miss our Istanbul Street food tour, Pammukale, or Ephesus. ;)
Introduction 0:00-0:49
Mosaic Museum 0:59-3:29
Thedosius Cistern 3:30-4:35
Grand Bazaar 4:36-8:35
Hagia Sophia 8:36- 11:25
Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art 11:26-13:00
Cistern of Philoxenos 13:01-14:23
Galata Bridge 14:24-15:20
Galata Tower-15:21-15:56
Suleymaniye Mosque 16:57-18:39
Suleymaniye Hamam 18:40-20-08
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【Istanbul】 Travel Guide - Top 10 Istanbul | Turkey Travel | Travel at home

Follow us to the most beautiful places in Istanbul! ????????
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????In this video, we’ll cover more than Top 10 best places in Istanbul you need to check out before your trip:

1. Fatih Mosque
2. Galata Bridge
3. Aqueduct of Valens
4. Grand Bazaar
5. Hagia Sophia
6. Galata Tower
7. Bosphorus Bridge
8. Maiden's Tower
9. Basilica Cistern
10. Sultan Ahmed Mosque
11. Buyukada
12. Chamlija Mosque
13. St. Stephen Church
14. Topkapi Palace
15. Suleymaniye Mosque

????Let us know your favorite place in the comment!

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Istanbul Turkey - Plan Your Perfect Trip to Istanbul

Istanbul is now one of our favorite cities in the entire world! Walk over the Galata Bridge at sunset, visit mosques like Süleymaniye Mosque, Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, head on a food tour with a local and try more than 50 traditional Turkish dishes. Istanbul should be on everyone's bucket list because WOW was it AMAZING WOOT WOOT

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10 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Turkey | Tourist Attractions in Turkey

10 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Turkey | Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Turkey offers a wealth of different kinds of destinations to travelers. From the dome and minaret-filled skyline of Istanbul to the Roman ruins along the western and southern coasts, from the beaches of Antalya and the Mediterranean seaside resorts to the misty mountains of Eastern Black Sea. With so many amazing destinations a top 10 is bound to leave some great tourist attractions in Turkey out. So here in this video, we will discuss about 10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Turkey.

0:00 Introduction
6:46 2. EPHESUS

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Top 50 Tourist Attractions in Istanbul (Turkey)- Pandey Tourism

Istanbul is a major city in Turkey that straddles Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait. Its Old City reflects cultural influences of the many empires that once ruled here. In the Sultanahmet district, the open-air, Roman-era Hippodrome was for centuries the site of chariot races, and Egyptian obelisks also remain. The iconic Byzantine Hagia Sophia features a soaring 6th-century dome and rare Christian mosaics.

Top 50 Tourist Attractions in Istanbul (Turkey):-
01. Galata Tower
02. Istanbul Archaeological Museum
03. Chora Church
04. Basilica Cistern
05. Prince’s Island
06. Dolmabahce Palace
07. Grand Bazar
08. Topkapi Palace
09. Blue Mosque
10. Hagia Sophia
11. Gulhane Park
12. Rustem Pasha Mosque
13. Emirgan Park
14. Istanbul Modern Museum
15. Rumelihisari
16. Taksim Square
17. Zeyrek Mosque
18. Yildiz Park
19. Sulyemaniye Mosque
20. Vialand
21. Sea Life
22. Miniaturk
23. Istanbul Toy Museum
24. Rahmi Koc Museum
25. Legoland Discovery Centre
26. Madame Tussauds Istanbul Wax Museum
27. Ural Ataman Classic Car Museum
28. Istanbul Dolphinarium
29. Kidzania
30. Fethi Pasa Park & Grove
31. Bosphorus Cruise
32. Sortie Club
33. Enjoy a Turkish Bath
34. Arnavutkoy
35. Ortakoy Mosque
36. Bosphorus Bridge
37. Galata Bridge
38. Maiden's Tower for Sunset
39. Istiklal Caddesi
40. Kumkapi
41. Meyhane
42. Dancing Fountain at Sultanahmet
43. Babylon
44. Club Xlarge
45. Nisantasi
46. Bebek
47. Kanyon Shopping Mall
48. Bagdat Caddesi
49. Serdar-I Ekrem
50. Bomonti Flea Market


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We hope you enjoyed watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it. Feel free to ask us any questions.

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Top 10 Most Liked Attractions in Istanbul, Turkey |Travel Video | Travel Guide | SKY Travel

Top 10 Most Liked Attractions in Istanbul, Turkey |Travel Video | Travel Guide | SKY Travel
#istanbul #turkey #travelvideo #travelguide #skytravel @Sky Travel

Tourist Attractions in Istanbul - Travel Video

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ISTANBUL CITY GUIDE - Top 10 Tourist Attractions 2020

Istanbul City Guide the Top 10 Tourist Attractions. With over 2500 years of history Istanbul is the only city in the world situated on 2 continents and today in this Istanbul Travel Guide I’m going to share with you the top 10 things to do in Istanbul, Turkey.

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00:29 Top 7 reasons to visit Istanbul.
1. City of Four Empires
2. Where Asia Meets Europe
3. Historical Sites & Landmarks
4. Active Nightlife
5. Amazing Turkish Foods
6. Istanbul Türkiye Shopping
7. A City To Remember
01:16 Istanbul City Guide. Istanbul Top 10 Attractions?
1. Hagia Sophia Museum (Ayasofya Müzesi)
2. Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii)
3. Süleymaniye Mosque (Süleymaniye Camii)
4. Grand Bazaar (Kapaliçarsi)
5. Taksim Square
6. Galata Tower (Galata Kulesi)
7. Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarnici)
8. The Princes’ Islands (Take a boat to get there)
9. Traditional Attire Photoshoot
10. Other Locations You Might Want To Check Out
03:53 Is Istanbul Expensive?
03:57 Cost Of Living Comparison Between New York City and Istanbul.
04:19 When is the best time to visit Istanbul?
04:38 What to Eat in Istanbul?
04:57 Where To Stay In Istanbul?
05:22 How To Get Around in Istanbul?
05:55 Is Driving Difficult in Istanbul?
06:25 Five Fun facts about Istanbul?
1. The city was founded as Byzantion(Biz-an-tea-um) around 660 and was later know as Constantinople.
2. Istanbul is a top 5 tourist destination in the world.
3. Istanbul has a mixed climate. It has a Mediterranean climate, a humid subtropical climate and an oceanic climate
4. Istanbul has many architectural influences including Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Genoese, Ottoman and modern Turkish.
5. Istanbul is the most populated city in Europe

Song: Wonki - Deep Ocean

Top 5 things to do in Istanbul - Travel Video

Istanbul is regarded as one of the world's finest cities. There are several compelling reasons why you should visit this city. Istanbul is ancient, stretching back thousands of years, and as a result, there are several historical sites to see. Istanbul is stunning, with its many mosques, vivid tile work, and dramatic architecture. If you are planning a trip to Istanbul, you should be aware that there is a lot to see and do. Istanbul may easily occupy five days of your time. You should have at least three days on your agenda, although more time is preferable.

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