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RHODES (Ρόδος, Rhodos, Rodos), Greece ► Detailed Video Guide, 85 min. ► version 1 (VTT)

What to do in Rhodes? Where to swim? Which beach is the best? Everything you need to know about the island of Rhodes (Ρόδος, Rhodos, Rodos) in Greece (Ελλάδα) can be found in this detailed 85min video guide. Travel around the island and visit the most interesting places, beaches, archaeological sites, monasteries, churches and lovely viewpoints. Full HD video, version 1 (VTT). Filmed in July 2013.

???? Interactive map of Rhodes:

00:00 Fly to Rhodes
00:31 Rhodes Town
01:03 Elli, Akti Miaouli, Kanari
01:14 Mandraki
01:44 Nea Agora
01:56 Old Town
02:15 Street of the Knights (Ippoton)
03:12 Palace of the Grand Master
08:01 D'Amboise Gate
08:35 Archaeological Museum (Knight's Hospital)
11:16 Mosque of Suleiman
11:25 Marine Gate, Hippocrates (Ippocratous) Square
11:38 Evreon Martyron Square
11:48 Monte Smith, Temple of Apollo
12:06 Odeon, Ancient Stadium
12:46 Rodini Park, Koskinou
14:42 Kalithea
18:33 Oasis
19:36 Tassos
20:13 Nikolas
20:34 Ammoudes
20:44 Faliraki
21:33 Kathara
21:43 Anthony Quinn Bay
22:34 Ladiko Bay
22:52 Traganou
23:34 Kolymbia
25:23 Epta Piges
26:47 Agios Nektarios
27:44 Tsambika Monastery
29:40 Tsambika Beach
30:32 Archangelos Castle
30:45 Stegna
31:31 Feraklos Castle
31:56 Agathi
33:11 Charaki
33:41 Vlicha
33:52 Lindos, Temple of Athena Lindia
40:54 Lindos Bay
41:20 St. Paul's Bay (Agios Pavlos)
42:11 Pefki, Lardos
42:28 Glystra
42:52 Thari Monastery
44:14 Asklipio Castle
44:43 Asklipio
45:08 Lachania
45:26 Plimmiri
45:53 Mavros Kavos, Agios Georgios
46:10 Prasonisi
47:40 Apolakkia Bay
48:02 Mesanagros
48:12 Skiadi Monastery
49:03 Fourni
50:14 Monolithos Castle
52:15 Siana
53:12 Attaviros Gorge, Embonas
54:05 Kritinia Castle
55:40 Kopria
56:42 Kamiros Beach, Ancient Kamiros
58:15 Profitis Ilias
1:00:11 Mussolini's Villa de Vecchi
1:01:15 Agios Nikolaos Fountoukli
1:02:07 Eleousa
1:02:59 Petaloudes
1:08:22 Kalopetra
1:08:50 Ostrich Farm
1:09:45 Ialyssos - Ixia
1:10:20 Filerimos
1:14:13 Rhodes Town at Night

Panasonic GH2 camera
Olympus TG-2

Camera & Edit: © Robert Polášek
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What NOT to do in ITALY - DON'Ts of Italy [Travel Guide]

In this video, we'll explore what NOT to do when you're traveling to Italy, covering everything from the Italian language, food, tipping, how to behave in traffic, complicated opening hours of attractions and restaurants, common tourist mistakes, and much more.

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0:00 Intro
0:38 DON'T assume people speak ENGLISH
1:21 DON'T eat in the RESTAURANTS next to ATTRACTIONS
1:44 DON'T expect an amazing BREAKFAST
2:18 DON'T assume you won't PAY EXTRA for drink/meal
2:58 DON'T forget to check for the LUNCH and DINNER TIME
3:44 DON'T assume attractions are OPEN DAILY
4:18 DON'T order a CAPPUCCINO in the afternoon
5:06 DON'T forget to carry some CASH
5:41 DON'T trust the GPS
6:59 DON'T forget to look both ways CROSSING the street
7:10 DON'T expect to PARTY HARD
7:40 DON'T visit just the TOURISTY PLACES
8:16 DON'T forget to RELAX and enjoy
8:42 DON'T travel with a heavy SUITCASE
9:22 DON'T forget to watch your BELONGINGS
9:42 DON'T dress INAPPROPRIATELY when visiting sacred places
9:55 DON'T talk POLITICS
10:19 DON'T expect CHEAP LUXURY
10:35 DON'T forget to bring a TRAVEL ADAPTER

Music provided by: Motion Array
#italy #travelguide

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