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NICARAGUA TOP 7 PLACES | This is why you should visit Nicaragua


NICARAGUA TOP 7 PLACES | This is why you should visit Nicaragua

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Where to travel to in Nicaragua in 2017? Here are my top 7 places to visit in Nicaragua for your next trip. This is why you should visit Nicaragua. Surf Volcanoes Islands it's all there!

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Top 10 Things to Do in Nicaragua

If you are thinking of going to Nicaragua, here are some tips on what you can do and where you can go! These are some of the things that we did there:

Volcanoes and Volcano Boarding
Managua and Baseball Games
Laguna De Apoyo
Somoto Canyon
Poneloya and releasing Turtles
San Juan Del Sur
Playa Gigante
Flyboarding and Jet Packing

Check Out More tips on Nicaragua on our Blog!


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Visit Nicaragua - The DON'Ts of Nicaragua

Whether heading to the beautiful Lake Nicaragua or visiting the beautiful colonial cities of Granada or Leon, Nicaragua has so much for the tourist, traveler and vacationer. Whether you are a backpacker, surfer or traveling family you should make Nicaragua your next stop. However, with amazing things like volcanoes and beaches, there are things you shouldn't do when you visit Nicaragua and that is what this video is. What NOT to Do When You Visit Nicaragua.
The Don'ts of Visiting Nicaragua
Filmed on the Isletas in Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua
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Nicaragua Tourist Attractions: 15 Top Places to Visit

Planning to visit Nicaragua? Check out our Nicaragua Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Nicaragua.

Top Places to visit in Nicaragua:
Corn Islands, Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve, Islets of Granada, Masaya Volcano, Indio Maiz Biological Reserve, Leon Cathedral, Montelimar Beach, Mombacho Volcano, Iglesia de La Merced, ChocoMuseo Granada, Mirador del Cristo de la Misericordia, Catedral de Granada, Puerto Salvador Allende, Museum El Ceibo, Guadalupe Church Granada

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Is Nicaragua Safe? Yes & You Should Visit Nicaragua

Quick video in safety issues on visiting Nicaragua.

Visit Granada - 10 Shocks of Visiting Granada, Nicaragua

Volcanoes spitting lava, gorgeous islands throughout Lake Nicaragua, Amazing locals who will show you the best of Nica culture. Granada, Nicaragua is a true colonial gem in Latin America. If you are wondering if Nicaragua is safe or worth visiting, well Granada will show you the best that Latin America has to offer.
10 Things That Shock Tourists when They Visit Granada, Nicaragua
Filmed in Granada, Nicaragua
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

Visit San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua - Advice & Travel Tips

The DON'Ts of Visiting Nicaragua

USA Today & 10Best's #1 Independent Travel Videographer 2014

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Hellloooooo everyone!

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I visited Nicaragua for 3 months and wanted to share my experience here.

This place often still gets a bad rep from people who are just unaware of what goes on. My time here and been nothing but magical to say the least! I have always felt safe and surrounded by beautiful people!

There is still so much that I wasn't able to show and share in this video alone, so I will be making a PT.2 coming your way shortly so stay on the look out!

Any support is appreciated so if you enjoyed this video please show it some love! Thank you so much for watching.

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The Best of the Nicaraguan Cities and the Coast

For more stories, tips and information about our Life Redesign or Travel Inspiration you can find them at:

Our Itinerary: Nicaraguan cities and the Pacific coast

Our trip started in Granada, remembering our time when we visited last year, walking the colonial streets, drinking cold beers at the Calzada, taking Spanish classes and staying with a family, and wandering through the vibrant food and merchandise market. In Granada, we stayed at the lovely Casa Silas B&B – a two room, colonial house equipped with dip pool and the best breakfast frittata included in your nights stay. Our next stop was León We took a local bus there our first trip seeing this city, the second largest of the Nicaraguan cities, (Managua the largest ) León is much rawer than Granada, rather than being entirely filled with colonial buildings, it exudes a colonial and industrial feel. Most of our exploring of the city was wandering around the whitewashed cathedrals, watching several holiday parades and Catholic festivities, and discovering that León, hands down has the best restaurants of all the Nicaraguan Cities.

