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10 Most Impressive Mega Projects In Morocco

10 Most Impressive Mega Projects In Morocco - In this video, we will present 10 most impressive mega construction projects in Morocco, which are set to change the face of the country. Investment in Africa by country is at all-time high.

Known as the Western Kingdom, Morocco has lived up to its expectations as one of the most valuable countries of the continent of Africa. Generating the fifth largest economy in all of Africa, Morocco is expected to record a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 8% by 2024. The commercial building construction market in value terms is expected to register a growth of 10% over the forecast period. The pandemic has affected the economic growth of the country and surrounding regions. Still, affordable housing is expected to stay least affected, supported by a mix of public and private spending.
Infrastructure in Morocco, continues to make leaps of progression that consist of many innovative projects. These deal with rail line infrastructure, which is undergoing serious renovations and expansion. In 2018, the country officially unveiled it's $2.6 billion fastest high speed train in Africa, the Al Borag, which operates at a maximum speed of 320 km per hours. Also, the Moroccan government is planning to invest $28 billion in road construction through 2035. Apart from that, air and mobile infrastructure have also been kept in mind to ready the country for many years of tourism in the future. According to the B N C Network, there are over 200 active mega construction projects in Morocco with a combined estimated value of just under $66bn.
The North African country is experiencing sharp growth on the back of government investments that seek to meet the needs of a rising population, according to the “Morocco Construction Market Outlook” report.

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