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贵阳鲤鱼老街小吃,猴子下山觅食,阿星吃豆豉火锅,酱烤大排汉堡Old Street Snacks in Guiyang,China


贵阳鲤鱼老街小吃,猴子下山觅食,阿星吃豆豉火锅,酱烤大排汉堡Old Street Snacks in Guiyang,China

Guizhou can be said to have beautiful mountains and rivers, not only delicious food but also animals living in harmony with people. Liyu Street is an old food street in Guiyang. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and there are many ancient trees. Monkeys often go down the mountain for food. Although the street is not long, there are more than a dozen old snack restaurants. AXing came here to eat tempeh hot pot, tofu balls, grilled burgers with sauce, crispy duck, all the taste of neighbors in the neighborhood, feeling that his stomach is not enough.

贵阳河边烧烤,70元自助吃到饱,贵州爆浆烤豆腐,阿星2盘没吃够BBQ by the river in Guiyang,China

In Guizhou’s beautiful mountains and rivers, is it pleasant to have a riverside barbecue? In the Huaxi District of Guiyang, there are many people who swim and play in the water, and there are also many riverside self-service barbecue restaurants, which are Guizhou specialty barbecues. A bowl of sweet ice powder and a table of rich ingredients start the summer barbecue mode. Not only there are various kinds of marinated meat, Huangba and Jueba, but also bursting tofu. Axing did not eat enough after eating 2 plates.

贵阳黔菜农家乐,国道边小院坐满,素火锅全是肉,阿星吃紫花菌子Guizhou Cuisine in Guiyang,China

Guizhou’s Qian cuisine can be said to be an underestimated cuisine. Qian cuisine has unique fragrant, oily, and spicy flavors. It is produced from a variety of rare ingredients in the mountains and combines the advantages of surrounding Hunan, Sichuan and Yunnan cuisines. The Guizhou cuisine Nongjiale next to the national highway in Guiyang, although the small courtyard is inconspicuous, is full of cars coming to eat. Axing eats meaty vegetarian hot pot, Guizhou-style kung pao dish, spicy hot pot fish, spicy tofu, and fresh wild mushrooms, stir-fried purple flower mushrooms.

被低估的火锅大省贵州,贵阳30年清水烫,阿星挑战生拌鸡血Guiyang snack Raw Chicken Blood in China


Speaking of hot pot, the first thing that comes to mind is Sichuan and Chongqing, and Guizhou can be said to be an underestimated hot pot province. It actually loves hot pot throughout the year, and there are countless types of hot pot. Soybeans and rice hot pot, Niubie hot pot, sour soup hot pot and Qingshuitang, humid climate is very suitable for eating hot pot. Paired with the hot pot is a bowl of special dipping water, the wet ingredient of Zheergen sour radish, and the dry ingredient of chili powder. Everyone can tune out their own unique taste. Axing eats Guiyang Qingshuitang and special snack raw chicken blood to experience the rough food culture.

贵阳肠旺面老店,阿星加料豪华版,肥肠软血旺嫩,红油沾面满嘴香Traditional snack Changwang Noodle in Guiyang,China


Guiyang in Guizhou is known as the refreshing Guiyang because of the cool weather, and there are many delicious foods here. The most commonly eaten by the locals is a bowl of Changwang Noodle, which can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a favorite snack of men, women and children. Soft and waxy intestines, thin and tender blood, crispy meat, paired with a bowl of crispy egg noodle, and then topped with attractive red oil. Axing eats Changwang Noodle in the old restaurant, with a large bowl of deluxe version of noodle, looks delicious.

贵州牛瘪火锅,一锅沸腾的牛粪?百草汤气味美妙,阿星吃黔东南美食Guizhou snack Cow Dung Hot Pot in China


Qiandongnan in Guizhou has a very special delicacy, which is the Niubie, the locals call it Baicao soup or Cow Dung Hot Pot. The green soup base is stewed with special spices in the forage that has not been completely digested in the cow's stomach, mixed with cow bile and gastric saliva. Although it seems that outsiders can't swallow it, it is the top hospitality in Guizhou. Axing eats dry Cow Dung Pot and Cow Dung Hot Pot, challenging the special cuisine of Miao and Dong nationalities.

