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МАЛЬДИВЫ, которые в самое сердце. Большой выпуск. 4K

Дешевые авиабилеты на Мальдивы -
Забронировать Resort дёшево -

Привет! Это видео про Мальдивы головного мозга)
В 57 минутах я постарался выразить все свои эмоции от поездки в эту волшебную страну.
Вы увидите много кадров с дрона, океана, белоснежных пляжей, необитаемых островов, снорклинга. Я покажу Reethi Beach Resort, где виллы на воде стоят $500, и Nautilus Maldives, где виллы на воде стоят $9000.

Будет много лайфхаков про Мальдивы, полезной информации про трансфер, выбор виллы, тип питания и экскурсии.
Расскажу, почему выбрал не остров с местными, а остров-резорт и почему молодожены приезжают на Мальдивы для своего свадебного отдыха.

Мальдивы навсегда остались в моем сердце - черепаха, акула, скаты, необитаемый остров, бирюзовая вода, океан в 20 метрах от виллы, настоящий приватный отдых.

Надеюсь, что через это видео Вы также сильно кайфанете от Мальдивских островов как и я!

Помощь каналу для покупки техники -

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Фото с островов и разные лайфхаки в Instagram по хэштэгу #travelhubmaldives

Музыка в видео -


00:00 Вступление
01:36 Про страну
03:45 Трансфер до резорта
05:02 Локальные острова vs резорты
08:50 Остров с местными
10:32 Наш резорт
12:57 Nautilus Maldives
14:48 5 вопросов при выборе резорта
16:32 Скаты
19:41 Как открыть кокос
23:18 Еда
28:10 Необитаемый остров
32:15 Песок
35:25 Роуминг
36:43 Мале
38:25 История туризма
40:36 Снорклинг
44:58 Приливы и отливы
47:40 Ночной снорклинг
48:13 Крема
48:40 Закаты
49:50 Алкоголь
51:44 Стоимость
54:04 Honeymoon
55:33 Финалочка

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2021: Titanic II, The Make or Break Year

The producer of this video believes that 2021 will be the Make or Break year for Clive Palmer's replica Titanic, called Titanic II.

(See my playlist form mot Titanic II and other nautical videos)

Stavba stanu Quechua Air Seconds Family 4.2 XL Fresh and Black ve 33 vterinach

Timelapse postaveni resp. nafouknutí stanu Quechua Air Seconds Family 4.2 XL Fresh and Black za 33 vteřin :)

Budapest Apartment Tour | $33 Gets You THIS?!

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We loved staying at this Airbnb apartment in downtown Budapest. I couldn't imagine being in a better location. It was really close to restaurants and shops and within walking distance of everything you want to see in Budapest. The Szechenyi Baths and the House of Terror Museum are SO close. The apartment building has a charming courtyard and the apartment itself has two bedrooms and three bathrooms. I loved the high ceilings, huge bright windows, and peaceful location.

Hope you enjoy this tour! I'd love to know if you like staying at Airbnbs when you travel - leave me a comment!


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#Budapest #Airbnb #Budget

Who Goes To Bosnia | Jajce Waterfall

Hey you guys! Who goes to Bosnia? Anyone looking to experience Bosnia's most beautiful places, and that includes magical Jajce, Bosnia! Our Jajce Bosnia travel vlog highlights some top things to do in Bosnia, like Mlincici Jajce (Jajce watermills), Jajce Bosnia Catacombs and Pliva Waterfall Jajce Bosnia and Herzegovnia...definitely some must dos in Jajce Bosnia. We also hit a couple of points on how expensive is Jajce, Bosnia. We show where to stay in Jajce, Bosnia too--our Jajce Bosnia apartment. If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts, please leave us a comment below! Share our video with a friend, and like always, thank you for living life! ????

