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ADAPTASI Exhibition 2020 (Day-1) : Sesi 2 [ Talkshow 1, Lotus & Saras008 ]

Selamat datang di pameran Visual Branding ADAPTASI 2020 DKV ISI YOGYAKARTA.

Pada sesi kali ini , kami akan menampilkan talkshow bersama pembicara bapak NAUFAN NOORDIYANTO, S.Sn., M.Sn.
kemudian dilanjut oleh kelompok LOTUS dan SARAS 008

Berikut link untuk akses karya-karya Visual Branding dari teman kami:
instagram LOTUS :
instagram SARAS 008 :

Behance :
Instagram :

Selamat menyaksikan!

0:00 Lobby screen
1:19 Intro
2:22 Penjelasan talkshow & tentang narasumber
3:43 Naufan Noordiyanto, S.Sn., M.Sn.
7:05 Materi Talkshow 1
7:52 Personal Branding
15:55 Giat Desain di Masa Pandemi
17:43 Tips optimalisasi giat desain di rumah
21:56 Softselling & Hardselling
31:13 Rangkuman Moderator
33:10 Q&A
53:48 Photo session
54:46 Penutup Talkshow 1
55:45 MC
57:27 Preview karya kelompok Lotus
1:06:52 Bincang karya kelompok Lotus
1:16:14 Preview Karya kelompok Saras008
1:30:52 Bincang Karya kelompok Saras008
1:36:54 Sampai jumpa besok!


Zindagi Ka Safar - Safar | Anand Ji Bhai | Geeton Ka Karwan 2

#kalyanjianandji #zindagikasafar #classicbollywoodsongs

Life is truly a winding road, sometimes taking us to destinations unknown while others to places of grandeur and passion. A ride that is filled with both ups and downs, but one that we should enjoy each and every moment of!

That is exactly what this song talks about, who knows what is going to happen tomorrow, so lets enjoy the here and now. A beautiful song created by the legendary duo of Kalyan Ji and Anand Ji.

Join us in listening to this song 'Zindagi Ka Safar' from the movie Safar in the voice of Anand Ji bhai himself!

When you walk down the memory lane of the Indian Film industry, you have to do it right! Geeton Ka Karwan is here to do just that!

A night filled with old melodies of the great duo Kalyanji-Anandji of whom Anandji will be with us on the night reliving those memories and the evergreen tunes made by the two!

The artists responsible for taking us through this journey and acting as our guides are: Anandji Bhai, Sadhna Sargam, Sudesh Bhosle, Pamela Jain, Tarannum Malik, Mukhtar Shah, Vaibhav Vashisht and lastly our onstage presenter Poonam Raj Bhardwaj.

Buckle up everyone as this is going to be a roller coaster full of amazing music, company and artists accompanied by the R.J. Group Musical Band.

For business enquiries, email us here:

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