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सत्याग्रह शताब्दी पार्क मोतिहारी || Satyagraha Satabdi Park Motihari || Pankaj Sarraf


सत्याग्रह शताब्दी पार्क मोतिहारी || Satyagraha Satabdi Park Motihari || Pankaj Sarraf


Gandhi Ashram, Gandhi sangrhalay Bapu Dharm Motihari, east Champaran Bihar


Satyagarah Shatabdi Park, Motihari

Satyagraha Shatabdi Park, Motihari

कर दे नज़रे करम मुझ पर,
मैं तुझपे ऐतबार कर दूँ,
दीवाना हूँ तेरा ऐसा,
कि दीवानगी की हद को पर कर दूँ,
यूँ तो लिखने को दो-चार लाइने लिखते है लोग,
पर आँखे तेरी ऐसी कि पूरी किताब लिख दूँ!

Kesaria Bihar || Kesaria Stupa || बाबा केसरनाथ

Kesaria is located at a distance of 110 Km from Patna, in the Champaran (east) district of Bihar.

Buddha StupaThe stupa is the largest in the world, with a height of 104 ft, and attracts lots of Buddhist pilgrims from around the world. Excavated in 1998, the stupa is rare example of Buddhist architecture and archaelogical preservation. The stupa competes with that of Borobodur (103 ft) in Java, a world heritage site, of 103-m height. It is believed that the stupa has further immersed into earth after the famous 1934- earthquake before which, the height of this stupa was 123 ft. Huen Tsang has mentioned, in his travelogue, about this giant stupa. Some important aspects of Buddha's life are associated with Kesaria. It is known that he spent a night at this place before his Nirvana, and gave his begging -bowl to the people of Vaishali. Buddha also asked Lichhivis to return to Vaishali after his death and its believed that Lichhivis built this stupa.

The stupa is believed to be of a height of 150 ft while the Borobodur is of 138. The striking similarity in the two is that both have six floors, and the diameter of the Kesaria stupa is equal to that of the width of the Borobodur. The stupa was built to commemorate the end-life of Lord Buddha, by Licchvis, as for the matter of fact Buddha held the Lichhvis high and also preached others to do so.

The place is a reminiscent to the Buddha's last phase of life, his humanitarian approach towards all, independent of caste and creed. His simple and ethical principles also come into mind while one travels this huge Stupa, nearly twice as large as that of Sanchi.

Excavated in 1998, this place has become a global tourist attraction within a short span of time. The place exerts a spiritual effect on everybody and relieves the aesthetics. According to some archaeologists, this monument dates back to 200 AD to 750 AD, and is associated to some Raja Chakravarti. The circumference of this brick monument is nearly 1400 ft which, is a certificate of its bulky structure.

The excavation led to many significant findings such as Islamic coins, arrow heads, copper and terracotta items etc.

The landscape is also quite attractive and has a heartwarming effect on the tourists travelling to the city.

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