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10 Surprising Facts About Austria


10 Interesting Facts about Austria and Things to See in This European Country

Austria is known among many people for its incredible people, varied travel destination and cultural heritage. But there are still people, who are not very familiar with its country and things that make us want to visit it again and again.

Here are some of the fun facts that may be found in this video (thumbnail image by, other credits can be found at the end of the video):

- history of the Austrian flag;

- what is the Imperial Treasury of Vienna?

- Vienna’s Schönbrunn Tiergarten – world’s oldest zoo;

- some of the odd Austrian superstitions;

- unusual spa in Bad Gastein;

- the iconic Mozartkugel candy;

- the secret behind Ringstrasse in Vienna;

- a brief overview of Austria’s hottest travel destinations;

- how the snow globe was discovered;

- Eisriesenwelt Werfen, World of the ice giants as the biggest ice cave system on the planet.

Visit Austria - 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Austria

Heading to Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck or Any Other Austrian Destination? Well here are a few things that sometimes surprise tourists when they visit Austria for the first time. From the amazing cakes and tortes to the great tourism infrastructure to the sometimes not as friendly as the people, service and more. 10 Things That Shock Tourists on their first visit to Austria.
filmed in Salzburg, Austria
Copyright Mark Wolters 2015

Austria vs The USA: What You Should Know About Austria Before You Visit Austria

5 Love & Hates of Vienna

5 Love & Hates of Visiting Central Europe

Top 10 Austria

Do You Tip in Austria?

Top 10 Sights in Innsbruck, Austria

5 Love & Hates of Salzburg

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10 Facts about Austria

Follow me around Austria for less than 10 minutes as I share with you 10 facts I've come to really love about this country in the heart of Europe; her people, the traditions, the language and oh oh oh (drums roll please) the staggering beautiful scenery! *Hint: Make sure to watch no. 10...!

Special thanks to the friends who helped me put this short film together; Ana Guimaraes, for allowing me permission to use her clip of the Beach Volleyball ring, Mario Dörfler for helping with the camera work, Anni Pe for sharing inside information about Austrian wine, Mary Asumpta for moral support and motivation, and last but very important, Thomas Rinner, for opening the doors of his Heurige, for a better understanding of this unique wine tradition/culture in Austria.

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2. Background Music: River Meditation by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


10 things in Austria that are strange for Asians

Hi everyone! This week I will talk about the 10 culture shocks I had when I first arrived Austria, they are quite different from Aisa, especially in China, I hope you enjoy! :)

Fun Facts About | VIENNA, Austria |

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10 Fun Facts about New Year's Eve in Austria

How do Austrians celebrate New Year’s Eve? Why are there pig’s heads, fly agarics and people melting lead? Find out in our countdown about curious New Year’s Traditions in Austria.


Dinner for One (use this link to skip past the German introduction explaining the sketch):
Blue Danube Walz, a performance which was shown on Austrian TV as the first thing in 2017:

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* Austrian and Bajan Make Ponche de Creme (Traditional Trinidad Christmas Drink):
* Christmas in GERMANY/AUSTRIA vs Christmas in BARBADOS/CARIBBEAN:
* Pagan Christmas Traditions Austria:

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10 Best Places to Visit in Austria - Travel Video

Check out all the places seen in this video:

Austria is a country that is as well known for its scenic beauty as it is for its cultural activities. Situated in the Alps, it is a very popular place with skiers and hikers, but it is also a country that gave the world an important musical heritage, ranging from the classical composer Mozart to the Strauss waltzes and the Von Trapp family whose story was told in The Sound of Music. An overview of the best places to visit in Austria:

AUSTRIA | Top 10 Places

This video shows the most beautiful places in Austria.

Visit Austria: What You Should Know Before You Visit Austria

Read the Blog for Information on Austrian Tourism Destinations:

Heading to Austria and not sure what to expect? Here we go through what tourists and travelers should know about Austria before they go. Whether visiting Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Graz or any part of Austria these tips will help.
filmed in Vienna, Austria
Copyright Mark Wolters 2014
Austria vs America: What Tourists Should Know Before They Visit Austria

France: 10 Interesting Facts about French History, Customs and Places to See

France is a multi-faceted country, which is known as the international capital of romantic trips and a European country with a rich cultural and national heritage. So it’s no wonder why millions of people decide to visit French cities for various occasions, from recreational to business, and it seems that the French people have everything to fulfill every visitor’s dream and request.

