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Marrakech: Love & Hates of Visiting Marrakesh, Morocco

Hey there fellow travelers, today we look at the best parts of visiting Marrakech, Morocco and some of the least fun parts of visiting Marrakesh. And yes you may see Marrakech spelled different ways, sometimes as Marrakesh with an S and sometimes the a C Marrakech. But no matter how you spell it you will enjoy your visit to Morocco.
Tourism information on Marrakesh, Morocco.
Filmed in Marrakech, Morocco
Copyright Mark Wolters 2021
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Life In Slovenia. Why Should You Visit This Country?

#slovenia, #ljubljana, #traveltips
Today we want to tell you about the wonderful country in Europe that you probably never though to visit. Slovenia is a great place for a tourist who is tired of all those European cities with quite the same architecture. In Slovenia you are likely to find much more than just a piece of Europe.

In our today’s video we’ll try to reveal some unknown facts about the country that will make you want to visit it right now. We hope that this travel inspiration will motivate you to pack your suitcase and buy the ticket to Ljubljana to have a wonderful time!

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