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McDonald's India vs. Pakistan: Which is Best? I Flew to Both! ????

I flew to McDonald's in India & Pakistan to find out which is best. The results are mixed but you will see which is the more authentic American experience. I'll cover the menu differences, compare the burgers, fries, shakes, meat quality, store experience, and of course the prices.

✔ Nandos India Undercover at Nando's India: Finally, Authentic Fast-Food!

❌ KFC India Everything Wrong with KFC in India

I ate at McDonald's M2K, Delhi, India and McDonald's Jinnah Ave, Islamabad, Pakistan

0:00 Intro
0:36 A bad start: McScam in India
1:21 No beef or pork
2:43 Special Indian vegetarian burgers
3:04 Which stores & hospitality are better?
5:51 Food comparison: India vs. Pakistan
6:22 Soggy wet fries
7:12 McDonald's fried chicken! McCrispy
7:52 McChickens comparison
9:13 India's Big Mac Maharaja Mac
11:03 Pakistan's real Big Mac
12:29 Meat quality comparison
13:33 Prices comparison
14:05 McDonald's India & Pakistan wrap up


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Ultimate CHAPLI KEBABS! | Extreme Pakistani Street Food in Mardan, Pakistan!

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I can say with certainty, chapli kebabs are probably the best form or shape of any kebab or meat patty formation that I’ve ever had in my entire life. This was my first time to try this Pakistani food speciality, and I was blown away with every bite. Chapli kebabs are extraordinary!

Islamabad - Capital Pakistan - So we started off the day in Islamabad, but the plan for the day was to drive to Mardan, eat along the way, and eat our way through Mardan, but mostly focusing the day on chapli kebabs.

Mian Jee Restaurant - One the way to Mardan we stopped at Mian Jee, a very famous restaurant know for all sorts of dishes, but especially their world famous dal. It’s so thick and creamy it’s almost the consistency of peanut butter. And yes, it’s rich and delicious.

Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan - We arrived in Mardan in the early afternoon and headed straight to eat chapli kebabs for the first time.

Chapli Kebab - Mardan - The first place we are chapli kebab was a local favorite spot in Mardan city. I’m not exactly sure of the name, but it’s a very popular spot and known by locals. They had the massive podium fryer, filled with melted fat, and made medium sized burger patties, with big chunks of bone marrow to make this even better. Their chapli kebabs (kababs) were seasoned perfectly with a balance of tomato and cumin. It was an eye opener for me.

Falooda - Next we stopped in Mardan to eat falooda, and from what I understand, Mardan falooda is pretty famous.

River View Restaurant - Next on this day of Mardan and Peshawar, we drove to River View Restaurant, mainly to go on a boat ride in the Kabul River. The river ride was fun, and it was amazing to be cruising down the Kabul river. The restaurant also had delicious food.

Rambail Chapli Kebab, Taru Jabba - But for our real dinner we needed to get another dose of chapli kebabs. On the way, almost to Peshawar city, we stopped at Rambail Chapli Kebab, Taru Jabba, possibly the most famous of all chapli kebab in the world. And when you see their bonfire and podium of a cooking station, you’ll know why it’s the best. They make larger sized patties, filled with spices, and bone marrow, and again fried in their own fat.

The chapli kebabs were so unbelievably delicious, I could hardly control myself. It was an amazing day of Pakistani street food in Pakistan, and an intro to chapli kebabs from the source.



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Enjoying Mutton Korma at Aerocity, New Delhi. ????????

After an overnight flight to Delhi, India I was in need of some comfort before doing the real adventuring. I wanted a nice clean hotel and some nice clean Indian food that wouldn't make me sick on the first day of my trip. I'll leave the adventurous street food rallies for later in the trip.

The perfect place for me seemed to be the Aerocity hospitality and entertainment district which is connected to Delhi Airport by the airport metro line.

It wasn't quite what I thought it was going to be. I had imagined it would be similar to some of the massive mall / entertainment / hotel areas in Bangkok where you take the metro or SkyTrain and are right into areas with 5 star hotels, luxury malls and endless amounts of food options.

Getting out of the metro station I was faced with a massive construction site that I had to walk around to get into the Aerocity which just looked like hotels and office buildings. Everything is modern and sparkling clean but there wasn't much interesting stuff going on. I didn't see any sign of a mall on my first look around but the concierge in my hotel gave me directions to some underground area.

It was just one department store and a food court which had half western food like Subway and Pizza Hut and half local foods. There were other spaces for shops but they were just empty shells. It seems that this area is very much a work in progress.

So I was very underwhelmed with the area and would definitely skip it on future trips to Delhi. I did however have an amazing Mutton Korma from the food court. Amazingly delicious and amazingly delicious. I always struggle when they give me meat on the bone in India with something like a plastic or wooden disposable spoon that I'm supposed to use to carve the meat off. It's a choice between struggling with that and making a mess or just picking it up with my hand and making a mess.

0:00 Delhi Metro
2:40 Holiday Inn Hotel
7:14 Aerocity
9:19 Mutton Korma
18:01 Mango Lassi

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