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10 Best place to visit in Wong Tai Sin Hong Kong


TOP 10 Things to do in HONG KONG | Travel Guide

In this video you’ll see top 10 things to see in Hong Kong based on our experience:
#1 0:20 Yick Fat Building
#2 0:37 Victoria Peak
#3 1:24 Hong Kong Park
#4 1:48 Wong Tai Sin Temple
#5 2:15 Tian Tan Buddha or Big Buddha
#6 3:14 Fishing village Tai O
#7 3:42 Kowloon Walled City Park
#8 4:25 Noonday Gun
#9 5:10 Symphony of Lights
#10 5:34 Bruce Lee Statue.

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Hongkong Tour || Hongkong Top 10 places to visit || Luxury Shopping Destination

#Hongkong City
-Hong kong is one of the most populated places in the world.
-Hong kong Famous for #LuxuryShopping and #Travel.
-Hong kong population is 75 lakhs.
-Hong kong City area is 2755 Square Kilometers.
-Hong Kong Currency is Hong Kong Dollers.
-1 Hong kong Doller = 0.13 US Doller = 9.23 Indian Rupees.
-Hong kong Speacking Langauges are cantonese, English and chinese.
-How to Reach: Nearest Airport is Hongkong International Airport.
-Things to do in Hongkong: Shopping, Sightseeing of Places museum, Temples and more places given below.
-Hongkong is one of the best place for Travel and Holiday in the world.
-Visitors can enjoy views of the city from high Altitude, Sample Local food, Celebrate festivals, Watch sport Compitations and visit movie settings in the City.
- Top 10 Places to Visit o n Hongkong:
1) Victoria Peak
2) Disney land
3) Ocean Park
4) Ten Thousand Budhas Monastery
5) Star Ferry
6) Skyline
7) Big Budha
8) Wong Tai Sin Temple & Man Mo Temple
9) Temple Street Noght Market
10) Museums (Science Museum, Art Museum etc)

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Wong Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong

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Wong Tai Sin Temple Hongkong / Snoopy World Hongkong /Nan Lian Garden Hongkong/ Temples in Hongkong

Places to see in Hongkong for Free:

Wong Tai Sin Temple : IIt's a Taoist temple and is popular place of worship.It is known for the many prayers answered: What you request is what you get many people go here especially those who have problems coz they believe if they prayed here, their prayers will be answered.

Snoopy World : It's a smalltheme park located at Sha Tin,near New Town Plaza shopping mall.Of course, the park has Snoopy and his friends statues.Children will definitely love it.They will enjoy the playground and the small boat ride.By the way,the admission is free.

Nan Lian Garden : It's a huge garden with falls and beautiful rock structures.Don't forget to have a look for Pavilion of Absolute Perfection.

address: 60 Fung Tak Road, Diamond Hill, Kowloon, HongKong Open 7am to 9pm daily and admission is free.

Free places to see in Hongkong
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Les beaux endroits à Hongkong
Voyage à Hongkong
Temple de Wong Tai Sin
temple de Hongkong
Jardin de Nan Lian Hongkong
Free places to see in Hongkong

Lieux à voir à Hong Kong gratuitement:

Temple Wong Tai Sin: C’est un temple taoïste et un lieu de culte populaire. Il est connu pour les nombreuses prières auxquelles il a répondu: Ce que vous demandez, c’est ce que vous obtenez beaucoup de gens vont ici, en particulier ceux qui ont des problèmes, croient s’ils prient ici. , leurs prières seront exaucées.

Snoopy World: C'est un petit parc à thème situé à Sha Tin, près du centre commercial New Town Plaza.Bien entendu, le parc a des statues de Snoopy et de ses amis.Les enfants vont adorer ce lieu. Ils apprécieront le terrain de jeu et la promenade en bateau En passant, l'entrée est gratuite.

Jardin Nan Lian: C'est un immense jardin avec des chutes et de belles structures rocheuses. N'oubliez pas de jeter un coup d'œil au pavillon de la perfection absolue.

Adresse: 60, rue Fung Tak, Diamond Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong Ouvert de 7h à 21h tous les jours et l'entrée est gratuite.

