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เป็ดพะโล้ ร้านโปรดของ "โอ๊ต ปราโมทย์" ????????


COSTA RICA | Backpacking & Best Places to See

Come with us on our 11 day itinerary backpacking budget around Costa Rica. We stayed in inexpensive accommodation, and enjoyed all the sights that this beautiful country has to offer.


Day 1: San Jose
Day 2: San Jose/Monteverde
Day 3: Monteverde/Jaco
Day 4: Jaco
Day 5: Jaco/Manuel Antonio
Day 6: Manuel Antonio
Day 7: Manuel Antonio
Day 8: Manuel Antonio/Uvita
Day 9: Uvita
Day 10: Uvita/San Jose
Day 11: San Jose

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Cuba Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Cuba – Enjoy old-world architecture, famous cigars and classic cars in this long-isolated island nation. Check out Cuba’s top sights for travelers.

When ready, browse vacation packages to Cuba:

Despite being within easy reach of Florida and the Bahamas, #Cuba exists in a time and space all its own.

Explore Cuba’s capital, Havana, a city preserved by forts, a five-mile seawall, and an imposed embargo, which held back the excesses of the 20th century for over 50 years. Havana’s lure can be hard to resist, but a #vacation in Cuba can offer so much more beyond the seductive lights of its capital. In Cuba, a long sandy beach is never far away.

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether Cuba is awakening to the world, or if the world is awakening to Cuba. Whatever your politics, it's easy to admire this island nation that has proudly gone its own way. Cuba may still have one foot firmly in the past, but as the world tumbles towards tomorrow, we can be thankful for the many things it has not let go.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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