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베트남 동생이 한국에 가면 깜짝 놀랄 수 밖에 없는 이유


Best of Athens Travel Guide! | Attractions, Food, and Tips for Visiting Athens, Greece!

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Best of Athens Travel Guide!

In this Athens travel guide video, you'll find practical information and tips about the top things to do in Athens, some of the best restaurants I tried, accommodation tips, and transportation.


Athens International Airport
Taxi - 38 Euros
Metro - 10 Euros per person


I stayed in Koukaki Neighborhood, but I would recommend anywhere near to the Acropolis if you are visiting Athens.

Airbnb Apartment - I booked my Athens apartment on Airbnb and paid $78.67 USD per night► (use my affiliate link for $33 off your first booking).


Acropolis of Athens
Temple of Olympian Zeus
Philopappos Hill
Panathenaic Stadium
Monastiraki Flea Market
National Archaeological Museum

Combined ticket - 30 Euros


Mam - Cheese pie
Kostas Soulvaki - pork souvlaki
Souvlaki Lefteris o Politis - kebab spicy souvlaki
Diporto - old style Athens food
Taverna Agrinio - amazing grilled meat
Taverna Moschos - seafood
Taverna To Trigono - grilled meat, incredible lamb


Metro - 1.40 Euro
Taxi - Taxibeat (Beat) app

Thank you for watching this Athens travel guide video. Hope it helps you plan about some of the best things to do in Athens, and especially where to eat when you're in Athens!


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