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青岛特色啤酒屋,农贸市场买海鲜,阿星生吃海蛎子,喝鲜啤吃蛤蜊Qingdao Beer House and Seafood in China


青岛特色啤酒屋,农贸市场买海鲜,阿星生吃海蛎子,喝鲜啤吃蛤蜊Qingdao Beer House and Seafood in China

Shandong Qingdao can be said to be the most beautiful coastal city in the north. As the welfare of the Qingdao people, it is the local fresh beer. Drinking beer and eating clams represent the culinary culture of this city.Buy seafood at the farmers market, then go to the beer house for processing, drink 10 yuan a bundle of beer, and eat spicy fried clams again, leisurely and comfortable, Axing also tried to eat raw oysters, full of the taste of the sea.

吃肉来这就对了,一条街吃遍新疆美食,喀什夜市,阿星狂吃7种小吃 Street Foods Night Market in Xinjiang,China


The night of Xinjiang is the world of food, and it is still bright at 11 o'clock in the summer. On the street of the night market opposite the Aitakir Mosque in Kashi, you can see almost all Xinjiang snacks. It is also a local favorite. It's right to eat meat here. Shaved Ice, Baked Eggs, Chicken Burrito, Spicy Sheep's Hooves, Michang and Mianfei, Nangbaorou ,Yellow Noodle, etc. Axing looked dazzled and couldn't eat all of it.

新疆喀什手抓饭,大铁锅柴火焖饭,10元大块羊肉,阿星用手抓着吃 Kashi snack Mutton Pilaf in China


Pilaf is a famous specialty food in Xinjiang. In the southern Xinjiang, yellow radish, onion, and large pieces of mutton are placed in the pilaf. Kashi, an old pilaf restaurant, was passed on to his son by a chef who used to cook big pot pilaf in a textile factory. The restaurant is very kind, and the nearby elementary school students can get a full plate for 2 yuan. Axing grabbed his hands to eat, the rice was oily and the mutton was tender.

新疆牛羊市场,交易豪爽靠击掌,阿星吃大锅手把肉,看动物品美食 Rural Snacks Grab Meat in Xinjiang,China


Bachu County in Kashi, Xinjiang, is called Balchuk, which means everything. Every Thursday in the town of Seribuya, there is a large-scale cattle and sheep trading market, as well as a variety of Xinjiang's rural cuisine. There are various animals like sheep, cows, horses and donkeys, and the locals have a special trading methods. Axing ate a large pot of Grab Meat and a huge grilled bun, eating snacks while watching animals.

阿星第一次赶海,真是一挖一麻袋?青岛王哥庄大馒头,你吃你也噎 Dig seafood in Qingdao and eat big bun

In Qingdao, Shandong, near Laoshan, where the scenery is beautiful and the coast is wide. People who grew up here rushed to the sea from an early age and dug clams, razor clams, and crabs on the beach. There is not only the Chaihai Garden, but also Wang Gezhuang's big bun. For the first time in the life of Axing, he could dig a sack.Can he really dig a lot of seafood? After digging for a few hours, the backache and back pain, and eating a big white bun easily, can exercise and taste delicious.

喀什3000万装修餐厅,阿星豪吃5道新疆菜,巧遇载歌载舞新疆婚礼 Traditional Xinjiang Cuisine and wedding in China


How can you not eat traditional Xinjiang food when you come to Xinjiang? There is a magnificent restaurant in Kashi. It took 3 years to decorate and cost more than 30 million yuan. Every architectural detail is perfect. If you do not eat here before, just visit and even need to buy tickets. Axing eats 5 dishes, each of which is a local specialty. And also happened to see a national wedding with songs and dances, filled with happiness and joy.

新疆只有羊肉?还有巴楚烤鱼,古法烘烤红海大鱼,80一条半只吃撑 Street Food Bachu Grilled Fish in China


The inherent impression of Xinjiang cuisine is fat lamb, but in Bachu County of Kashi, there are not only cattle and sheep, but also delicious grilled fish. There are not only big fish but also crabs in the Red Sea Reservoir. The ancient method of baking big fish on branches has a history of thousands of years. A fish is delicious for 80 yuan, and half is full. There are also special snacks such as thin-skin buns, Ququ, grilled lamb sausage, ice cream and so on at the night market.

新疆喀什百年老茶馆,坐满阿凡提和巴依老爷,阿星喝10元茶吃烤馕Centennial Tea House in Kashi, Xinjiang

Coming to beautiful Xinjiang, northern Xinjiang is famous for its natural scenery, while southern Xinjiang is better for its humanistic style. Kashi, as the most western city in China, is a pearl in southern Xinjiang. The century-old tea house in the ancient city has gone through a century and is a cultural relic of the Silk Road. The tea house is filled with grandpas with white beards, all of them like Avanti and Bayi. Axing tastes 10 yuan a pot of tea, eats roasted Nang, listens to Rewapu playing, and feels Xinjiang style.

青岛馅料小吃,面食海鲜完美组合,锅贴饺子野馄饨,阿星吃3家老店Qingdao snack seafood dumplings in China


Northerners like pasta, and the coastal city produces seafood, so Qingdao, a coastal city in the north, which has a geographical advantage, has many snacks that perfectly combine pasta and seafood. The filling snacks here are very special, the yellow fish pot stickers, golden and crisp. White mackerel dumplings, black cuttlefish dumplings, Shandong big dumplings with thin skin. Wild wontons and microwave oven roasts, every bite is different. Axing visits 3 old gourmet restaurants.

