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1.6kg Steak Challenge - Bistecca Alla Fiorentina ????????


1.6kg Steak Challenge - Bistecca Alla Fiorentina ????????

01:15 Raw T-bone Steak - Make Your Choice
03:58 Inside the refrigerator
06:18 Steak arrives!
11:55 Commence eating challenge!
20:20 The end is nigh
26:06 Florentine after steak ritual
29:45 My new favorite Italian liquor

■ ITALY, FLORENCE: Tuscany's capital is world famous for its Bistecca Alla Fiorentina. A type of beef that isn't necessarily slayed locally but instead derived from a special breed of bull and prepared in a specific manner which dates back to the middle ages. Traditionally they are served extremely rare!

As a huge connoisseur of beef, this was naturally something I had to try and film for you guys. I therefore started sampling various restaurants across Florence over two weeks ago in search of the finest T-bone cut in he city.

In all honesty I've yet to run into a bad steak anywhere in this city. But there is one restaurant I keep coming back to that offers the best value in terms of price and quality: Trattoria Dall'Oste. Hence why I choose this restaurant to showcase Florence's greatest dish.

So did I defeat the mighty 1.6kg T-bone steak put in front of me? And were I able to walk afterwards?

Italy Street Food: Florence Pork ????????

■ ITALY, FLORENCE: Florence is famous for her beef but the Florentines also love a good pork chop. So do I! So come along as I wander the streets of Tuscany's capital in search of Italy's finest pork sandwich.

$1100 Surprise For Italian Entrepreneur ????????

01:53 How to become a tour guide in Florence
04:54 Why you need a tour guide
07:51 Savonarola's demise
10:21 Neptune's Medici challenge
12:47 History hides in plain sight - Secrets of Medusa
15:43 Florence's Epic Pallazzo Vecchio
23:38 What it's like to work as a tour guide
30:05 Top of Pallazzo Vecchio
31:12 Oh no it's too much!

■ ITALY, FLORENCE: Upon my first visit to Palazzo Vecchio I realized I was in over my head. It's a fantastic museum to wander around in on your own but as I walked from one magnificent room to the next I started to get increasingly annoyed at not having a guide to explain the art, rooms and history of the place.

Well, I wasn't going to make that mistake twice. Enter my Sri Lankan connections. They were able to get me a freelance guide as a favor to tour the palace with me.

Always on the lookout for entrepreneurs to interview and feature I therefore decided to take the opportunity to do a little interview about the life of this Florence tour guide for the benefit of you viewers who dream about also starting for yourself.

In between the questions I throw in some images from the walk I did through the Palazzo as well as some reasons for why you should hire a local guide when abroad and ESPECIALLY when in Florence.

Local private and group guides are available at (or near) most of the attractions throughout the city of Florence and they'll make your visit to the attractions improve exponentially.

I've now been to most of Florence's major attractions albeit I have not filmed at them all nor will I. I just wanted to say that the queues are visitors to Palazzo Vecchio are basically non-existant unlike at all other Florentine attractions. This despite it being by far the greatest attraction of the city in my humble opinion.

I was an Italian Master Chef ????????

■ ITALY, FLORENCE: The most challenging meal I've indulged in thus far in Florence, wasn't the 1.6 kg T-bone steak but Lisa's Lampredotto. It's not that the sandwich wasn't good. It really was quite tasty!

It was more about having the knowledge of what I was eating and somehow muster the willpower to keep munching down on it despite my better judgement.

Having seen my Lampredotto video, Martina, Florence's greatest tour guide, challenged me to sample some even more exotic ancient meals of Florence. So down to the 130 year old street food market known locally as Mercato di San Lorenzo I went.

Objective: devour the most daring meals the city has got to offer. But first I was lured into taking the job as an Italian street food master chef! My first order, Panino con l'arrosto (whatever that is).

■ MARTINA'S CONTACT DETAILS: If you wish to join Martina on a food or history excursion you can write her at her e-mail address is in the top left corner

Italy Street Food: Fiorentina Stadium ????????

■ ITALY, FLORENCE: Having spent some time now touring amazing Italy I had concluded that this is a country of fine dining and fancy restaurants as opposed to a country where you can find a real street food experience. Oh buy was I wrong!

As I was about to enter the Artemio Franchi stadium to see Fiorentina play, I stumbled upon what is the most awesome make shift street food alley I've ever seen in Western Europe.

Greek Ruins of Sicily: Deleted Scenes Italy ????????

■ SICILY, ITALY: After spending most of September in the stunning city of Florence I decided to do a tour of the island of Sicily. The island which was once the site of a number of sprawling Greek Colonies is today full of ruins of this incredibly advanced civilization. Most of the columns, temples and amphitheaters you see in this video are 2600 years old!

But before I toured the Greek South and East of this magical Island, I visited the Norman strongholds of the North-West centered around Palermo and Cefalu, starting with King Roger II's magnificent Palatine Chapel and his grave which is located in a church a few kilometres down the road.

To my amazement, next to Roger II's coffin was that of one of the most decorated and genealogically blessed rulers of all time, the Grand son of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa on the German side of his family tree and that of King Roger of Sicily on his Norman side, Mr. Stupor Mundi himself (the wonder of the world as he was deemed); Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa II.



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