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Amalfi, Italy Walking Tour in 4K

This walk begins on the pier directly in front of Amalfi at 11am.
Enjoy beautiful views of the Amafli Coast and this small little coastal town as you walk through the streets and along its narrow . Click on the time links below to skip ahead to a specific location.????For an even more immersive experience, be sure to put on your headphones and listen in 3D audio.

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00:00 - Walk along the Jetty
06:46 - Walk along the harbor
11:40 - Ferry boat ticket office
14:05 - Walk out on the pier
15:51 - View of Amalfi from the pier
18:38 - View of the beach
19:28 - Piazza Flavio Giola
20:40 - Piazza del Duomo
21:20 - Fountain of St. Andrew
21:45 - Amalfi Cathedral
23:03 - Bronze door to the Cathedral
23:31 - Inside of the Cathedral
27:35 - View of the Piazza from the top of the steps
28:40 - Walk through down the main road
36:32 - Fountain
37:16 - Walk up 200 steps to path and viewpoint
40:49 - First scenic viewpoint
42:05 - Second scenic viewpoint
43:24 - Third scenic view with church bells
45:25 - Steps up and over to Atrani
48:48 - Entrance to Cimitero Monumentale (Spelling Mistake, dang)
52:39 - Atrani Elevator
55:18 - Atrani
57:26 - Atrani Beach
1:01:27 - Piazza Umberto I
1:03:34 - Walk along the coast road
1:04:54 - Collegiate Santa Maria Maddalena
1:08:24 - Walk along the coast back to Amalfi
1:12:20 - Lunarossa Parking Garage (dang, two more typos)
1:15:42 - Entering Amalfi
1:18:28 - Amalfi Beach
1:21:36 - Porta della Marina
1:22:14 - Piazza del Duomo
1:22:31 - Saint Andrew Fountain
1:23:38 - Amalfi Cathedral
1:24:05 - Path behind the Cathedral
1:25:58 - Piazza Municipio
1:28:49 - Walk out on the pier
1:31:10 - The Cloister of Paradise
1:34:35 - The Church of the Crucifix
1:35:27 - The Crypt of Saint Andrew


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