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Bangkok to Patong Beach, Phuket

Bangkok to Patong Beach, Phuket - Nok Air - Vlog 376

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A video of a journey from Bangkok to Phuket, via Nok Air, a meter taxi and ending on the white sand of Patong Beach.

The cost
300 baht Bkk taxi
1550 baht one way Nok Air flight
740 baht meter taxi to Patong
Total: 2590 baht ($86)

Parts of this video include:
0:04 Taxi to Don Mueang airport in Bangkok (just over 200 baht from the center of Bangkok plus tolls - I paid 300 on this day)
0:27 Don Mueang airport
0:35 45 mins check in closes, 10 mins before departure the gate closes on domestic flights
1:07 Starbucks run, ham & cheddar croissant for my lunch
1:31 Baggage being loaded
2:03 Boarding the plane and take off
2:52 Nice views on the way to Phuket, I was lucky with the clear weather
4:42 Uninhabited islands?
5:55 Landing over a beach
7:27 Leaving the plane
8:18 Phuket airport, change your money at your destination for better rates
9:13 Transport options to get to Patong, 180 baht for a shared minivan or around 800 baht for a direct taxi
10:03 I chose the meter taxi, the condition of the car is usually better than the flat rate private hire ones
10:55 Scenic and hilly ride to Patong, usually takes around an hour
11:48 Getting dropped off at the end of Soi Sansabai, 740 baht on this day
12:27 A stroll down Soi Sansabai to the Gig hotel
13:04 The Gig hotel, a full review will be in an upcoming video
14:22 Heading to the beach for sunset
15:54 Patong Beach, a smooth journey to here from Bangkok
16:48 Pristine white sand
18:16 Prices for beach activities
18:29 A stroll along the beach
19:43 Thumbnail moment
20:12 Anyone for speedos?
22:10 Sunset montage
24:05 Outro

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Scott Buckley – Neon

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