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No One Is Safe Here,Kikoru

Want to Move My Feet, Sum Wave

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Pakistan's Largest Japanese Steel Bridge Road Trip Connecting CPEC Route

Pakistan's Largest Japanese Steel Bridge Road Trip Connecting CPEC Route. I'm traveling on Fort Munro Japanese Steel Bridge. It is located in the Dera Ghazi Khan district of Punjab Province. It is a 33-kilometer long mountain area of N-70. This famous hill station of Fort Munro in South Punjab can be a game-changer not only for the local population but also for the entire country as well. My cell phone automatically changed the Time zone in this area. four hours difference from Pakistan Standard Time. The steel bridges are 11.5 kilometers long, connecting south Punjab to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor via N-70 from Bahawalpur to Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Fort Munro to Qila Saifullah to Gwadar and Iran-Pakistan border at Taftan, the architectural gem project had decreased vehicles’ operational and maintenance costs and travel hours between Punjab and Balochistan provinces. It is a tribal region of Tuman Leghari. It is Starting from Rakhi Gaaj-Khar-Bewata, the steel bridge project makes the hilly portion of the road wide and safe for Gwadar-bound cargo traffic with the installation of eight steel bridges. It is connecting the Iran-Pakistan border and Gwadar via N-70, now It is fully functional for heavy traffic. the first phase of East-West improvement of N-70 from Rakhi Gaaj-Khar-Bewata had been completed with the Japanese financial assistance worth Rs 14 billion. The second phase was the construction of 55km dual carriageway from Rakhi Gaj to Dera Ghazi, the federal government had allocated funds for the project in the Public Sector Development Programme 2019/20. Japan’s most advanced technology was utilized in the steel bridges. This unique type of steel is not available in Pakistan. The technology includes box-shaped girders made of maintenance-free steel for more than 100 years and special embankment wall using light and strong material. Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif had requested Japan for a soft loan to establish the steel bridges. the Fort Munro steel bridges project was executed in 2016. the hilly portion of Dera-Taftan Road from Rakhi Gaaj to high mountains of Fort Munro was constructed in the late 19th century by the British rulers as a part of the strategic forward policy in the subcontinent. the project site was traffic chokepoint with continuous steep, slopes, and sharp curves. Japan had provided concessional loans with the lowest markup rate of 0.2pc and the repayment period was 40 years with 10 years grace period. Japan had provided $142 million to improve N-70. the physical work had been executed in 2016 and it was completed in the shortest period of three years with the help of Japanese and Pakistani engineers. A single-track road has been expanded to double track and sharp curves with a radius of eight meters to 30 meters. Now big trailers and trucks carrying heavy loads, passenger buses, vans are moving on the route after the steel bridges gave a solution to the most dangerous and sharp curves in more than 6,000 feet high hilly area across Fort Munro. The Iranian cargo trucks are also entering Punjab through Fort Munro steel bridges. Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a country in South Asia. It is the world's fifth-most populous country with a population exceeding 212.2 million. By area, it is the 33rd-largest country, spanning 881,913 square kilometers. Punjab is Pakistan's most populous province, with an estimated population of 110,012,442 as of 2017. Forming the bulk of the transnational Punjab region, it is bordered by the Pakistani provinces of Sindh, Balochistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the enclave of Islamabad, and Azad Kashmir. Balochistan is one of the four provinces of Pakistan. It is the largest province in terms of land area, forming the southwestern region of the country, but it is the least populated. Its provincial capital and largest city is Quetta. Dera Ghazi Khan, abbreviated as D. G. Khan, is a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is the 19th Largest city in Pakistan. It is the headquarters of the Dera Ghazi Khan District. Fort Munro, also known as Tuman Leghari, is a hill station, located at a height of 6,470 feet above sea level in Dera Ghazi Khan. It attracts many people for short stays during the hot summer. Gwadar is a port city on the southwestern coast of Balochistan, Pakistan. The city is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea opposite Oman. Gwadar was an overseas possession of Oman from 1783 to 1958. Taftan, is a town located in Chagai District, Balochistan, Pakistan. It is one of Pakistan’s border crossing with Iran. It is situated over 600 km from Quetta and 9–12 hours' drive. The border crossing point on the Iranian side is at Mirjaveh. CPEC China–Pakistan Economic Corridor is a collection of infrastructure projects that are currently under construction throughout Pakistan. Originally valued at $46 billion, the value of CPEC projects is worth $62 billion as of 2017. #pakistan #steelbridge #cpec #tourism episode 166

maastopyöräily emtb canyon spectral on 7

Joutsenossa polkuja ajelemassa..
canyon spectral on 7.0 emtb

#emtb #canyon #spectral #joutseno


Spirit by Sappheiros is under a Creative Commons ( cc-by ) license
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Sappheiros - Embrace is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0)
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TV spot - 33. festival idrijske čipke 2014

