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Leopard 53 PC Power Catamaran - Boat review teaser - Multihull Of The Year 2020

Leopard 53 PC Catamaran video. Discover this powercat full test in Multihulls World #172

This boat features real motoryacht lines, with a solid foredeck, pronounced topsides and an impressively sized flybridge. A very clear effort has been made in terms of design: the coachroof is visually lighter than on previous models. Inside, moving around is easy: a wide central passage connects the aft cockpit to the foredeck saloon - accessible thanks to the famous front door, dear to Leopard. Outside, there’s no shortage of space for relaxation, and access to the sea and the dinghy has been given priority. Our test demonstrated the good handling of the 53 PC and her speed possibilities – up to 22 knots.

Builder: Robertson & Caine
Overall length: 53’1” (16.19 m)
Beam: 25’2” (7.67 m)
Draft: 3’2” (0.97 m)
Air draft: 26’3” (8.00 m)
Displacement: 41,075 lbs (18.6 t)
Motors: 2 x 370 HP
Fuel: 581 US gal (2,200 l)
Water: 185 US gal (700 l)
Speed: 17.5/22 knots

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Découvrez le test complet dans Multicoques Mag n°201

Présenté au Miami Boat Show 2020, le 53 PC a remplacé le Leopard 51 PC lancé en 2013. Le 53 PC affiche des vraies lignes de motoryacht, avec un pont en dur à l’avant, un décroché de bordé prononcé, et un flybridge d’une surface impressionnante. Un très net effort a été apporté en termes de design : le rouf est plus léger sur le plan visuel que sur les précédents modèles. A l’intérieur, la circulation est aisée : un large passage central permet de relier le cockpit arrière au salon de pont avant – accessible grâce à la fameuse porte frontale chère à Leopard. A l’extérieur, les surfaces dévolues au farniente ne manquent pas ; les accès à la mer et à l’annexe, quant à eux, ont été privilégiés. Nos essais en mer ont démontré le bon comportement du 53 PC et ses possibilités de vitesse – jusqu’à 22 nœuds.

Constructeur : Robertson & Caine
Longueur hors-tout : 16,19 m
Largeur : 7,67 m
Tirant d’eau : 0,97 m
Tirant d’air : 8 m
Déplacement : 18,63 t
Motorisation : 2 x 370 CV
Carburant : 2 200 l
Capacité eau : 700 l
Vitesse : 17,5/22 nœuds

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The Moorings & The Leopard 53PC Catamaran! @The 2020 Miami International Boat Show!

Ian from The Moorings talks with us about all the outstanding services they offer, and we got to tour this beautiful Leopard 53PC Catamaran while we were at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show!

Mirror's Edge : TT Shard One 45:78 World Record

take me 2 hours today i'll rec soon offline to get a beter quality for the WR :) -- Watch live at

PS: ok i just see it was the WR xD so i'll improve it later sub 45 i think

Leopard 53 Powercat Guided Tour

Climb aboard and take your personal, guided tour of the Leopard 53 Powercat.


PC53 29-Jul-2010 Lord Baden Powell - Part 2

More with the guy who started it all -- Lord Baden Powell.

PC 53

The Leopard 53 Powercat in Cape Town

The Allure of a Motoryacht . The Advantages of a Catamaran . Watch the NEW Leopard 53 Powercat run off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa in our first ever video of this exciting yacht. She will make her world debut in Miami 2020.

Learn More:

BJJ 4 Change Marquette 2017

BJJ4Change Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Scrimmage at Marquette University.

