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Paris For Rs. 30,000 - Hostel, Parties, Indian Food, Sim, Museums, Boats, Palaces - Indian Vlogger

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Rs. 30,000 for a 6 day trip to the beautiful city of Paris. How expensive is Paris?. I visited Paris and spent 6 days in only Rs. 30,000 visiting all major attractions on a limited budget. I checked out Eifel tower, The Louvre and all major attractions of Paris including my expenses on food, accommodation, city transport, local trains etc. This video explains how budget travel to European countries is possible and exactly what costs what. The video has complete list of all-important things you need to know about how to survive in Paris on a budget. It is a complete Paris travel guide with prices and costs of everything in detail.

#Paris #ParisfromIndia #Parisvlog

This video answers questions like

How expensive is a trip to Paris?
How to take the cheapest flights to Paris and how to take the cheapest flights to europe.
How much do parties cost in Paris?
How much does food and grocery cost in Paris?
How many hotels cost in Paris?
How to plan a budget trip to Paris?
How to visit Paris on a budget?
How to visit Paris from India?
How expensive is Paris from India?

And many other questions.

An Indian traveler on a budget trip to Paris can easily explore the city in Rs. 15,000 to 20,000 for 3 or 4 days an then can onwards continue to Paris.

The video also addresses various topics like

1) Cheap Paris travel from India.
2) Booking cheap tickets from India to Paris
3) Indian food in Paris
4) Budget tips for Paris trip
5) Indians in Paris.

And much more.

Disclaimer: This video is a travel guide documentary for information and education purpose only to explain Indian travelers on how expensive Paris actually is and also provides information about the costs of alcohol sold legally in Paris. The video or the creator does not encourage anyone to engage in any unhealthy or unlawful activity at any time, as the contents of the video are for the informational sake only. The video also contains touristy and general information about Paris only for educational and informative purposes.

Music : Google’s Creator Repository.

St. Christopher Inn. Gare Du Nord Paris.
(Gare Du Nord Means Northen Station)

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Costa Rica Travel Guide | Top 5 Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Top 5 Places to Visit in Costa Rica: Costa Rica Travel Guide

Costa Rica is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Whether you’re into adventure sports, wildlife spotting, or just looking to kick back on the beach, Costa Rica has something for everyone. But with so much to see and do, planning a trip to Costa Rica can be a bit daunting. So in this Costa Rica Travel Guide, I wanted to share my top five favourite places to visit in Costa Rica.

My top 5 places to visit in Costa Rica:

1. [0:28] Tortuguero
2. [1:30] Monteverde
3. [2:25] La Fortuna (Arenal)
4. [3:09] Sarapiqui
5. [3:56] Manuel Antonio

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