Lieux à visiter à Hong Kong
Incontournables à Hong Kong
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Les beaux endroits à Hongkong
Voyage à Hongkong
Temple de Wong Tai Sin
temple de Hong Kong
Jardin de Nan Lian Hongkong
les sites gratuits à Hongkong

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Wong Tai Sin Temple When Protests Were Still Rampant, Before Pandemic #wongtaisin #hongkong

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TOP 10 Places to visit in Hong Kong

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10. Dragon's Back Hike
If you've had enough of the tight confines of Hong Kong and are ready for a little exercise, try escaping to the Dragon's Back Hike. This popular trail offers spectacular views out over the ocean, Big Wave Bay, Mount Collinson, Stanley, and Shek O. It's a pleasant change from the buzz of the big city to hear birdsong, the sound of small waterfalls, and the leaves rattling in the ocean breeze.

9. Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha Statue)
This 34-meter-high Big Buddha sits atop Lantau Island's Po Lin monastery, which was a fairly secluded place until the statue was built in 1993. This Buddha is believed to be the largest free-standing statue of its kind in the world and took 12 years to complete.

8. Repulse Bay and the Beaches
Hong Kong isn't exactly synonymous with beach vacations, but who doesn't like a little sun and sand between bouts of sightseeing? The beach at Repulse Bay is the most popular in the country, and a day spent here is complemented with the luxury and style typical of Hong Kong itself. 

7. Ocean Park
As theme parks go, this one covers all the thrills you can handle in a day - a walk through old Hong Kong, roller coasters, a Grand Aquarium, and a look at rare and exotic wildlife. Ocean Park boasts the largest aquarium dome in the world, spanning 5.5 meters in diameter. 

6. Avenue of Stars
While in Tsim Sha Tsui, be sure to visit the Avenue of Stars, a promenade where the city pays homage to some of Hong Kong's best known film stars, such as martial arts great Bruce Lee. The promenade opened in 2004 and runs along the waterfront of Tsim Sha Tsui. It features stars dedicated to Chinese performers, similar to the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

5. Tsim Sha Tsui
Tsim Sha Tsui is a shopping and entertainment hub at the southern point of Kowloon, and is not to be missed if you're looking for a real taste of what Hong Kong has to offer. The Tsim Sha Tsui district is a melting pot of culture and commerce that speaks to the heart of Hong Kong. 

4. Wong Tai Sin Temple
The Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the newest in Hong Kong and also one of the most interesting. Located in Kowloon, the original temple was a private structure built in 1920. It was later replaced with a newer building in 1968, which is what visitors see today. The temple was built to honor the Taoist god Wong Tai Sin, whom locals regard as the bringer of good luck in horse-racing and a healer of illnesses. 

3. Victoria Central Business District
Wander through the Victoria Central Business District and you'll get a feel for why Hong Kong is one of the great international financial hubs in the world. You may see a few colonial buildings in this neighborhood, but old has largely given way to the new, with skyscrapers rising around you at every turn.

2. Victoria Peak
You haven't seen Hong Kong until you've taken in the skyline from Victoria Peak. Ride the tram to the top of this scenic viewpoint to see the skyscrapers, bustling city, and surrounding islands (you can catch the tram at the Murray Building, behind the Hilton Hotel). Spend an hour or two wandering around the park area, taking in the lush greenery contrasted with the thriving urban center below. 

1. Star Ferry
Hong Kong's famous Star Ferry, with roots dating back to 1880, costs only a few Hong Kong Dollars to ride, making it one of the best deals in all of Hong Kong. Victoria Harbour is a hive of activity, and ships of all shapes and sizes chug, zip, or wallow past as the expert captains of the Star Ferries somehow avoid collisions. As you travel the main route from Tsim Sha Tsui to Central, it's hard not to be struck by the dense towers of Hong Kong Island backed by green mountains rising up before you.

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Visiting Most Famous Wong Tai Sin Chinese Temple, Mong Kok Market, Kwloon Park in Hong Kong ????????


I am Subhash Mahato. Welcome to our YouTube channel Anybody Can Travel.

About this video :-

in this video I am exploring most beautiful wong tai sin Chinese temple in Hong Kong and Visiting night market in mong kong.