Las Peñitas

A short 20minute bus trip took us to the coastal town of Las Peñitas. An area that has an excellent reputation for surfing sunbathing and relaxing. It certainly delivers on all of this. Despite its well-known reputation, Las Peñitas is surprisingly underdeveloped with some comfortable spots for food, drink, and lodging but still maintains a touristy yet local approach. Best time to visit is Sundays; it's teeming with families and León tourists ready to surf and enjoy the day. We stayed on the beach at the simple, and comfortable Simple Beach House.

Salinas Grandes

Further south past Las Peñitas is Salinas Grandes, or “Big Salt.” This area is an entirely different vibe. Rugged roads get you into the Salt Flats – where salt processing plants harvest huge mounds of salt. About 20minutes later by 4x4 (ideally as in rainy season the roads can be washed out) you reach the beach area of Salinas and view some of the most secluded, quiet beach areas we have ever seen. There are Incredible surf waves right at your doorstep and miles of beach where virtually no one is around. We kicked back at this stunning and affordable ocean front villa (owned by a friend and marketing client of mine ) for a few nights. We definitely need to get back there again very soon! We missed out on visiting Ometepe Island this time around, although we have lots of great tips after spending 2 months living there last year. You can find our posts on Ometepe and Nicaragua here.

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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Central America

10 Best Places to Visit in Central America
1. Tikal
2. Roatan
3. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
4. Ambergris Caye
5. Antigua Guatemala
6. Panama City
7. Granada, Nicaragua
8. Arenal Volcano
9. Copan
10. Leon, Nicaragua
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NICARAGUA, what to see at the CENTRAL MARKET (mercado) of GRANADA

SUBSCRIBE: - Let's go to the beautiful and colonial city of Granada in Nicaragua (Central America) and let's visit the colourful central market (mercado central de Granada).

I love local markets and I always make a special point to visit them if a town has one. They’re often one of the best ways to get a good dose of local flavour. They’re an essential part of the life-blood of the local community, and the locals depend on them for everyday basics of food and home supplies. So if you want to see what the locals are eating (as opposed to what’s being served in the fancy pants tourist restaurants or even in the street food), there’s no better place to start than bright and early at the morning market.

Granada’s market is especially good. It’s large and colorful, pungent and bustling. And insofar as markets go, it’s really the only show in town, so everything is concentrated here.

This market is very much for locals, not tourists. If you need chicken, pork, or fish for the night’s dinner, this is the place. Likewise if you need fresh yucca root, mangos, limes, milk, rice, cheese, fresh plantains or just about anything you’d put on your plate if you lived in Nicaragua. You can also get home essentials, such as basic hardware supplies like rope and tools as well as a few vendors selling clothes or Central American party supplies (ie. that is to say, piñatas). If you’re after souvenirs you’re better off going elsewhere.

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Travel to : Nicaragua !!!

Best places to visit in Nicaragua !!!

Travel in Nicaragua

Travel in Nicaragua with Macca and Brianna as they try out volcano boarding down Cerro Negro, hike to the top of El Hoyo, spend a night partying in San Juan del Sur before driving around Ometepe.

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After feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from the beautiful beaches of El Salvador, Macca and Brianna got back to doing what they do best – backpacking around and experiencing all a country has to offer, this time in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua came with the tag as being a bit of a favourite amongst other travellers, so Macca and Brianna we’re extremely excited to see what it had to offer and whether it lived up to its reputation for themselves.

What they discovered was a country of unparalleled beauty, kind and generous people, and enough adventure activities to keep any adrenaline junkie happy.

In this episode Macca and Brianna try out volcano boarding for the first time, hike to the top of El Hoyo before swimming in a crater lake, spend a night on the tiles in San Juan del Sur, even manage to pick up a new travelling companion, before finishing off zooming around the island Ometepe.

In the end, Nicaragua truly lived up to its reputation, and it quickly became one of our favourite countries in the whole world. Next up, we went to go and see what Costa Rica had to offer.


