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Italy 4K - Places to visit in Italy - 4K UltraHD with relaxing music - Softunes

Softunes - Italy Tourist Spots - Beautiful landscapes and places to visit in Italy - 4K UltraHD with relaxing music

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Italy Tourist Spots - Timestamp:
0:00 Braies Lake
0:39 Como Lake
3:18 Medeival Church near como lake
4:42 Como Cathedral, Como City
7:01 Serpentine Mount, Dolomites
10:10 Rivers & Lakes in Dolomites
11:42 Lake Dobbiaco, Dolomites
12:41 Waterfalls, Dolomites
14:27 Dolomites Mountain, Italian Alps
20:22 Sappada Village, Dolomites
23:43 Asphalt Road, Dolomites
24:30 Piz Boe Mountain, Dolomites
24:54 Badia Village, Dolomites
25:55 Lakes of Fusine, Udine Province
27:38 Alphine Village, Dolomites
29:08 Procida Island
34:07 Amalfi City
39:36 Ravello Town, Amalfi Coast
41:30 Positano Village, Amalfi Coast
47:44 Portofino Village, Genoa City
49:31 Capri Island, Bay of Naples
52:49 Aspromonte Mountain, Reggio Calabria
53:29 Val Di Funes Valley, South Tyrol
53:46 Saint Magdalena Village, Val Di Funes
54:28 South Tyrol, Northeast Italy
56:23 Mangart Mountain, Italy Slovenia Border.
56:34 Livorno City
56:43 Bergamo City
56:55 Riace Commune
57:27 Trieste City
57:42 Italian Riviera Houses
1:02:08 Riomaggiore Village
1:02:49 Corniglia Commune
1:03:56 Cervo Medieval Town
1:04:55 Dolceacqua Village
1:05:22 Isola Bella Castle, Borromean Island
1:07:10 Liguria, Northwest Italy
1:09:00 Manarola Town
1:10:09 Orvieto City Cathedral
1:11:00 Norman's Castle, Southern Italy
1:11:25 Sistine Chapel, Vatican City
1:11:32 Vineyard, Lombardy
1:11:46 Turbigo Power Station, Milan
1:12:01 Castello Di Proh, Novara Province
1:12:09 Verona City
1:16:06 Medieval Abbey
1:16:47 Sestriere Ski Resort, Turin City
1:17:30 Turin City
1:18:25 Cathedral of Pisa & Leaning Tower, Pisa
1:19:34 Baptistery of Saint John
1:20:22 Bologna City
1:21:45 Paso Gardena Pass
1:23:32 Naples City
1:25:42 Maschio Angioino Castle, Naples City
1:26:41 Mount Vesuvius Volcano
1:26:52 Castel Sant' Elmo
1:27:03 Aragonese Castle
1:27:21 Palermo City
1:28:40 Reggio Calabria
1:29:38 Pine Forest
1:30:22 Bergamot Orange Fields
1:31:38 Ardore Superiore Hamlet
1:33:34 Careri City
1:35:13 Condojanni Village
1:36:10 Roccella Ionica Town
1:36:47 Castle of Roccella Ionica
1:39:04 Medieval Amphitheatre, Reggio Calabria
1:39:21 Locri City
1:40:49 Olive Fields, Reggio Calabria
1:43:19 Bovalino City
1:45:09 Bova Comune
1:47:38 Gerace City
1:51:33 Medieval Church, Gerace City
1:54:39 Siderno City
1:55:16 Tropea City
1:58:36 Florence City
2:00:41 Fountain of Neptune
2:00:58 Ponte Vecchio Bridge
2:01:30 Arno River
2:01:46 Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore
2:05:30 Genoa City
2:07:12 Milan City
2:08:18 Duomo Di Milano
2:12:17 Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
2:17:20 Tuscany, Central Italy
2:22:11 Cypress Avenue
2:23:06 Monteriggioni Walled Town
2:24:22 San Gimignano Town
2:28:30 Historical Staircase, Vatican Museum
2:29:58 Saint Peter's Basilica & Tiber River, Vatican City
2:34:19 The Pity Statue
2:34:28 Rome, Italy
2:34:35 Altar of the Fatherland
2:35:09 Saint Angelo Castle
2:35:43 Fontana Del Pantheon
2:36:27 Pantheon Temple
2:36:38 Roman Forum (Museum)
2:37:01 Santa Maria Maddalena Church
2:37:19 Mose' di Michelangelo
2:37:25 Temple of Venus & Roma
2:37:35 Trevi Fountain
2:38:01 Colosseum
2:43:26 Venice
2:54:01 Punta Della Dogana Art Museum
2:54:09 San Marco Square
2:56:07 Grand Canal
2:59:20 Gondola Boats in Grand Canal
3:00:05 Doge's Palace
3:00:27 Church of the Santissimo Rendentore
3:01:00 Church of San Simeone Piccolo
3:01:15 Church of San Giorgio Maggiore
3:02:01 Church of San Geremia
3:02:16 Church of Saint Mark's
3:03:01 Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute

Website :
???? Music : Licensed to Softunes.
???? Video : Licensed to Softunes.

Credits (Under CC)
2:12:17 - Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II -
2:28:30 - Historical Staircase, Vatican City -

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