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Pre travel anxiety? 9 ways to calm down before you travel

Pre travel anxiety is the feeling of anxiety after you’ve booked a trip but before you go away. Feeling anxious before you travel is very common, whether it’s a vacation or for work. It’s mostly due to a perceived lack of control and a fear of future possible events that causes the issue. In this video I talk about tips you can use to put you in control and therefore feel less stressed in the run up to your trip.

Some people have a fear of travel called hodophobia, that’s when you avoid traveling from home. Other people have specific fears such as a fear of flying. But pre-travel anxiety is experienced by someone who has the desire to travel but just finds it stressful in the run up to the trip. Anticipatory anxiety is the main culprit, worrying about possible bad events that may not happen.

The tips discussed in this video are:
1. Keeping a healthy routine before traveling.
2. Keeping an ongoing list of things to do.
3. Starting a travel journal before you go away.
4. Plan ahead at work and use autoreply email.
5. Search online for local restaurants and cafés to go to before getting your bearings.
6. Take photo’s of your lock-up routine before leaving for your trip.
7. Smile regularly before going away.
8. Mindfulness can relieve anticipatory anxiety.
9. Do not watch sensational news programs before your trip.

Be gentle with yourself...everyone experiences nervousness. I wish you a fantastic trip…wherever you go!
❤ Clare

Disclaimer: This information should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition or disease and is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or healthcare provider.

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Tunisie, le soleil de la Méditerranée - Échappées belles

Après des années troublées, la Tunisie revient vers sa quiétude d'antan et retrouve le sourire. Associations, familles, expatriés, natifs, jeunes et moins jeunes aident le pays à se relever, et les visiteurs reviennent de plus en plus nombreux. Dans la médina de Tunis, à Tataouine au coeur du désert, dans les eaux de la Méditerranée à Bizerte et sous les airs rythmés du malouf, Jérôme Pitorin s'apprête à vivre un voyage auprès de Tunisiens solidaires, viscéralement tournés vers le renouveau et l'avenir de leur pays.
Au sommaire :
- L'écoTunisie
- La Tunisie au féminin
- Immersion sur les îles Kerkennah
- La revanche de l'artisanat kitch
- Tunisie, la romaine
- Au sud, il y a les chameliers

Le carnet des bonnes adresses Echappées Belles Tunisie !

Déguster un thé à Sidi Bou Saïd : Café des Nattes.
Rue Sidi Bou Fares, Sidi Bou Said 2026, Tunisie
+216 71 749 661

Café des délices
Impasse de la corniche 2026 SIDI BOU SAID
+216 71 749 661

Marché aux poissons de Bizerte

Hotel restaurant - Le petit mousse
La corniche 7000 BIZERTE
+216 53 459 185

L’huile d’olive de Karima

La maison d’hôtes de Gérard : Dar Bibine
Erriadh, Djerba
+ 216 94 712 482

L’association de Mohamed
Djerba insolite

Le gîte de Habib
+216 97 284 086

Restaurant - Dar Dhiafa

+216 75 671 166

Restaurant - El brija
Avenue Oqba Ibn Nafaâ 3100 KAIROUAN
+216 77 229 019

Gite Kenza

+216 97 284 086



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