Costa Rica Vacation - The Best of Costa Rica Travel HD

Costa Rica Vacation - The Best of Costa Rica Travel HD

COSTA RICA Promo Official Trailer. Click Here for Costa Rica:
This video highlights the best of Costa Rica Travel. It is our first Official Costa Rica Promo Trailer to show you the best of what Costa Rican Vacations can offer. Filing took place during 2012/13 around the whole country. Costa Rica is rich with wildlife and adventure and offers something for everyone. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Directed. Produced & Edited by Adam Baker.

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Many thanks to our partners at Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality and Stay in Costa Rica at Los Sueños Resort for supplying some video material.



Costa Rica Vacations
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Costa Rica Travel Guide Vlog (HD)

Costa Rica Travel Guide, Tourism and Vacations Costa Rica 2016 - Costa Rica Trip
Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide

Costa Rica Vacations travel guide (HD)

Costa Rica Vacations, Costa Rica Tourism, Costa Rica travel guide, Costa Rica Trip
Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide

Panama and Costa Rica trip (HD)

Amazing trip to Panama and Costa Rica - Panama and Costa Rica tourism & Vacations
Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide
Panama is a country in Central America with coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, with Colombia (and South America) to the southeast and Costa Rica (and North America) to the northwest. It's strategically located on the isthmus that forms the land bridge connecting North and South America and controls the Panama Canal that links the North Atlantic Ocean via the Caribbean Sea with the North Pacific Ocean, one of the most important shipping routes in the world.

Costa Rica (Spanish: Costa Rica or República de Costa Rica, pronounced [reˈpuβlika ðe ˈkosta ˈrika]) is a small country in Central America bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east.

Discover Costa Rica - HD Travel Experience

Discover Costa Rica today with our free Travel Guide:

Costa Rica is wonderful, unique travel experience just waiting to happen. With a rich array of diversity from its beaches & rainforests to it's warm friendly people and abundant wildlife, there is something for everyone in this gem of Central America.
Costa Rica hotels, Costa Rica resorts and Costa Rican tours are just a click away!
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Produced & Directed by Adam Baker

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A special thanks to everyone involved on creating great material for this video.
Including the JW Marriott Resort which you can check out here:
as well as staff memebers at Costa Rican Vacations, Carolina Bello & Cindy Retana.

Costa Rican Vacations is part of the Namu Travel Group.

Costa Rica Tourism & Vacations (Full Video HD)

Costa Rica Tourism 2017, Costa Rica Travel, Costa Rica Vacations, Costa Rica trip 2017
Travel Vlog 4K

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east.

Cities in Costa Rica
1 - San José - The capital.
2 - Cartago - Costa Rica's first capital
3 - Dominical - the South Pacific coast's largest city, among incredibly biodiversity and natural beauty
5 - Alajuela - location of Juan Santamaría International Airport
6 - Heredia - Coffee plantations
7 - Liberia - Location of Daniel Oduber International Airport and gateway to the beaches of Guanacaste, such as Samara, Nosara, Carillo
8 - Puerto Limón - Main city on the Caribbean side
9 - Puntarenas - Ferry to Nicoya Peninsula
10 - Quesada - the largest city by far in the country's North, surrounded by hot springs popular with Costa Rican vacationers

Destinations in Costa Rica
1 - Cahuita National Park
2 - Chirripo National Park
3 - Cocos Island National Park
4 - Corcovado National Park
5 - Arenal Volcano - active volcano
6 - Manuel Antonio National Park
7 - Monteverde and Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserves
8 - Pacuare River and Protected Zone
9 - Rincón de la Vieja Volcano National Park

See in Costa Rica
(( Wildlife )) - Costa Rica is world famous for having an incredibly high level of biodiversity throughout its tropical forests (this covers what you may hear referred to as rain forests, cloud forests, and dry forests). There are tropical mammals such as monkeys, sloths, tapirs, and wild cats as well as an amazing assortment of insects and other animals. There are many many birds (both migratory and resident) - more on that below. With 25% of the country being national parks and protected areas, there are still many places you can go to see the abundant wildlife and lush vegetation of the country. Just like anywhere, the farther you get off the beaten path, the more likely you are to see a wide variety of flora and fauna.

