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How To Buy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is vital for some dream vacations. This video explains exactly when, how and why to protect your trip.

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ABOUT ERIK: Erik Hastings, a.k.a. Erik the Travel Guy is an EMMY award-winning television personality who speaks directly to consumers who can't afford to get their vacations wrong. He is the host and managing editor of the internationally syndicated television series Beyond Your Backyard for public broadcasting stations (PBS) and other networks/VOD platforms. Erik leads an incredibly talented team of industry pros and is the editorial driving force of his platform. While the travel industry directly supports millions of families worldwide, Erik believes travel makes the world a better place. Through exploration and discovery, he has learned that travel brings cultures together and he eagerly shares that spirit with millions of viewers.

Has Turkish Airlines Changed? Safety First or Cost Cutting?

This is the latest review on Turkish Airlines flight from Dubai to Istanbul. What has changed onboard Turkish Airlines?

My flight had nearly 300 passengers on it and was operated by a B777-300/ER, registration TC-JJZ. We departed Dubai and were treated to the great city sights. I was not surprised to see that everything provided onboard was sealed and wrapped. The cabin seems thoroughly cleaned. The onboard catering at Turkish Airlines has been changed significantly, breakfast was served in a box in Business Class and in a paper bag in Economy. The rest of the flight was eventless, with a good landing at Istanbul. Enjoy some 360-cockpit action of the pilot flying the B777-300/ER.

I met with Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee, İlker Aycı, he provided me with a very engaging and inspirational interview. The interview provides an intriguing insight into Turkish Airlines during the COVID-19 pandemic. We touched on topics such as Government bail outs, layoffs, network, catering and cargo operations.

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