延吉朝鲜族传统小吃,水豆腐滑嫩,豆浆面冰爽,拌杂菜别具风味Traditional Snack Water Tofu in Yanji,China


Tofu originated in China, and it was introduced to North Korea in the Song Dynasty to form the snack Water Tofu. Yanji Korean traditional snack Water Tofu is different from Tofu Nao and other delicacies. It has a smooth and tender taste. It uses a large bowl and a small bowl to increase the taste. When eating, it is served with sauces, side dishes and black rice, which are fresh and salty. Axing also tasted the icy soy milk noodle and the unique mixed vegetables, which is a delicious meal.

东北延吉大冷面,牛肉汤加冰碴子,锅包肉香酥,阿星吃延边美食Traditional Snack Cold Noodle in Yanji,China


What should Axing eat in the hot summer in Northeast China? Of course it is a bowl of cold noodle with ice. In Yanji City, Jilin Province, there are many cold noodle restaurants. Cold noodle can be said to represent Yanbian's daily diet and are the most recommended snack. Add buckwheat noodle, egg, watermelon, beef and other ingredients in a large stainless steel bowl, pour in ice beef soup, sweet and sour taste. There is also Guobao meat, fried golden and crispy, and it is a perfect match with cold noodle.

新疆只有羊肉?还有巴楚烤鱼,古法烘烤红海大鱼,80一条半只吃撑 Street Food Bachu Grilled Fish in China


The inherent impression of Xinjiang cuisine is fat lamb, but in Bachu County of Kashi, there are not only cattle and sheep, but also delicious grilled fish. There are not only big fish but also crabs in the Red Sea Reservoir. The ancient method of baking big fish on branches has a history of thousands of years. A fish is delicious for 80 yuan, and half is full. There are also special snacks such as thin-skin buns, Ququ, grilled lamb sausage, ice cream and so on at the night market.

吃肉来这就对了,一条街吃遍新疆美食,喀什夜市,阿星狂吃7种小吃 Street Foods Night Market in Xinjiang,China


The night of Xinjiang is the world of food, and it is still bright at 11 o'clock in the summer. On the street of the night market opposite the Aitakir Mosque in Kashi, you can see almost all Xinjiang snacks. It is also a local favorite. It's right to eat meat here. Shaved Ice, Baked Eggs, Chicken Burrito, Spicy Sheep's Hooves, Michang and Mianfei, Nangbaorou ,Yellow Noodle, etc. Axing looked dazzled and couldn't eat all of it.

延吉家庭美食小馆,大酱汤浓郁,石锅拌饭可口,阿星坐炕桌腿发麻Traditional food Miso Soup, Bibimbap in Yanji,China


When you come to Yanji City in Yanbian, Jilin, you must try Korean cuisine. There are many family-style traditional food restaurants here, and the food is clean and delicious. Everyone sits on the floor and dines at the low table, which is very Korean drama atmosphere. Axing tastes the old restaurant, the Miso Soup, the Bibimbap, the seafood steamed rice, and the Korean pork trotters are all authentic and traditional delicacies. Experience sitting on the ground to eat, the legs are numb.

内蒙古烤羊腿,呼伦贝尔草原美味,外皮酥脆羊肉鲜嫩,阿星动手烤Roast leg of lamb in Nei Mongolia,China

The lamb in Nei Mongolia is of good quality, and it can be eaten in a variety of ways. It can be cooked, steamed, fried or roasted. But the roast lamb is not to be missed, especially the delicious roast leg of lamb. The traditional Mongolian roast lamb shank from the Hulunbuir prairie has a golden and crispy skin, dripping with oil, and the lamb inside is white and tender, and tastes full of taste. Lamb is warm and nourishing. In Hailar's cold winter, people eat lamb to withstand the cold weather. Axing started roasting the leg of lamb, flipping it over the charcoal fire, and eating it with a bamboo stick.