(( Bird Watching )) - One of the most wonderful activities for people who love nature is bird watching. You can enjoy bird watching in many areas of Costa Rica. Due to the great diversity of climates, temperatures and forest types in Costa Rica, there is a wonderful variety of birds, with over 800 species. Some helpful books available on bird watching are Birds of Costa Rica by F. Gary Stiles and Alexander Skutch (Cornell University Press) or An Illustrated Field Guide to Birds of Costa Rica, illustrated by Victor Esquivel Soto. These books can be found at certain bookstores in San José or before coming to Costa Rica. They are both heavy books; many people tear out the plates of the Stiles & Skutch book to carry into the field and leave the rest of the book in their car or room. Plastic cards with the most common birds are available for many areas and are sold at gift shops.

(( Volcanoes )) -Costa Rica is one of the most seismologicly active countries in the western hemisphere, and as a result several volcanoes have sprouted over the years- most notably volcanoes Poas, Irazu, and Arenal.

Travel to - Costa Rica

This film is a selection of memories during 3 weeks into the wild of Costa Rica in 2016. We crossed the country from north to south and east to west my girl and I. We found lots of wonderful little places along the trip, meeting friendly people and live an unique experience in the middle of wildlife.
Costa Rica is probably one of the best place for nature lovers. We will return.

See it in 4K :)

More pictures on my Instagram:

Filmed & edited by Antoine Janssens

Music by A Thousand Years - David A. Molina

Top Costa Rica Travel Tips - Essential for your Costa Rica Vacation

The Top 7 Costa Rica Travel Tips is the focus of this Frog TV video. These are the top questions we get asked all the time by our clients before booking a vacation to Costa Rica. So Adam Baker answers them for you right here! Check it out & if you have some MORE questions you would like answering please post them int he comments box below!

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Costa Rica Vacations
Calle 70 San Jose 10109
Costa Rica

Tel: + 1 800 606 1860

Top 10 Places To Visit in Costa Rica | Costa Rica Vacation - The Best of Costa Rica Travel HD

Top 10 Places To Visit in Costa Rica | Costa Rica Vacation - The Best of Costa Rica Travel HD

1. Tamarindo

Tamarindo is a city and place of the Santa Cruz canton, arranged on the Nicoya Peninsula at the Northern Pacific bank of Costa Rica in the Province of Guanacaste. The locale has a populace of 6,375. Wikipedia

2. San Jose

San Jose, Costa Rica's capital, sits inside the essential Valley area with the Talamanca Mountains towards the south and volcanoes toward the north. The city is perceived by utilizing its Spanish commonplace structures, much the same as the troublesome, neoclassical countrywide Theater of Costa Rica dismissing
downtown's Plaza de la Cultura, an outstanding social event spot. under the court, the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum demonstrates various shining trinkets

3. Chirripo countrywide Park

Chirripó countrywide Park is a countrywide thwart of Costa Rica, wrapping parts of 3 regions: San José, Limón and Cartago. It get to be set up in 1975. Wikipedia
address: San José Province, Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica

4. Rincon de l. a. Vieja

included by method for the fabulous Guanacaste Mountain run, the Rincon de la Vieja sediment spring of spouting magma sits inside the middle of 34,800 segments of place where there is national stop territory. The range around Rincon de l. a. Vieja is alterable with geothermal movement. ... The Rincon de los angeles Vieja nation wide Park entrance at Santa Maria Officer.

