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Best Places to Live in Portugal for Expats and Digital Nomads

Portugal is one of the best places to live in the world for expats and digital nomads, but which city should you choose? Find out in this video about the Top 10 Best Places to Live in Portugal. Sponsored by Wise (formerly TransferWise) - Get your first transfer up to £500 FREE:

00:00 Introduction to the Best Places in Portugal
00:35 Wise - Manage your money internationally
01:34 #10 - Coimbra
02:25 #9 - Setúbal
03:08 #8 - Braga
03:55 #7 - Nazaré
04:54 #6 - Ponta Delgada (Azores)
06:01 #5 - Algarve (Faro, Albufeira, Portimão)
07:31 #4 - Porto
07:59 #3 - Madeira Islands
09:35 #2 - Lisbon Neighborhoods (Principe Real, Alfama, Alcantara, Belem)
11:42 - Cascais
11:50 - Sintra
12:51 - Almada
13:01 #1 - Ericeira

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????????‍♀️ About: Kristin Wilson is a digital nomad, online entrepreneur, and expat relocation consultant who has lived, worked, or traveled in 60 countries over the last 15+ years. In the past decade, she has helped 1,000's of people move abroad or travel full-time while working remotely.

Kristin is also a writer, public speaker, podcaster, and TV host who has been featured on The Today Show, HGTV's House Hunters International, Huffpost, Bloomberg Businessweek, The New York Times, Business Insider, ESPN, and more.

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NOTE: This video is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not individual consulting or advice. Global travel restrictions and advisories change frequently. Please consult the relevant authorities such as your local government, airline, embassy, consulate, and/or tourism providers before booking international travel, moving abroad, or applying for a work permit or work and travel visa.

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