新疆农村巴扎美食,大串红柳烤肉,铁锅羊肉拌面,阿星逛喀什集市 Street food in rural Bazaar, Kashi, China


In the rural areas of Kashi, Xinjiang, there is a large-scale cattle and sheep trading market. Every Sunday, there are people who come to trade in all directions, forming a gourmet bazaar here. The rugged country cuisine made Axing very surprised. The large skewers of red willow roast lamb, the meat is very large, with a whole piece of lamb rib soup, freshly baked buns, sweet and sour red pomegranate juice, glutinous home-made noodle, and sweet cantaloupe, the snacks are too many to dazzle.

新疆缸子肉,做法粗犷调料只有盐,阿星吃酸奶不加糖,差点酸掉牙 Street Snack Jar Meat in Xinjiang,China


Jar meat is a specialty food in Kashi, Xinjiang, and a Uyghur snack. It emerged in the 1950s and 1960s, and now the Qiliqiao area is a famous street of Jar Meat. The cuisine is rugged, and the mutton is freshly slaughtered. The meat is stewed in a large enamel jar, the seasoning is only salt, pay attention to the original flavor, local people will eat Nang and drink mutton soup. Jar Meat with yogurt can remove greasy, drink yogurt in Xinjiang must add sugar, Axing didn't add sugar to eat almost sour teeth.

新疆过油肉拌面,加面吃到饱,烤羊肝馕坑肉,阿星吃的真攒劲 Oiled Meat Noodle in Xinjiang,China


How can Xinjiang cuisine lack carbon water? Oiled Meat Noodle is a favorite of people's daily diet. The noodle that are evenly stretched, the fragrant over-oiled meat, stirred together,rosy and oily, every bite is satisfied, and even the noodle can be eaten full. There are also grilled lamb liver, naan pit meat, and ramen noodle are also delicious to eat.Axing was very satisfied.

贵阳鲤鱼老街小吃,猴子下山觅食,阿星吃豆豉火锅,酱烤大排汉堡Old Street Snacks in Guiyang,China

Guizhou can be said to have beautiful mountains and rivers, not only delicious food but also animals living in harmony with people. Liyu Street is an old food street in Guiyang. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and there are many ancient trees. Monkeys often go down the mountain for food. Although the street is not long, there are more than a dozen old snack restaurants. AXing came here to eat tempeh hot pot, tofu balls, grilled burgers with sauce, crispy duck, all the taste of neighbors in the neighborhood, feeling that his stomach is not enough.

出租司机热情推荐,新疆喀什烤包子,碳火馕坑现烤,2块5肉多皮酥 Kashi street food Baked Bun in China


Xinjiang Baked Bun can be said to be the most representative of the Xinjiang flavor. Lamb and onion are the most common ingredients. They are baked in the most commonly used cooking methods. They are also the most popular flour food in daily life, so they are very popular. Axing came to Kashi and tasted an old Roasted Bun restaurant that warmly recommended by the taxi driver master. The whole production process is very particular. The high-temperature carbon stove is now roasted, the buns are crisp outside and tender inside, full of lamb, very greedy.



游遍国家5A级旅游景区,截至到2017年 9月2号 中国一共有249家5A级旅游风景区。一个人在路上 衣食住行都要从简,我会尽量为大家做出优质的视频和攻略,我一直在路上也一直在学习。

青岛啤酒博物馆,阿星喝6种口味,晕倒醉酒小屋,领略百年酒文化Beer Museum in Qingdao,China


Qingdao Beer has a century-old history of winemaking, which is not only the pride of Qingdao people, but also the light of domestic products. The three favorite things of Qingdao people are drinking beer, eating clams, and taking a sea bath. Beer can be said to be integrated into daily life. The Qingdao Beer Museum, built in the old beer factory, can not only learn about the history and culture related to beer, make customized wine by hand, but also drink fresh and delicious beer. Axing can drink 6 different flavors at a time and experience the fun of the drunk cabin.

【阿星探店Chinese Food Tour】YouTube频道声明

【阿星探店Chinese Food Tour】YouTube Channel Statement
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青岛泊里大集市,阿星买4种海货,加工海鲜烩饼,豪华版满满一盆Market Snacks in Qingdao,China

The Poli Market is the oldest market in the Jiaonan area of Qingdao. It has a history of 300 years and is also the largest market in the West Coast New District. The market in the northern coastal city not only has a variety of goods, but also a variety of seafood. The lamb soup and seafood risotto in the gourmet area are very popular. Axing bought 4 types of seafood and processed a luxurious version of seafood risotto, which was full of pots.










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早餐厦门,面线糊爽滑鲜美,扁食拌面情侣套餐,唤醒海滨城市味觉Traditional Breakfast in Xiamen,China


Xiamen, Fujian is a beautiful coastal city, and breakfast here is also unique. The Mianxianhu is very delicious in a pot, the soup is rich and white in color, it tastes smooth and appetizing. It is paired with oyster liver and small intestine. There is also very beautiful Bianshi, which is a set of couples with peanut butter noodle. It is very comfortable to eat with soup and dry noodle. Axing came to eat early in the morning and felt the delicious breakfast in Xiamen.

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