5. Corcovado countrywide Park

Corcovado nation wide Park is a keep up on southwest Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula that secures varied tropical conditions. considered one of the division's greatest biodiverse districts, its normal life conveys purple macaws, ungulates, jaguars and squirrel monkeys. mountaineering trails take after waterfront and inland aides through regions reaching out from Pacific shores and mangrove bogs to overwhelm and montane rainforests.
address: Los Patos Sirena way, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica

6. Tortuguero countrywide Park

Parque Nacional Tortuguero is a secured wild region on Costa Rica's northern Caribbean float. Its shores are famend settling grounds for sea turtles, comprising of risked unpracticed turtles. The distraction focus' freshwater streams and lagoons, which might be investigated by utilizing watercraft or kayak, secure spectacled caimans and dissemination turtles. the circling thick rainforest is moreover well off with untamed ways of life, from monkeys to many winged animal species.
adapt to: Limón Province, Pococí, Costa Rica

7. Playa Jaco

Ocean Ranch Park, Jaco: Hours, address, Adrenaline and serious journey audits. ... this is a 850 Acre extraordinary interest Eco travel Park We give in one... ... Jaco Horseback Zipline and Rappel blend outing.

8. Manuel Antonio national Park

Manuel Antonio nation wide Park, on Costa Rica's central Pacific float, joins extreme rainforest, white-sand shores and coral reefs.
it is famous for its incalculable contrasts of tropical greenery and regular ways of life, from three-toed sloths and risked white-confronted capuchin monkeys to a few winged animal types. The leisure activity focus' around 680 hectares are crossed with climbing trails, which meander from the skim up into the mountains.
manage: Puntarenas Province, Cantón de Aguirre, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

9. Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano is an element andesitic stratovolcano in north-western Costa Rica cycle ninety km northwest of San José, in the domain of Alajuela, canton of San Carlos, and area of los angeles Fortuna. Wikipedia

10. Monteverde Cloud backwoods Reserve

The Monteverde Cloud backwoods Reserve is a Costa Rican shop arranged close by the Cordillera de Tilarán inside the Puntarenas and Alajuela regions. Wikipedia
manage: Carretera a Reserva de Monteverde, Provincia de Puntarenas, Monte Verde, Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Nature Highlights (HD Audio) - Anywhere Costa Rica Travels

In some circles, Costa Rica is synonymous with nature. After watching this video you'll understand why.

Costa Rica is approximately the size of West Virginia. Incredibly, this small Central American country hosts around 5 percent of the planet's total biodiversity. This is largely due to the presence of tropical rainforests. Costa Rica's rainforests contain an incredible assortment of creatures—everything from spider monkeys to sloths to toucans can be found here. The plants are equally impressive and include orchids and walking trees.

Costa Rica's landscapes are as beautiful as they are diverse. Bordering both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica has over 800 miles (1,290 km) of coastline. Both black and white sand beaches are represented and there are healthy coral reefs offshore. Costa Rica also has mountainous regions scattered with volcanoes, rivers, and waterfalls. Needless to say, the hiking here is fantastic.

One of the best ways to experience the outdoors in Costa Rica is with a naturalist guide. These guides know the best parks and trails and happily lead travelers through them. They'll teach you about what you're seeing or hearing (or even smelling) and help you to spot creatures.

Want to learn more about nature in Costa Rica? Please visit the following page: To search for nature vacations, click here:

Costa Rica Vacation, Travel, Tourism HD

Costa Rica Vacation, Travel Guide, Tourism, Tours HD
World Travel
Costa Rica Tours HD
Watch our video of travelers discovering Costa Rican Treasures: Coast to Coast and experience this nation's captivating beauty, as well as the famous hospitality of the Ticos, its welcoming people:

Get to know locals at a Home-Hosted meal
Be entertained by village schoolchildren
Explore vibrant flora and fauna