贵州凯里大补美食,爆炒猪小弟,夜市老店人气旺,阿星吃完身体壮Guizhou snacks stir-fried pig brother in China


The barbecue in Kaili City, Guizhou, has one of the best delicacies, which is the stir-fried pig brother. Although the name sounds strange, it is the most popular snack in the night market. The pig brother is marinated first and then roasted. The chewy taste is very suitable for wine, it is nourishing and delicious. There are also fried rice skins on iron plate, grilled fish with Southeast Asian style, pork ribs in spicy sauce, and iced bayberry soup. Axing is very satisfied.

新疆缸子肉,做法粗犷调料只有盐,阿星吃酸奶不加糖,差点酸掉牙 Street Snack Jar Meat in Xinjiang,China


Jar meat is a specialty food in Kashi, Xinjiang, and a Uyghur snack. It emerged in the 1950s and 1960s, and now the Qiliqiao area is a famous street of Jar Meat. The cuisine is rugged, and the mutton is freshly slaughtered. The meat is stewed in a large enamel jar, the seasoning is only salt, pay attention to the original flavor, local people will eat Nang and drink mutton soup. Jar Meat with yogurt can remove greasy, drink yogurt in Xinjiang must add sugar, Axing didn't add sugar to eat almost sour teeth.

吉林延吉菜包饭,各种蔬菜包肘子肉,蘸酱才是灵魂,阿星一口一个Yanji Snack Vegetables Wrapped Rice in China

There is a Korean cuisine in Yanji, Jilin called Baofan, which is eaten with various organic vegetables wrapped in meat and condiments. It often appears in Korean dramas and is very greedy. Various vegetable leaves, large and small, oily elbow meat, smeared with soul dipping sauce, put in onion, chili, garlic slices, and then covered with a spoonful of rice, hold it in both hands and eat it in one bite. There is also the cold bellflower called Daolaji, the pink rice wine brewed by the restaurant, sweet and sour.

新疆牛羊市场,交易豪爽靠击掌,阿星吃大锅手把肉,看动物品美食 Rural Snacks Grab Meat in Xinjiang,China


Bachu County in Kashi, Xinjiang, is called Balchuk, which means everything. Every Thursday in the town of Seribuya, there is a large-scale cattle and sheep trading market, as well as a variety of Xinjiang's rural cuisine. There are various animals like sheep, cows, horses and donkeys, and the locals have a special trading methods. Axing ate a large pot of Grab Meat and a huge grilled bun, eating snacks while watching animals.

延吉水上市场,凌晨5点开市,朝鲜族美食汤饭,阿星品尝米肠年糕Korean snacks at Yanji Riverside Market, China


Yanji, a small border town in the northeast, is the capital of Yanbian Chinese Korean Autonomous Prefecture. Here you can not only experience the cultural customs of the Korean ethnic group, but also taste authentic cuisine. The lively riverside market opens at 5 a.m. and ends at 8 a.m., a variety of specialties and snacks, rice soup, rice intestines, fried chicken, seaweed rice, rice cakes, are not available elsewhere. Axing got up early to taste the Korean-style breakfast.

中俄边境小城满洲里,套娃涮肉火锅,阿星讲呼伦贝尔美食避坑指南Matryoshka Hot Pot in Manzhouli,China

Hulunbuir in Nei Mongolia borders Russia, and Manzhouli, a small border city, is full of Russian exoticism. It has been a port of trade and commerce since ancient times. Food and architectural culture have both Nei Mongolian grassland characteristics and Russian characteristics. Matryoshka Hotel is a landmark building here. There are not only beautiful matryoshka dolls, but also delicious Mongolian style hot pot. Axing explained the Hulunbuir Food Travel Anti-fraud Guide.

新疆过油肉拌面,加面吃到饱,烤羊肝馕坑肉,阿星吃的真攒劲 Oiled Meat Noodle in Xinjiang,China


How can Xinjiang cuisine lack carbon water? Oiled Meat Noodle is a favorite of people's daily diet. The noodle that are evenly stretched, the fragrant over-oiled meat, stirred together,rosy and oily, every bite is satisfied, and even the noodle can be eaten full. There are also grilled lamb liver, naan pit meat, and ramen noodle are also delicious to eat.Axing was very satisfied.





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