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SUBSCRIBE: - Let's visit the Nicaraguan city of León which has many historical and cultural treasures, such as museums and monuments, as well as a number of architecturally significant churches (which we will see in this video), with El Calvario, Sutiava, La Merced, San Francisco, and La Recolección being among the most noteworthy. Located on Calle de los Bancos (Bank Street), the Recolección church (which we will see in the video) dates back to 1786, and it is notable for its dark yellow Mexican baroque style façade and is an easily recognized landmark in the area. Intricate columns decorate the church and the bell and clock tower add to its charm.

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Quick Trips and Tips: 5 Tips for Nicaragua

Quick trip to Nicaragua. This Video I go over 5 tips for a great trip to Nicaragua.
In this video I am going over costs of transportation, food, hostels, and activities you can do in nicaragua.
I visited Granada, Leon and San Juan Del Sur
Things I did were Volcano Board down Cerro Negro provided by The BigFoot Hostel, Choco Museo in Granada, Momobacho volcano Cloud Forest in Granada, Playa Maderas near San Juan Del Sur, Horseback riding and much more.....

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The best Video of Nicaragua

Managua - Granada - Isla Ometepe - San Juan del Sur - Leon - Somoto - Managua. We then flew to Little Corn Island in the Caribbean Sea, a must for anyone traveling to Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Tourism & Vacations 2018 ( HD1080p)

Nicaragua Tourism & Vacations 2018, Nicaragua Travel Vlog 2018, Nicaragua Travel Guide, Nicaragua Trip
Travel Vlog 4K

Nicaragua is a country in Central America. It has coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea, in the east, and the North Pacific Ocean, in the west, and has Costa Rica to the southeast and Honduras to the northwest.

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America with an area of 130,373km² and contains the largest freshwater body in Central America, Lago de Nicaragua (Lake Nicaragua) or Cocibolca. The capital city of Nicaragua is Managua. Roughly one quarter of the nation's population lives in the Nicaraguan capital, making it the second largest city and metropolitan area in Central America.

See in Nicaragua
Guide to Festivals and Events (NCX travel guide to festivals and events in Nicaragua), [1]. For anyone looking to get away from the tourist traps, it is advised to see some of the local festivals. You will probably be the only foreigner there. The best resource out there for that is the Guide to Festivals and Events, written in English, which details over 200+ fiestas for the year.

Do in Nicaragua
Highland Tours Location: From the Supermarket La Colonia 1.5 blocks north, Estelí. ☎ +505 83608739 Email: Web: Thinking of visiting the Northern Highlands? Highland Tours provides transport to connect you with the North of the country as well as tours of Matagalpa, Jinotega, Estelí, Condega, Somoto. City tours, tours of the nature reserves and adventure tours all with bilingual guides and private transportation.

San Cristobal Eco Tours (Ruido Verde Eco Tour), Chichigalpa, Chinandega, ☎ (+505) 8676 4495. To anyone who is considering or planning a trip to Nicaragua's tallest Volcano San Cristóbal, you can contact Albor, a working cooperative that has been set up in the small town of Chichigalpa, which is about a 1 hour bus ride from Léon, and close to the San Cristóbal natural reserve. They provide guide services and logistics for the climb. All the guides on the tour (who speak English and Spanish) have superb knowledge of the local flora, fauna and landscape having grown up in the area. They also loved sharing the local legends and folklore stories with us. For prices, reservations or queries, call: Ernesto Ulloa at (+505) 8676 4495 or email:; or Cristhian Velásquez at (+505) 8887 0427. On Enquiry.

Nicaragua Surf Cabin, Aseradorres, Chinandega region (30 min drive from Chinandega (a little north of Leon)), Great little rustic cabin on 2 acre plot near some awesome surfing beaches. Two free bikes to use. Inexpensive meals organized by friendly local neighbors. Practice your Spanish. Kick back and relax in this super tranquilo setting. USD8-12 (total price for cabin).

O Parks, WildLife, and Recreation (Ostional Private WildLife Reserve), El Ostional, Nicaragua (3 km South of the Military Post), ☎ +505-8-733-5989, 7am - Dusk. O Parks, WildLife, and Recreation is located 33 kilometers (20 miles) South of the cruise destination port of San Juan del Sur. It is nestled in the threatened tropical dry forests of El Ostional in Southwest Nicaragua. Designed by a retired New York City firefighter and 9/11 victim, it is claimed to be a means to have fun saving the world.