From powerful volcanoes to black-sand beaches, from tropical dry forests to mangrove jungles, you'll encounter many natural wonders on this guided tour of Costa Rica, one of the most biologically diverse nations on Earth. You'll also experience the warmth of Costa Ricans, a welcoming people committed to preserving the natural beauty of their beloved country. This itinerary provides a journey into this fascinating culture at a pace that allows you to relax and explore in-depth. Enjoy a stay in the scenic Central Pacific region, as well as a mangrove cruise in Guacalillo that brings you up close to Costa Rica's wildlife, and visits to local artisans crafting Costa Rica's iconic oxcarts, and pottery based on a 5,000-year-old tradition.
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Costa Rica (Central-America) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Costa Rica.
Costa Rica is a fascinating country in Central America bordered by Nicaragua and Panama, a natural paradise between the Caribbean and the Pacific.Located at more than a thousand metres above sea level, San José, Costa Rica’s capital city, not only boasts an idyllic location in the heart of Central America’s coffee country, but also an enviable climate. The extent to which Costa Rica joins with European tradition can be seen in the Teatro Nacional. The coffee barons, to whom the glorious development of San José is owed, created taxes for the export of coffee beans and thus funded the construction of the magnificent building. In a fertile mountain valley at the foot of a volcano, is Turrialba, a town that radiates a serene calm but once was an important station on the route of the Jungle Train from San José to the Atlantic coast. The crater of the Poas Volcano is surrounded by the dense green of a rainforest and overlooks the north western Meseta Central. Although it is one of the country’s most active volcanoes, it is the most visited, as visitors can go by car almost to the edge of the crater. The Rain Forest Aerial Tram is Costa Rica’s most popular tourist attraction, a ride on an open gondola through the jungle. A journey of discovery amid a canopy of trees, hovering at treetop level through the solitude of nature. Fascinating nature, joie de vivre and colonial history are omnipresent on this land bridge between North and South America, Costa Rica is surely one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica Tours (HD)

Manuel Antonio National Park - Costa Rica Tourism (HD)
Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide
Located 120 miles (192 km) from San Jose on the Pacific coast, Manuel Antonio National Park is internationally recognized as being one of the most biodiverse parks on the planet. Lush tropical forests, lagoons, mangroves and pristine white sandy beaches make up one of the most diverse ecosystems imaginable. Among the 109 species of mammals and 184 species of birds, some of the frequently viewed residents include white-faced and howler monkeys, two and three toed sloths and iguanas. The endangered squirrel monkey calls the park home as well.

The park contains a great system of well marked trails to allow visitors to explore (maps may be purchased at the park entrance). The four beaches in the park, Espadilla Sur, Manuel Antonio, Escondito and Playita, are some of the best in the country. Espadilla Sur and Manuel Antonio offer very good snorkeling when the water is clear, which is best during the dry season. At 236 feet (72 m) high, Cathedral Point lies between Playa Espadilla Sur and Playa Manuel Antonio. It is connected to the mainland by a narrow land bridge and if you&re up for the hike, provides a memorable view. Playa Manuel Antonio offers a glimpse into the past with pre-Columbian turtle traps made of stone. Surfing, swimming or just relaxing under the sun are favorite activities for park goers.

Manuel Antonio National Park is open Tuesday through Sunday from 7:30 am to 4 pm. Regulations have been in effect to limit the amount of visitors to 600 on weekdays and 800 on weekends and holidays. To avoid large crowds, early morning from May to November may be the best time to experience the park. Peak months are from December to April. The entrance fee is $6 and free for children 12 and under. Petty theft is common around the park so be sure not to leave your possessions unguarded.

Landscape in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica
The park is 682.7 Hectares in size; partly land, partly sea and mostly known for its beautiful beaches and wildlife. It is Costa Rica's smallest park. There are four primary beaches in Manuel Antonio: Espadilla Sur, Manuel Antonio, Escondido and Playita. This national park is located on the pacific coast of Costa Rica in the province of Puntarenas.

Flora and fauna
In the park there is a lot of wildlife to be seen: Squirrel monkeys, white-faced monkeys, sloths, iguanas, crabs, toucans, bats, birds and golden orb spiders.