This European country has a lot of secret wonders and the list of interesting facts about it could go on for hours. But for this video we tried our best to pick only the most unusual things you probably didn’t know.

But if you are feeling extra curious today, then please take a look at this page for more information:

Here are the things, which were featured in this top list presentation:

- the most visited country in Europe and probably on the planet;

- main achievements and scientific advancements thought up by the French people;

- meaning of the Medal of the French Family;

- history of the flag of France;

- Minitel as the Internet of the 20th century;

- unusual beliefs and superstitions;

- what is the DOM-TOM?

- April Fool's Day or the Poisson d'Avril;

- French things that have nothing to do with this country or its people.

18 Phrases Only Austrians Would Know

18 Phrases Only Austrians Would Know

►Read the blog:

This is follow up to the Austrian Language video we recently released. Here are 18 phrases only Austrians would know!

1. A geh' hear auf!
2. I muas nu gach!
3. I schau nur!
4. Ruaf ma uns daun nu zsaum!
5. Na, is eh nett!
6. Wennst manst!
7. Damma wos!
8. Eh kloar!
9. Host mi?!
10. Jo glei!
11. Na geh!
12. A geh!
13. Jetzt donn nocha glei amoi!
14. Na no na net!
15. Schauma moi!
16. Passt scho!
17. Jo eh!
18. Sammas?

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18 Phrases Only Austrians Would Know


Czech Republic - 10 Shocks of Visiting The Czech Republic

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Whether you like the incredible city of Prague or want to see mummies in Europe or have some of the best beer around, the Czech Republic has a lot of fun culture shocks that can inspire tourists and Czech vacations. Here we talk about some of our favorite parts of visiting Czechia.
Filmed in Prague, Czech Republic
Copyright Mark Wolters 2019

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10 Best Places to Visit in Austria (Europe)

Unveil the best places to visit in Austria with TravelTriangle by booking our best-selling package -

Tucked in between the soaring Alps, Austria is an enchanting country with dream-like landscapes, picture-perfect meadows, and grasslands, stunning baroque architecture and music flowing through its veins.

Austria will spike your love for nature more than ever. TravelTriangle presents the list of most beautiful places to visit in Austria : -

Vienna - For a walk down the glorious past
The town of Vienna doesn’t need any sort of introduction. Take a long walk through the city to explore that royal architecture, beautiful parks and visit the famous Ringstrasse Boulevard.

Salzburg - A date with Mozart
Filled with Mozart’s creation all around, Salzburg is one of the best places to visit in Austria. Surrounded by lush green meadows, it is ideal for photography and nature walks.

Salzkammergut - Relax and rejuvenate in a lake town
With 76 lakes in total, Salzkammergut is a resort town that will fascinate you. It is also the most famous place in Austria, Salzkammergut is perfect for your leisure travel.

Garz - Immerse In history, culture, and food
Austria’s second-largest city with six universities and one of Europe's best-preserved Old town areas, Graz has so much to satiate your traveler soul.

Bregenz - Tranquil days by the Lake Constance
Located on the Eastern edge of Lake Constance, Bregenz offers sweeping views of the Swiss and German Alps.

Zell Am See - Pristine alpine wonders right in your lap
International level ski slopes, pristine blue waters of Zell Am See Lake and the picturesque Salzburg mountains make Zell Am see one of the best places in Austria for natural beauty and relaxation.

Hoher Dachstein -The three-state mountain
Located at the border of Upper Austria, Styria, and Salzburg, Hoher Dachstein is the second highest mountain in the Northern Alps.

Krimml Waterfalls - Austria’s famous paradise
Famous for being the highest waterfall in Austria, this is a great place to visit and witness with your loved ones. It is also one of the most famous tourist places to visit in Austria.

Tyrol - Home to Gothic architecture in the Alps
Tyrol is a wonderful state located in Western Austria. Resting in the Alps, this place is a popular ski resort destination.

Carinthia - Home to the highest mountain in the country
One of the best places to visit in Austria, Carinthia is a region in Austria that surrounds the highest mountain in the country, Grossglockner.

