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For your life value , Hamamatsu Japan【4K】

Hamamatsu is a city full of traditional culture and a lifestyle surrounded by nature. Nature activities, people living with music, the birthplace of motorized culture, the bounty of food from the Pacific Ocean and Lake Hamana, kind people, Hamamatsu is a city that enriches your life.


0:00 For your life value, Hamamatsu Japan【4K】
0:05 Hamamatsu Castle, 浜松城
0:12 Lake Hamana Cycling, 浜名湖サイクリング
0:14 Bentenjima Beach Park, 弁天島海浜公園
0:17 Lake Hamana Windsurfing, 浜名湖ウィンドサーフィン
0:23 Hamanako Garden Park, 浜名湖ガーデンパーク
0:26 Hamamatsu Flower Park, はままつフラワーパーク
0:36 ACT Tower, アクトタワー
0:38 Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing, 河合楽器製作所
0:40 Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Ryuyo Factory, 河合楽器製作所竜洋工場
0:44 Roland, ローランド
0:51 Yamaha Kakegawa Factory Harmony Plaza, ヤマハ掛川工場ハーモニープラザ
1:00 Yamaha Innovation Road, ヤマハ企業ミュージアム イノベーションロード
1:02 Akihasan Hongu Akiha Shrine, 秋葉山本宮秋葉神社
1:07 Akihasan Hongu Akiha Shrine Tezutsu Fireworks Honosai,秋葉山本宮秋葉神社手筒花火奉納祭
1:12 Akihasan Hongu Akiha Shrine, 秋葉山本宮秋葉神社
1:17 Lake Hamana Eel, 浜名湖うなぎ
1:22 Hamamatsu tea at Furutodo, 古東土 茶畑
1:26 Entrance to Akinasanhongu Akiha Shrine Omotesando, 秋葉山本宮秋葉神社表参道入口
1:28 Hokoji Temple, 方広寺
1:35 Shirasu whitebait fishing, しらす漁
1:45 Enshu Textile, 遠州織物
1:50 Sakuma Dam, 佐久間ダム
1:51 Nakatajima Sand Dunes, 中田島砂丘
1:52 Lake Hamana(view from Bentenjima Beach Park), 浜名湖(弁天島海浜公園)
1:53 Takiya Fishing, たきや漁
1:59 Tenryu River Canyoning, 天竜川キャニオニング
2:04 Tenryu River Kayaking 天竜川カヤック
2:12 Akihasan Hongu Akiha Shrine Omotesando, 秋葉山本宮秋葉神社表参道
2:14 Tachisumine, 立須峰

Hamamatsu , Japan


Paris - La Ville Lumière

A visit to Paris over 6 days in spring trying to cover most of the important attractions and explore the city on foot as much as possible.

Most important but not only:
Arc de Triomphe top view: 00:26
Château de Versailles: 01:54
Notre-Dame de Paris top view: 04:03
Chez Alain Miam Miam: 04:49
Musée du Louvre: 05:28
Amazing sunset: 5:52
Sacré-Cœur: 06:10
Tour de Eiffel 2nd floor view: 08:25

Music by:

Happy Life by FREDJI

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Song: Joakim Karud - Enjoy (Vlog No Copyright Music)
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Leaf by KV
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