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British Airways A380 transformed with breath-taking 4D projection

On 29 October 2014 British Airways' first A380 flight landed in Singapore. To celebrate the launch of this flagship aircraft to Singapore we used some of the world’s most precise 4D projection technology to create a visually breath-taking video of the aircraft's journey.

The video, which was shot in a studio environment, harnesses the magic of 4D projection. Seven high powered projectors have been used to map a world of stunning effects on and around a 1:20 size scale model of an Airbus A380. Tracking the journey to Singapore, the video depicts beautiful scenes including ‘the canvas above the clouds’ scene which uses dry ice to recreate the serenity and beauty of flight.

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Europe is open! COVID-19 Requirements flying to Greece (June 2021 Edition)

Max and I had a trip to Greece get cancelled multiple times due to COVID-19 and we finally got our chance this summer when we heard the news of Greece reopening – even reopening early – to travelers with the vaccine or willing to take a PCR test within 72 hours. In the span of just about one month, we were able to secure tickets to Greece June 1 – July 3 and started researching immediately to understand what we needed for both the layover and the destination. Here's our Top 5 Things to Know in blog version:

There is so much confusion, and frankly, misinformation regarding travel to Europe right now so we wanted to share some of the key things you need to know before you go to Europe this summer. Keep in mind, the regulations change daily so our goal here is to provide you with some pathways to learn our experience, but also how to check what you need to know for your trip (and please DO check outside of just reading this post).

Regardless of where you plan on traveling this summer, keep in mind that if you have a layover, you could end up in trouble for not meeting the requirements of that country, even to simply transit through the airport.

For example, we had flights booked from San Francisco Airport to Mykonos, Greece. Greece’s requirement at the time stated “vaccine 14+ days before arrival or PCR test within 72 hours of arrival”. We took the vaccine 16 days before arrival so that’s all well and good, right? Wrong. We had a few options for layovers: Paris and Frankfurt.

Frankfurt, at the time, stated all travelers, regardless of whether or not they clear customs and are simply transiting through the airport, are required to have a negative PCR test within 72 hours. This means that even though you meet the requirements for Greece with the vaccine, you stillneed to have a negative PCR to get on the plane from SFO to Frankfurt.

However, France’s stated requirements at the time said that passengers on a single itinerary were exempt from the negative PCR requirement if it was not required by the final destination. Therefore, the vaccine holds as your access to that flight. See the difference? We, of course, went with the flight through Paris as getting a PCR test with a guaranteed turnaround is expensive and often, not guaranteed.

It is absolutely critical that you check the requirements for both destination AND transit flight. There are two ways to do this: check the government sites for your layover and destination countries AND check the airport’s website for the layover and destination countries.

Destination Sites:
Greek Government site:
Mykonos Airport site:
Layover Sites:
French Government site:
Paris Airport site:

Depending on where you are going to and transiting through, be sure to check frequently for updates.

At the end of the day, the truth is that things are constantly evolving, changing and updating. Vacations to Europe this summer will be full of anxiety and confusion, but as long as you understand the rules, what you need and how to get it, the absolute joy of traveling again far outweighs the anxiety of getting to your destination. Again, make sure to check the government sites and airport sites for updated guidelines as things may change between when this was posted and your trip. Let us know in the comments how your European vacation planning is going!


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