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COSTA RICA IN ONE WEEK: Your Free Costa Rica Itinerary | Costa Rica Dreaming

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Costa Rica in One Week | Your Free Transit2Freedom Costa Rica Itinerary:
7 Days or 1 Week in Costa Rica? This action-packed Costa Rica itinerary is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and fill you up with that blessed #puravida. Venturing across Costa Rica's volcanoes, into hot springs, to waterfalls, through cloud forests and much more I hope this guide can help you make the absolute most of your next trip to Costa Rica!

Each day of this trip is available in more depth as part of my Costa Rica Dreaming series - you can watch the trailer here:
Costa Rica is a first rate eco-tourism travel destination not to be missed. With 0.03% of the Earth's land mass and 5% of its bio-diversity, Costa Rica is every nature lover's dream. Costa Rica Dreaming documents my second trip to this beautiful country ???????? #puravida
Ice Tea - Not The King.
Freedom! - Mulle
Belvedere - GREEMZ
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10 things NOT to do in New Zealand ????

Don't do these 10 things when coming to New Zealand. New Zealand is an amazing place but you must respect the culture, the environment and learn the lingo! As Americans who have moved to New Zealand, sometimes we have learned this the hard way.

There are still cultural differences, and things that can catch you out if you're not careful... ????

In this video I break down ten things to be careful of when you're in NZ:

0:00 - 10 things not to do in NZ
0:36 - Don't compare to Aussie...
0:58 - Offer tea
1:20 - Keep to speed limit
1:59 - Respect Maori culture
2:41 - Don't bring dirty shoes
3:19 - Stores closing early
4:06 - Restaurants open from 5.30pm
4:49 - Don't expect chain restaurants
5:56 - No tipping
6:23 - No crowds
6:59 - One last thing...
7:20 - Thanks for watching!

About Kiwiamericans ???????? ????????

We are a family of 6 Americans who are living and working in New Zealand and documenting our journey! Our family moved here 5 years ago and love sharing our journey with you.

Join us for weekly videos as we explore what it is like moving to New Zealand, things you should know about where to go, and the cultural differences to expect - should you decide to come here.

Thinking of a move to New Zealand? I offer one-on-one consulting services to help you with your personal needs! Book today...


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