Best Time to Visit Austria -
Austria is best visited in the summer months i.e May to September. Experience best of Autumn in the month of October.

Round Trip to Austria (Ticket Costing) : -
40000 - 60000 (Approx.)


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10 Interesting Facts about Israel and Country's Best Travel Destinations

Israel is a country located in southwest Asia on the southeast coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Despite its size, Israel is famous for the incredible historical heritage, worthy travel destinations and the people, who have managed to contribute to the development of science, technology and general well-being of the global population.

In this video we featured such facts (all the credits to the used media files and sources of the facts can be found in the “Read more” and “Credits” section of the video):

- great places to visit and world heritage sites declared by UNESCO;

- the size of the country;

- the discovery of an ancient jar that helped to bring to life an extinct tree;

- the meaning of the flag of Israel;

- the Sea of Galilee or the world’s lowest freshwater lake;

- major high-tech contributions.

10 Cool & Unusual Things To DO in Mongolia

Get more Tips here!
For those travelers who find themselves with an unquenchable wanderlust, Mongolia just might be the perfect vacation. A nation with a centuries-old tradition for a one-of-a-kind nomadic culture that has defied the super powers surrounding it time and again, Mongolia is home to a ton of interesting locations that are sure to find favor with even the most critical of visitor. Heck, simply getting from one place to another is a great part of the experience in and of itself. If you have the opportunity to travel to this little nation between Russia and China, then here are some ways to fill your time.

1. Make Sure to Talk to a Guide

As awesome as the internet is, a lot of the best parts of visiting Mongolia may not be available online. That’s why it might be a good idea to enlist the services of a qualified travel guide when you first enter the country. There are plenty of English-speaking professionals who can make sure that you experience the most fascinating aspects of visiting Mongolia.

2. Start in the Capital, Ulaanbaatar

You just might find the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar — pronounced OO-lahn-BAH-toor — to be far more developed than you anticipated. The thriving restaurant scene is a treat for any tourist, while the incredible number of museums and monasteries will help you get primed for the rich history and spiritual life of the Mongolian people. From a logisitical standpoint, Ulaanbaatar has several English-speaking citizens who can help you get your bearings before you strike out into the country’s gorgeous landscapes.

3. Spend the Night in a Monastery

The most popular religion in Mongolia is Buddhism. As such, the country has a gorgeous selection of monasteries filled with some impressive history and extremely welcoming monks. Some of these monasteries will even accommodate an overnight stay, which is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you’re interested, this is one of those activities that’s good to speak to a travel guide about when you land in the city.

4. Don’t Forget a Trip to Khövsgöl Nuur

One of the countries most popular attractions in Mongolia is the gorgeous Khövsgöl Nuur, the country’s deepest lake. At a length of more than 84 miles, Khövsgöl Nuur is a sight to behold. Even if you think you’ve experienced the beauty of a vast mountain lake, you still haven’t seen the sun rise on Khövsgöl Nuur.

5. Visit the Gobi and Ride a Camel

As you travel through Mongolia, consider spending a night or two in Dalanzadgad, which will place you in perfect position to enjoy the breathtaking expanse of the Gobi desert. While you’re there, make sure to take a camel ride. The walk might be a little wobbly, but the experience is perfect.

6. Take a Ride on the Trans-Mongolian Train

When you visit Mongolia, you should absolutely take some time to travel through the country at large. The easiest way to do that is to hop on board the Mongolian leg of the world-famous Trans-Siberian railway. The sleeping cars can accommodate practically any budget, and the restaurant is a great way to grab a meal between destinations. The railway also covers some of the most gorgeous contryside in the country; it’s a perfect way to take in the vast expanses of Mongolia while you’re there.

7. Experience a Secret Skier’s Refuge

If you’re the kind of traveler who is always in search of fresh powder, then you shouldn’t overlook the possibility of a trip to Mongolia. This is another vacation that you should coordinate with a Mongolian travel agent, because the skiing options are limited. Limited, but spectacular. Avoid the crowds at the lift and throw yourself down some of the best lines in the world.

8. See the World’s Largest Statue of Genghis Khan

To the east of Ulaanbaatar is a 130-foot-tall statue of Genghis Khan in the spot where the leader supposedly found a legendary golden whip. The massive monument to Mongolia’s most famous historical conqueror, the statue is quite impressive on the shores of the Tuul River.

