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Walking Tour of Modern Marrakech — Morocco Africa Video Walk【4K】????????

A Camera Floating Among The Crowd. Walking Around The Modern Area of Marrakech Gueliz in 4K by Wanna Walk.

A real traveler needs a holistic view of a city so in sharp contrast to the Marrakech medina area, Gueliz it's a must see to get a better idea of how Morocco's really is. This is where the modern Morocco citizens like spend time. As you may know, there are two very distinctive areas in Marrakesh: one is the Old Medina (old city) and the new Marrakesh, which is a kinda European style district called Ville Nouvelle or Gueliz. If you wanna walk, everything can be seen on foot but a GPS is key.

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It was an a surprise to find the modern part of Marrakech because it linked modernity with tradition. Beautiful buildings respecting Arabic architecture painted with Marroquin traditional colors, shapes, balconies (re-inventing the Jewish characteristic of the Medina), etc.
Large avenues, gardens full of beautiful and exotic plants, flowers and trees, imposing squares, lovely fountains but above all a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. If you know other Moroccan towns or even other African towns, you will be positively surprised by the organization, cleanness, security and diversity of Marrakech

Ville Nouvelle or Gueliz it's the complete opposite to old Marrakech in terms of what the people are like, how they dress, food that's eaten and atmosphere. Worth a visit just to see a new angle. The heart of the new part of Marrakech, the Gueliz region offers an alternative vibe to the traditional and relaxed old medina atmosphere. Here we explore the most unmissable activities in this Moroccan area.

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I must say that this it's not the best of places to go to in Marrakech if you only want to know the tradicional old culture but, after a few days, the Marrakech Old Medina may overwhelm you. Yes, it's beautiful and nostalgic and there are tons of things to see and but, you may need a break. Who doesn't? This area its just a few minutes away the Medina Souks and it's more relaxed. You will find a more western style of life with coffee stores and shops. Most people speak English, French, Spanish and of course, Arabic. This is the place where you find essentials things like water, groceries, SIM cards, Zara Store, H&M, Starbucks and even Mcdonalds. Although Gueliz its modern and cosmopolitan, you feel you still in Africa. Very modern buildings, nice shops and restaurants, very lively neighbourhood.

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This area it's completely different from the Medina and closer to the feeling of big cities around the world. Interesting to see how Moroccan culture applies to a modern environment. Give yourself a pause from these chaotic narrow streets and dust from the Old Medina. Jemaa el Fna is not far from Gueliz. You can just walk, it's close and pretty safe. Anyway a 5 euro taxi can ride you there. New town is part of the Marrakech culture too and you'll be close to the action and culture.

How do you say it: Marrakech or Marrakesh? Don’t worry, both are okay! Marrakech Morocco in 4K by Wanna Walk - The common English spelling is Marrakesh and Marrakech in French is also widely used. I was told that the name Marrakech comes from the words amur kush which means The Land of God. This is the third largest city in Morocco with less population than Casablanca and Fez. The city lies near of the Atlas Mountains and it's pretty close to the Sahara Desert. Be sure to also visit the square of Jemaa El-Fna is very popular, in particular in the Marrakech's night. Lovely atmosphere at night in Gueliz, vibrant and safe. Much more fun to stay in Gueliz and then dip in and out of the medina.

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The markets of Marrakech (Souks or suuqs) close to Place Djemaa El-Fna offers almost anything, from souvenirs to spices, tea pots, tanginess, shoes, and much more. Being a foreigner means you'll pay more. The Koutoubia Mosque is right besides Djemaa El-Fna. The minaret of the mosque very popular and visible from almost all the city. As with most mosques in Morocco, non-Muslims are not allowed inside.

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