Please do not feed the monkeys As tempting as it may seem and even if others are doing it, please do not feed the monkeys. The reasons to avoid this are endless and doing so contributes to the endangerment of the animals in and around the park. Do not feed any of the wild anaimals. They are devloping a tatse for Human food and will steal your lunch. You will be thrown out. The signs warning you of this are in English.

See in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica
The beach. The prettiest beach is the furthest from the park entrance by the cul-de-sac. You enter the park and walk past two beachs in the natational park untill you make the turn to the left. It is a white sand beach about ½ mile in length, in a small crescent. The beach is about 40 feet from the jungle to the water. The waves are gentle and the current is not strong. The beach itself is free of trash and litter, as are most beaches in CR. There is no life guard.

Outside the National park there is another beach, which you will pass on the way to the National park, it is free to enter. One this beach one can rent chairs, surf and boogie boards, and purchase a massage. The waves are siginificantly larger. There is no life guard. There are no life guards at these beachs and one swims at their own risk. There are no marker bouys signling how far it is safe for one to go. There is not a dangerous current, as of summer 2007, at Manuel Antonio, but any person should familarize them selves with how to swim out of a rip current when going to a new beach that has no life guard.

Do in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica
1 - Hiking in the national park. There are 4 short trails in the park (1-3 km). You can do the most common one with a guide and then once your tour is over, take time to follow one of the other trails, and also go swim.

2 - Wildlife watching with guide. $20 per person.

3 - Fishing Best place in the world to bend a rod. Huge sailfish and Marlin caught nearly every trip.

4 - Relax at the beautiful beaches inside the park. Water is normally clear-blue in color.

The Best Resorts in Costa Rica - Top 5

Our Top 5 Resorts in Costa Rica are here!
Looking for the best idea on Costa Rica resorts well these are 5 of the very best. Covering different areas of the country there really is something for everyone! So sit back, relax and see which one suits you best! Are you a beach bum, or a Volcano 'venture!?

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Costa Rica Vacations
Calle 70 San Jose 10109
Costa Rica

Tel: + 1 800 606 1860

Costa Rica Travel - Green Season 2015 HD

For SAVINGS to Costa Rica this Green Season click here:
Every shot in this Costa Rica Travel video was filmed during the Green Season here in Costa Rica from August to November.
It's one of the BEST times of year to travel if you want great Special Offers, exciting wildlife, lush countryside and fewer people on the beaches!
To See our SPECIAL OFFERS click here:

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Costa Rica Vacations
Calle 70 San Jose 10109
Costa Rica

Tel: + 1 800 606 1860

Backpackers travel video - Costa Rica HD

This video presents the Costa Rica the sight of backpackers, here's all the places we have been during our 3 weeks trip:

- San-Jose
- Arenal ( 18$/guest
- Playa Grande ( 18$/guest
- Tamarindo
- Montezuma ( 20$/guest
- Manuel Antonio ( 30$/guest
- Uvita ( 12$/guest
- Piedras Blancas - Tree Houses ( 60$/guest
- San Isidro ( 35$/guest
- Puerto Viejo (Puerto Viejo backpackers) 20$/guest

Total cost : About 100$ per day.

Filmed with a canon T2i Tamron 24-70 F2.8, canon 50mm 1.8 et Gopro Hero 3 black edition.
Edited in FCPX and after effects.

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La Fortuna - Arenal Volcano - Costa Rica (HD)

La Fortuna - Arenal Volcano Costa Rica (HD) Tourism & Vacation
Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide
La Fortuna is a rural city located in San Carlos, in the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica.

La Fortuna received its name after the eruption of the Arenal Volcano in 1968. La Fortuna was originally called El Borio before the day of the eruption. In 1968, the Arenal Volcano erupted to the west, killing all in its path, including two villages. El Borio (La Fortuna) was located on the east side of the volcano and was untouched. After the eruption of the volcano, El Borio was renamed La Fortuna, which means the fortunate, referring to the towns luckiness during the eruption.