Local Fiestas (Mana-Ahuac Hoy), ☎ 86070130, Seeing the unique festivals is reason enough to travel to Nicaragua but few visitors get a chance to experience them. Mana-Ahuac Hoy is a tour operator that specializes in connecting visitors to the one-of-a-kind fiestas patronales that happen nearly every day in the country. They take people to locals only villages where few tourists go to see events like the Gueguense, Gigantona, dance of the little indians, battle of the Christians vs.

Explore the rain forest of the Rio San Juan river (Reserva Silvestre Privada Montecristo), 2 km down river from Boca de Sabalos, ☎ 505 86499012, 8:00 to 5:00. Montecristo is located 45 Kilometers down river from San Carlos, in the center of activity, 2 Km from Boca de Sabalos and 7 Km from El Castillo.

Sport fishing tarpon (Montecristo River Lodge), 2 Km donw river from Boca de Sabalos.

Mombacho Volcano, Mombacho Nature Reserve (12 kms south of Granada), Hikes, nature at it finest....giant trees, monkeys, birds..... zip lines, a coffee finca with tours of the processing facility. Do all or any of that in the cool lush vegetation of the forest.

Community Tourism, South slope of Mombacho Volcano (13 kms south of Granada), ☎ +50588969361, Visit one of UCAs rural communities and support the locals with their tourism projects.

Discover Nicaragua - Travel Video | 2017

Nicaragua was an experience of juxtapositions, hard work, humbleness, extreme beauty and just simply happiness. After an indescribable half year together with my boyfriend in this impressive country, this was my experience in film. I hope you enjoy, please like comment and subscribe! Special thank you to my brother, who edited the video!

0:20 - 1:00 = Big Corn Island
1:00 - 1:55 = Isla de Ometepe
1:55 - 2:11 = near El Rama
2:11 - 2:15 = Isla de Ometepe
2:15 - 2:34 = Laguna de Apoyo
2:34 - 2:37 = Las Isletas in Granada
2:37 - 2:39 = view on Laguna de Apoyo, but in Catarina
2:40 - 2:53 = Cerro Negro, near Leon (lava in between is Volcan Masaya)
2:54 - 3:06 = Laguna de Apoyo
3:07 - 3:14 = Leon
3:18 - 3:34 = San Juan del Sur
3:35 - 3:41 = Near Rio Waspuk in R.A.A.N Region
3:41 - 3:56 = Somoto Canyon
3:56 - 4:08 = Las Penitas
4:08 - 4:11 = Masaya
4:11 - 4:20 = Las Penitas
4:21 - 4:27 = San Juan del Sur
4:27 - 4:59 = Las Penitas

If you would like any specifics about hotels or stuff you see just ask :)

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SEE THE WORLD 9: Nicaragua

9th episode of the SEE THE WORLD series. This one covers riding across Nicaragua.
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NEXT EPISODE: #10 - Costa Rica
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Our Trip to Nicaragua

Our two weeks in Nicaragua, April 12th through the 26th, 2017. Footage from Granada, Laguna De Apoyo, Ometepe, San Juan Del Sur, and the Corn Islands. Shot with DJI Mavic Pro and GoPro Hero 5.

7 Best Traveling Destinations in Nicaragua

No longer visited only by in-the-know backpackers, surfers and adventure travelers, Nicaragua is now a top destination for families and retirees too. It’s shed the image of a rough and troubled past, to become the second safest country in Central America (stated by the United Nations), and arguably one of the best bets amongst other inexpensive tropical havens. We’ll go through our 7 best destinations in Nicaragua of the moment below.

Nicaragua is a country of natural beauty and exceptionally warm people to match it’s warm climate. Despite getting more and more international attention, Nica is still managing to avoid hordes of tourists, instead attracting a different type of traveler. One that enjoys wandering off the beaten path, and connecting with nature and locals alike. And opportunities and deals abound in both real estate and business. It’s tough to pick the best destinations in Nicaragua, as they are plentiful.



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