Promocijski televizijski spot za 33. festival idrijske čipke.
Modeli: Milena Ristić, Erin Ćoralič
Vizažistka, maskerka, frizerka: Sarah Novak
Idejni vodja projekta: Tadeja Bezeljak, Center za idrijsko dediščino
Režija, scenarij: Luka Kos
Direktor fotografije: Branco Grabovac
Producent: Sladjana Vujičić
Koprodukcija: Rubicon & Mojo Film
Izdelki z idrijsko čipko: Gimnazija Jurija Vege Idrija, Čipkarska šola Idrija
Oblikovanje čipk: Maja Svetlik in Alisa, Alenka Stopar s.p.
Kostumografija: Tadeja Bezeljak
Lokacija snemanja: Rudniška dvorana Idrija (YdriaSport d.o.o. Idrija)
Produkcijska hiša:
Medijska hiša: GEA TV


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Ça y est après plusieurs semaines de préparation nous y sommes, nous voilà arrivé en Afrique du Sud !

Après une longue journée de transports et plusieurs milliers de kilomètres parcourus nous arrivons sur le continent Africain à Johannesburg exactement.

De là nous récupérons une voiture de location que nous aurons tout au long de notre séjour dans le pays.
Notre première destination sera Pretoria, une des 3 capitales de l'Afrique du Sud.

D'Ici un hôtel nous attend et ça sera l'occasion aussi de faire le visa pour le Lesotho pour Angelika.
Bon visionnage

Vlog voyage 97 I France/Afrique du sud I Tour d'Afrique



Transport aérien : Egypt Air (Aller Paris/Johannesburg 319€ par pers)
Location voiture : Budget (3 semaines 159€)
Hôtel Pretoria : Pumbas Backpackers (33€ pour 2 pers)


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Zvíře s nejdelším jazykem na SVĚTĚ


Povídání s Martinem Carevem, který byl v roce 2016 označen časopisem Forbes za 33. nejvlivnějšího Čecha na sociálních sítích a v roce 2017 byl stejnojmenným časopisem označen za 20. nejvlivnějšího Čecha na sociálních sítích. Martin se přidal k týmu TKS2 a společně jsme prozkoumali kus Etiopie. Povídání je nejen o této cestě, ale především o Martinovi. Martin natočil i skvělý vlog o společném cestování, který můžete vidět zde:

Peak District MTB // Canyon SpectralON eBike

Epic day riding around the Peak District on a Canyon Spectral:ON.

EIC Górnik wjazd i odjazd ze stacji Gliwice

No i jedziemy :-) pociągiem EIC Górnik relacji: Warszawa Wschodnia - Wrocław Główny na odcinku Katowice - Wrocław Główny dzięki promocji Last minute, czyli 30 minut przed odjazdem można kupić za 33 zł. na pociąg EIC. Last minute obejmuje od 13 zł do 33 zł w zależności od trasy, za 13 zł można pojechać na odcinku Zawiercie - Bielsko Biała, za 33 zł na odcinku Zawiercie - Wrocław Gł. - Zawiercie itd.
Miejsce miałem w wagonie z przedziałami nr 6, a w filmie: wjazd i odjazd ze stacji Gliwice.

Data nagrywania filmu: 07.06.2012 godz. 19:54


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Toujours à Pretoria en Afrique du sud nous profitons d'avoir un peu de temps pour visiter la ville et ses monuments.????????

