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EXPLORE COSTA RICA - A Cinematic Travel Video



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I spent a week exploring Costa Rica with one of my best friends, Zack. While we were planning this trip, we knew really early on that we wanted to have a true cloud forest experience. As beautiful as the beaches of Costa Rica are, we were just absolutely drawn to the cloud forests of Monteverde! I’m not sure either of us have felt closer to nature than during our stay there. Between the off-road adventures, night hikes, and strenuous climbs to waterfalls, I think it’s safe to say we truly tried to live the Pura Vida lifestyle to the fullest. I hope this video captures just a sense of the wonder that we experienced out there.

Also, huge shoutout to Zack for letting me use his drone footage of a waterfall after my drone succumbed to the jungle.

Here are the places we visited while in the beautiful country of Costa Rica!

Monteverde National Forest
Monteverde Cloud Forest
Santa Elena Cloud Forest
Monteverde Coffee Tour
Poas Volcano
Bajos Del Toro Waterfall

Music: Finale - Andy Hull and Robert McDowell

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