November 2017

Music: Seven Nation Army - Glitch Mob Remix

RFS | easyJet smooth landing Paris CDG Airbus A320

[Sonic Heroes] Lost Jungle Sonic Speedrun - PC - 1:45.49

Just uploading this beacause my other PB wasn't vidded. I feel like this was the same as my PB, maybe slower. I will go for a 1:43 probably on my stream later, we'll see. Don't have anything else to say, enjoy :)

[Sonic Heroes] Frog Forest SHM Bop Boost Tutorial (GC)

SHM = Super Hard Mode
People were having troubles with this so I decided to find a strat (I dunno if it was found before) and do a tutorial of it :P Everything is explained in the video, if you have questions ask in the comments and I'll gladly help you (if I can).
Oh and apologies for shitty cam, you'll have to get used to it :P

מצנן אוויר Power turbo 600w

דגמי המצננים החדשים שלנו מבית החוויה אבי שושן.

יחידות מפוח צנטרפוגלי.
יצירת מיסוך אוויר מעל גובה האנשים ובכך יצירת אפקט צינון מקסימלי ויעיל במיוחד. פאנל בקרת לחות מובנה לשליטה על כמות אידוי המים.

[Sonic Heroes] Team Rose No Ultra Glides% Speedrun - 36:16 IGT

Wow, nice time :o
The reason why I did this category was beacause I'm going to switch to gamecube soon (maybe on summer when I get a new PC) and I have to get used to do the levels without glides (Best way to do it). Also 2:02 bingo highway Kreygasm -- Watch live at

מצנן אוויר מפוח טורבו. מצנן האוויר העוצמתי בעולם. Power turbo 1000w

[Sonic Heroes] Final Fortress Rose Speedrun - PC - 51.36 [WR]

New strat saving 5 seconds :o
I found out that the earlier you glide when doing a belly flop, the stronger your glide will be. In this case I can glide much earlier than I usually do, beacause my glide is stronger. The run was not that great, but I'm still ok with it. I may improve later. I've also got plenty of IL PBs today, just by improving my old stats, will probably upload them in the next days.
Anyways, enjoy :)

[Sonic Heroes] Bingo Highway Rose Speedrun - PC - 2:00.03

Wurl rekki Soon™. Decided to upload this beacause it might have been wr if I wasn't stupid at the end. Oh well the rest wasn't great anyways. Also uploading this beacause I didn't have a run of this. Enjoy!
Got this on my livestream at 1 am -- Watch live at lol I suck at writing descriptions fuck you twitch

Topic: Benefits of Reading | ប្រធានបទ៖ អត្ថប្រយោជន៍នៃការអាន

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ប្រធានបទ៖ អត្ថប្រយោជន៍នៃការអាន (ដោយបណ្ឌិត ចិន្ត ច័ន្ទរតនា អ្នកស្រាវជ្រាវ និង​ជាប្រធានមូលនិធិកេរដំណែលខ្មែរ និង​ជាអ្នកនិពន្ធសៀវភៅ កោះកេរ និង​ព្រះបាទជ័យវរ្ម័នទី៤)។

Topic: Benefits of Reading, by Dr. Chen Chanratana, Researcher Founder/President of Kerdomnel Khmer Foundation (Author of Book: Koh Ker and Jayavarman IV).

-Kerdomnel Khmer​ Facebook Page:
-5' Cambodia Focus on Youtube:
-Editions Chok Gargyar

[Sonic Heroes] Power Plant Dark Speedrun - 2:15.00 [WR]

Been wanting to improve this for a while but the level wasn't cooperating D: I finally got a good run now, it was probably the best paced run I had in my attempts. And the time got really low! :O Also decided to record at 30fps since my pc wasn't lagging today appaerently. Music is from sonic colors cuz I didn't have inspiration.

[Sonic Heroes] Bullet Station Rose Speedrun - PC - 46.51 [WR]

Nice 5 seconds improvement. I knew this stage could get this low, but it took me like a lot of attempts to get this and I was always resetting at the first midair hammer, so it took me a while to get this time :p The biggest mistake was probably gliding a bit later than I could've done, but I was playing safely and I was doing it too early a lot. Anyways, enjoy :)

Tasmania burnout competition 2013

burnout competition 2013 @ Tasmania tarmack dragway,i do not own any rights to any music.made this threw youtube editor



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