La Fortuna has the airport which is nearest to the Arenal Volcano, though many visitors also arrive via automobile, to the resorts and hotels in La Fortuna, Castillo, Palma, Monteverde, or Tilaran. Arenal is often cited by scientists as being in the top ten or top 20 of the world's most active volcanoes.[1] La Fortuna is less than 10 km from the peak of Arenal and less than 20 km from the entrance to Arenal Volcano National Park (the entrance is west of the peak, whereas La Fortuna is east of the peak).

Other than the volcano, La Fortuna has tourist attractions such as the La Catarata de la Fortuna, a waterfall that falls from a height of 70 meters, several resorts with natural hot springs temperate enough to bathe in, other day spa services, and day-trips which involve horseback riding, whitewater rafting, hanging bridges, a sky tram, zip-lines, mountain bike, kayak, stand-up paddleboard, and ATV or dirt bike rentals, butterfly farm and Venado Cavern tours, bungee jumping, Laguna Cedeno, El Salto Swimming Hole, and canyoneering.

La Fortuna has a medic station but serious injuries require a medivac (or long travel on roadways), a police station (and another is on the way to El Tapon), gas station, 3 banks, 3 groceries, restaurants (in addition to those in the resorts), post office, and hardware store.

See in La Fortuna - Arenal Volcano Costa Rica
Arenal Volcano The photos at right are views from the village of El Castillo, on the southwest side of the Volcano, about 25 km west of La Fortuna and about 4km up the road from the Arenal National Park entrance. Additionally, there are great views of Lake Arenal and the Monteverde Cloud Forest from road up above El Castillo. In the evening hopefully you will see lava eruptions that can be quite spectacular set against the black night sky, but often it may be too cloudy to see the magnificent lava flows. Tours to the National Park usually start out in the early afternoon and include walking for about an hour through lava rocks before reaching El Mirador, the best place to view the eruption of the volcano. There are also possibilities of skipping the lava rock walking and go straight to El Mirador. Most tours state that they will stay for a hour/hour and half at this place, but if there is nothing to be seen probably a lot less. Also be aware that it might be chilly, so bring a jacket. The tours come in a variety of options: with buffet dinner and entrance to the Tabacon hot spa $64, with entrance to Baldi hot spa $30, just the tour $25. There is also a possibility of a no frills tour by mini-bus to El Mirador and back to Fortuna for $10.

Fortuna waterfall by horse $25. Stone steps lead to the bottom. Take a swimsuit for the pool in the lovely stream below. The entrance is accessible by road, so a cab works fine too. The entrance to the waterfall is about $10 and the ticket booth closes at 5pm. However, once you pay to go in, you are free to stay as long as you'd like. It's about a 10 minute hike down to the waterfall and 20 minutes back up.

Lake Arenal, is just west of the Arenal Volcano and can be seen as you drive over the dam on the main highway to Tilaran. Much better views of the lake and volcano can be seen from the hills above the village of El Castillo, which is located 9 km from the main highway on the Arenal National Park road. Activities on lake include boat tours, fishing, kayaking, and wind surfing.

Discover Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of most highly valued tourist destinations in this planet. This small piece of land includes all of the necessary components to satisfy the taste of thousands of travelers visiting each year. Costa Rica's territorial division includes 7 provinces, which are: San José, Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Guanacaste, Puntarenas, and Limón. Together they offer an attractive tourist destination, of almost limitless possibilities, that include extensive rainforests, volcanoes, rivers traveling through the mountains, beaches and natural resources safeguarded by an important organization of national parks and forest reserves.

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Costa Rica Vlog - The ultimate rainforest adventure! Arenal & Turtuguero

My Costa Rica Travel Guide - Vlog Style

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Costa Rica Vacations: When it comes to creating distinctive travel experiences around the world, our Virtuoso Travel Agency always think outside the box. We are recommended by the Discovery Travel Channel, NBC TV. Save up to 60% by booking your Costa Rica vacation with us now. Watch our Costa Rica videos in full screen HD.


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