Ensuite nous reprenons la route direction le Blyde river canyon qui se trouve à 400km de là !????

Par chance nous trouverons un logement sur la route fort sympathique tout prêt du canyon.????????

Une fois sur place nous serons pas déçu et nous en prendrons pleins la vue....????????????????

Vlog voyage 98 I Afrique du sud I Tour d'Afrique

#AfriqueDuSud #VoyageEnCouple #voyage


Transport aérien : Egypt Air (Aller Paris/Johannesburg 319€ par pers)
Location voiture : Budget (3 semaines 159€)
Hôtel Pretoria : Pumbas Backpackers (33€ pour 2 pers)
Hôtel The Shoe : 800P la chamre pour 2 (soit 45€ environ)
Blyde River Canyon : 1er point de vue (2€ par pers)
Bourke's Luck Pophles : Rivière et cascades (4€ par pers)


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Konflikt Australijsko - Chiński

Najciekawsze informacje ????
Najwięcej przydatnych Wiadomości ????
Poniedziałek: 6:30​
Środa: 15:30
Piątek: 6:30​

Najważniejsze Informacje:
???????? Instagram:
???????? Twitter:

Australia od lat prowadzi intensywne relacje handlowe z największą Azjatycką gospodarką, czyli Chinami. Przede wszystkim można zauważyć handel surowcami pomiędzy tymi gospodarkami. Pekin importuje rocznie żelazo o wartości przekraczającej 5 miliardów dolarów, Natomiast Australia skupuje ponad 2% całego Chińskiego exportu.
Jednak w ostatnich latach można zauważyć wzrost napięć pomiędzy tymi krajami co w znacznym stopniu odbija się na handlu. Dodatkowo w wyniku prowadzonego konfliktu między Waszyngtonem oraz Chinami Rządzący z Canberry postanowili podjąć wysiłki na rzecz współpracy w zakresie bezpieczeństwa z Japonią, Indiami oraz Stanami Zjednoczonymi. Po dołączeniu do wezwań o dochodzenie w sprawie wirusa, Chin nałożyły cło na Australijski jęczmień, a warto wspomnieć iż ponad 4 miliony ton tego złotego ziarna zostało nabyte przez Pekin i jest to połowa produkcji z 2019r.
Odpowiemy dzisiaj na kilka pytań
- W jak dużym stopniu obydwie gospodarki są od siebie zależne
- Od czego zaczęła się „wojna handlowa”
- Czy Australia może zatrzymać eksport do Chin?
- Jak na ten konflikt reagują inne kraje
W ciągu ostatniej dekady Chiny były największym partnerem handlowym Australii i odpowiadają oni za 33% jej całego eksportu, jest to więcej niż łączny eksport do Japonii, Stanów zjednoczonych oraz Korei Południowej, które zajmują odpowiednio 2, 3, 4 miejsce.
#Chiny #Australia #Handel #Pekin

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- 75 & Lower - DJ Williams

Avazov lift 2012.

Avaz Twist Tower - Sarajevo

Золотая мечеть. 1480 год. Каир. Наследие Мамлюков. Мечеть Киджмас Аль-Исхаки Экскурсия . Египет 2021

❇️ Не пропустите акцию!
????Классический Арабский язык с НУЛЯ и до понимания за 18 часов???? –

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Dvostruko sakramentalno slavlje u župi Stup

Nedjelja, 14. svibnja mnogim župljanima sarajevske župe Uznesenja Blažene Djevice Marije ostat će u lijepom sjećanju budući da je taj dan bila i Prva sveta pričest i podjela sakramenta potvrde. U prijepodnevnim satima 16 dječaka i djevojčica prvi put primili su tijelo Kristovo, dok je u večernjim satima vrhbosanski nadbiskup podijelio krizmu za 33 krizmanika.

We’re waiting for you in our amazing lagoon in Umag, Croatia. ????

We’re waiting for you in our amazing lagoon in Umag, Croatia. ???????? Are you ready to jump into the big summer opening? ????☀️????

Brojimo još samo 100 dana do Sea Star Festivala! ????



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