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#HongKong #WongTaiSinTemple #MongKong

Offer The First Incense Stick In Wong Tai Sin 2020 - Hong Kong

初一拜黃大仙點頭注香 2020 - 香港

Chinese people have always had the traditional custom of offering the first incense stick at the beginning of the year. On the eve of New Year's Eve, as the New Year's Eve enters the first day of the new year, the first incense offered by the people to the gods is a sign of devotion. At the same time, head also has the meaning of head lottery and good intention head. Therefore, fighting for the head of the incense stick also means to make things smooth for the New Year.

Hong Kong Impressions - Wong Tai Sin Temple & Garden

What a lovely oasis of peace in the middle of Hong Kong!

Wong Tai Sin District (黃大仙區) a residential area in Hong Kong

Wong Tai Sin District is one of the 18 districts of Hong Kong. The District in Kowloon East occupies an area of 9.26 km². The district had a population of around 418,900. It is the second highest population density.

You can see:
Wong Tai Sin Temple area from outside. Wong Tai Sin Bus Terminus Car Park, For Hong Kong typical residential buildings, many residents and much more.


Hong Kong - Wong Tai Sin temple, Nathan Road and Star Ferry

Hong Kong.

Visiting the temple Wong Tai Sin, Nathan Road and taking a cruise on the Star Ferry to reach Tsim Sha Tsui and enjoy the beautiful panorama of the HK skyline.

RUDE - Eternal Youth

Hongkong, Wong Tai Sin Temple - China Travel Channel

The Wong Tai Sin Temple (Chinese: 黄大仙 祠) is a picturesque Taoist temple amidst huge apartment buildings in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is dedicated to Taoist monk Won Tai Sin. Also described as immortal Wong, the monk was able to look into the future and had healing powers. The foundation stone for the temple was laid in the early 20th Century by Leung Renyan, a small shopkeeper for medical needs.
Today it is one of the most visited temples in Hong Kong. We were impressed how few the people feel bothered by the attending crowds, in their prayers and meditation.
The temple complex includes the beautiful Good Wish Garden.
The temple is easily accessible by the subway. It is just 200 meters from the Wong Tai Sin MTR Station and opens daily from 7:00 - 17:00 clock.
please read more:

Der Wong Tai Sin Tempel (chines. 黃大仙祠), ein malerischer daoistischer Tempel liegt inmitten riesiger Wohnblocks in Kowloon, Hongkong.
Er ist dem daostischen Mönch Won Tai Sin geweiht. Auch als unsterblicher Wong bezeichnet, konnte der Mönch in die Zukunft schauen und verfügte über heilende Kräfte.
Der Grundstein für den Tempel wurden im frühen 20. Jahrhundert von Leung Renyan, einem kleinen Ladenbesitzer für medizinischen Bedarf, gegründet. Heute zählt er zu den meistbesuchten Tempel in Hongkong. Beeindruckt hat uns, wie wenig sich die Gläubigen von den anwesenden Menschenmengen in ihrer Andacht und Meditation stören lassen.
Zur Tempelanlage gehört auch der wunderschön angelegte Garten der guten Wünsche.
Der Wong Tai Sin Tempel ist auch bequem mit der U-Bahn zu erreichen. Er liegt nur 200 Meter von der Wong Tai Sin MTR Station entfernt und ist täglich von 7:00 - 17:00 Uhr geöffnet.
Weitere Infos im Reisevideoblog:

Chinese New Year 2020 Wong Tai Sin Temple - Hong Kong

新年拜黃大仙廟 - 2020年農曆 - 香港

In addition to the Lunar New Year, it ’s a custom to go to the temple to worship and pray! There are different temples in all areas of Hong Kong for believers to come to pray and worship God.Among them, Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the most popular temples. Many believers will visit this temple during the New Year.

HOW TO GO TO SIK SIK YUEN | TEMPLE |WONG TAI SIN|HK/Home of 3 religions/taoism-Buddhism-confusianism

The Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple’s claim to ‘make every wish come true upon request’ might have something to do with its popularity. Home to three religions ( #Taoism, #Buddhism and #Confucianism), its natural setting and beautifully ornamented buildings make it as much a scenic attraction as an important religious centre.