9. Drop In for Some Tea

Expect a very warm welcome if you happen to converse with a Mongolian family near their home. The country has a long-held tradition of inviting a visitor in for a cup of tea; if you should be the recipient of such an offer, you should really think about taking it. Fair warning, standard Mongolian tea includes salt and yak’s milk which can be an interesting combination for a Westerner. That said, the hospitality should more than make up for the taste. Just take small sips.

10. Spend at Least One Night in a Ger

For a large part of history, one of the most common forms of housing in the country was the ger, also known as a yurt. Essentially, a ger is a tent made of several animal pelts that are draped on a collapsible frame. They’re still extremely popular in Mongolia today, and if you’d really like to get a glimpse into traditional Mongolian culture, spending a few nights in a ger is a good way to do it.

The 10 Happiest Countries To Live In The World - Seen as the World’s Safest Countries

The 2019 World Happiness Report, according to the happiness levels of their immigrants.
Happiness – and the pursuit of it – can mean very different things to different people. This, inevitably, makes it tough to quantify and rank with any real authority.
While happiness is said to come from within, residents in several nations are perceived to experience it more widely than in other countries.
The happiness of citizens does not increase when their country’s overall wealth increases.
This year’s ranking criteria has also seen some changes. It focuses on happiness and the community.
European countries dominate a ranking of nations seen as the happiest in the 2019 Best Countries report.
Here are the 10 happiest countries to live in the world for 2019, according to the United Nations. Many of these countries are seen as the world’s safest countries:

10. Austria. (safest country)
9. Canada.
8. New Zealand. (safest country)
7. Sweden.
6. Switzerland. (safest country)
5. The Netherlands.
4. Iceland. (rank 1 safest country)
3. Norway. (safest country)
2. Denmark. (safest country)
1. Finland. (safest country)
Happiness is everywhere in our homeland. We hope you find it.

Thanks for watching this video. I hope it's useful for you.
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Top 10 Amazing European Castles You Can Visit

Top 10 Amazing European Castles You Can Visit


Thanks to Getty Images for the pictures and videos!

We can’t all be born royal. But wandering these magnificent castles is the next best thing. Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 amazing European castles you can visit. For this list, we're looking at the most grandiose, sumptuous, and otherwise superlative European castles open to visitors.

#10: Palácio da Pena, Portugal
#9: Burg Hohenwerfen, Austria
#8: Château de Chillon, Switzerland
#7: Bran Castle, Romania
#6: Tower of London, England
#5: Prague Castle, Czech Republic
#4: Alhambra, Spain

#3, #2, #1 . . . ??

Austria: 11 Things to do with Kids in the Alps of Austria and Tirolean Alps

Austria: 11 Things to do with Kids in the Alps of Austria and Tirolean Alps. Melynda gives you a quick top ten list of things to do in the mountains of Austria with kids. We were there for a month and did many things such as horn park, Innsbruck, hiking, and more, and still didn't get to all the fun things one can do in the area with kids. Let us know if you have any suggestions! We visited Salzburg in winter and missed Vienna entirely, so we'll head back one day to see the Eastern part of the country.
For extra details see our videos on Hiking, Horn Adventure Park, and Innsbruck with kids. And thanks for watching.

See more details on the blog:

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TravelingMel (talent) and TravelingFilmmaker (filmmaker) are social media influencers who have dedicated themselves to living a life of full time family travel and worldschooling. They left their home in Montana to explore the world with their two boys so that they could raise better world citizens and have a few adventures along the way. We love nature, the outdoors, learning new things in interesting places, and Kiki Riki.


In this video I travel across Austria and show how much things cost.
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Gabriel is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990 when he was 18 years old. He is author of Following My Thumb, a collection of 26 exciting and hilarious autobiographical travel stories from his worldly wanderings during the 1990s; and has written several other books available on and elsewhere.

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4 Interesting Facts About Austria

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Austria, not to be confused with that other country that begins with Austr and ends with ia, is a country in Europe renowned for its rich history in culture. Thus, today we are going over four fun facts about Austria!

And if by chance you did know some of these, drop your favourite facts about Austria in the comments below!

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