The temple commemorates the famous monk of yore, Wong Tai Sin (also known as Huang Chu-ping), who was born in the Fourth century and became a deity at Heng Shan (Red Pine Hill). In 1915, Taoist priest Liang Ren-an carried a sacred portrait of Wong Tai Sin from Guangdong in southern China to Hong Kong. Now housing this precious portrait, the Wong Tai Sin Temple is where worshippers pray for good fortune through offerings, divine guidance and fortune telling.

Feng shui enthusiasts may notice structures representing the five geomantic elements: the Bronze Pavilion (metal); the Archives Hall (wood); the Yuk Yik Fountain (water); the Yue Heung Shrine (fire), where the Buddha of the Lighting Lamp is worshipped; and the Earth Wall (earth). Other areas of the complex include the Three Saints Hall, the Confucian Hall and the extravagantly colourful Good Wish Garden that is lavishly decorated with chinoiserie.

Info: wong tai sin temple

Address:2 Chuk Yuen Village, Wong Tai Sin,

How to get there:

MTR Wong Tai Sin Station, Exit B2, walk for about three minutes.

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Choi Hung Estate Hong Kong Walking Tour (Famous Instagram Location in Hong Kong)

Choi Hung Estate Hong Kong Walking Tour. Recorded in 4k on June 2019. Highly recommended to use headphones to experience 3D surround sound. No talking or distracting captions.

If you enjoy a visual walking tour with no talking and don't want to miss any videos:
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Start of walk:
End of walk:

Choi Hung Estate Info:
Choi Hung Estate (Chinese: 彩虹邨; literally: 'Rainbow Estate') is one of the oldest public housing estates in Hong Kong. It is located in the Wong Tai Sin District of Kowloon. The estate was built by the former Hong Kong Housing Authority (屋宇建設委員會) and is now managed by the current Hong Kong Housing Authority (香港房屋委員會). It received a Silver Medal at the 1965 Hong Kong Institute of Architects Annual Awards.

Choi Hung Estate is located in Ngau Chi Wan and is surrounded by eastern Kowloon Peninsula's several major roads. To the north is Lung Cheung Road; to the south Prince Edward Road East; to the west Kwun Tong Bypass and to the east Clear Water Bay Road. The geographical location accounts for the excellent transport network near the estate.

The Hong Kong government granted the land to the Hong Kong Housing Authority to build a large housing estate in 1958. The blocks of the estate were completed between 1962 and 1964. An opening ceremony was held in 1963 with the presence of the Hong Kong Governor, Sir Robert Brown Black. A signboard commemorating the ceremony is located in the estate's Lam Chung Avenue.

Accommodating nearly 43,000 people, it was the largest public housing estate at the time. It subsequently attracted several prominent visitors, including Richard Nixon in 1964 (who became President of the United States in 1969), Britain's Princess Margaret in 1966, and Princess Alexandra in 1967.

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Hong Kong Temple Street Night Life (Night Market Shopping!)

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How to pray at Wong Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong

How to pray at Wong Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong.

TOP 10 of the best and most beautiful Attractions (places)Hong Kong

best price Hotels -
TOP 10 of the best and most beautiful sights places Hong Kong: Avenue of Stars, Big Buddha, Sha Tin Racecourse, Museum optical illusions, ocean Park, Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Planetarium, Symphony of Light, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Street lazy pedestrians

Templo Wong Tai Sin. Hong Kong 2015


Visitamos uno de los templos más famosos y populares de Hong Kong el Wong Tai Sin.
Siempre está lleno de gente, haciendo y ofrendas y pidiendo deseos ya que el templo tiene fama de conceder todos los deseos que se pidan.

We visited one of the most famous and popular temples in Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin.
It is always crowded, and making offerings and making wishes since the temple is reputed to grant all wishes that request.


Lion Rock Hong Kong

#lionrock #hongkong #hike
Lion Rock , 獅子山
Lion Rock, or less formally Lion Rock Hill, is a mountain in Hong Kong. It is located between Kowloon Tong of Kowloon and Tai Wai of the New Territories, and is 495 metres high. The peak consists of granite covered sparsely by shrubs.

Wong Tai Sin Station
Exit B 3
1hr walk through Shatin pass road
Return same exit B3 wong tai sin
Fearless Hikers
Lion Rock
Hike Hong Kong
Castle Peak hike

Dragon Back Trail

Pat Sin Leng / Eight Immortal Hike

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