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Costa Rica Travel Advice 2 - Must-See Places, Currency and Money


Costa Rica Travel Advice 2 - Must-See Places, Currency and Money

Free Costa Rica Travel Advice: Making travel to Costa Rica easy by answering all the hard questions for you. Destinations, Budgets, Visas, Personal Travel Tips and so much more.

In this episode: Top 3 places to visit, Local currency/money exchange.

10 Things You Should Know About Costa Rica — Costa Rica Travel Tips 2018

You might think you know Costa Rica, but do you really? Here's my list of 10 things you need to know before traveling to Costa Rica!

10 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Costa Rica:

1. 0:34 Pura Vida
2. 1:34 Currencies
3. 2:28 Wake Up Early
4. 3:13 Tipping (??)
5. 4:11 Sunscreen
6. 4:41 Tap Water
7. 5:23 Visa Requirements
8. 7:07 Cost of Living
9. 7:59 Internet Speed
10. 8:44 Healthcare

Along the way I also share other useful tips such as explaining what Tico means, and what's the real deal with the ongoing flight requirement for travellers to Costa Rica? If you've ever wondered about any of this, you won't want to miss this one!

As always, I'm Dan from The New Travel. Thanks for watching!


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WHY I MOVED TO COSTA RICA (it's not what you think)


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Money in Costa Rica - Colones & Dollars

What Money Do They Use in Costa Rica? What's The Best Way to Exchange Money in Costa Rica? Where Can I Get Money in Costa Rica? Well, in this video we discuss money in Costa Rica. The currency is called the Colon or Colones in multiples. You can pay in US Dollars in many places in Costa Rica. Watch and Learn More about Visiting Costa Rica.

Filmed in La Fortuna, Costa Rica
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Travel Tip to SAVE Your Life in Costa Rica

We are a full service travel agency with tons of info Hey guys, BAD things can happen in Costa Rica, no doubt. Just like about anywhere else on the planet. But if you could just remember what you already know when you travel around Costa Rica, it just might save your life. Here's a reminder.

Top 9 Costa Rica Travel Tips - Know Before You Go!

To see ALL our Top Costa Rica Travel Tips click here:

Our latest 9 Top Costa Rica Travel tips come directly from the experts themselves (and our COO - can you spot him?) at the Costa Rican Vacations office party!These are some key travel tips for Costa Rica to make the most out of your Costa Rica experience.
If you have more questions you would like answering please post them in the comments box below! Or ASK RODO in our travel guide!



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Costa Rica Travel- The MONEY options

Traveling to Costa Rica, then find out the your best money option. Which is better- atm's, travelers checks, credit cards, or cash? Find the answers HERE!

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Things to know before visiting Costa Rica

Things to know before visiting Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been a popular destination for quite some time especially considering that it is so close to the United States. The initial boom occurred in the 90's when expats decided to start relocating to the Central American country in order to move away from the high priced USA.

This has caused one of the things to know before visiting Costa Rica and that its not that cheap to visit anymore. The country is overrun with American food chains in the big cities and most of the times in San Jose and other large cities you are going find yourself eating at one of the many restaurants you eat at in the USA.

Another one of the important things to know before visiting Costa Rica is that you will most likely rent a car in order to see all of the popular tourist destinations. The beaches on the Pacific Side are most of the nice ones in the Northern part of the country and the Volcano, Arenal, which most people visit is in the interior.

The infrastructure is decent in the country although it can't compare to that of the United States or even Europe as most of the roads in the mountains to get to the places you need to are still only two lane roads. One thing that falls under what to know before visiting Costa Rica is there will be an authorization on your card worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

It is important to note that when you do rent a car the insurance against others is required where in most other countries it is optional. You will want to purchase this coverage for others via your online booking engine or even a third party since most of the coverage that you get with your credit card or even the car company doesn't cover third parties.

Those are some of the things to know before visiting Costa Rica. Check out the video if you want to know more!


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Things to know before visiting Costa Rica

20 Things NOT To Do in Costa Rica - Part 2

Get more Tips here!
Here are 20 Things NOT To Do in Costa Rica - Part 2!
Number 6. Don't Fall For Parking Lot Scams
As you approach the parking area, an official-looking attendant will approach your car and tell you that the lot is full, directing you to an alternative (more expensive) place. Check for yourself that the main lot is full before falling for this.

7. Don't Go Near the Ants
Costa Rica's various ant species aren't going to kill you, but their burning pain might just make you want to die. Home to creepy crawlies like fire ants, leaf-cutter ants and bullet ants, they're fascinating to watch but don't get too close!

8. Don't Be Lax About Volcano Alerts
Costa Rica has 67 volcanoes! Most of them are dormant but there are several active ones that could conceivably blow at any time! Volcanic activity is monitored, so pay attention if there are warnings.

9. Don't Touch the Tiny Frogs
When wandering the rainforest you may see some of these cute and colorful frogs with elaborate designs They may look like super cute rubber toys but some have enough venom to kill ten grown men!

10. Don't Take an Unofficial Taxi
Only take official government licensed red taxis with the yellow triangle. At the airport, only the orange taxis are authorized to pick you up. Avoid taking unregulated unofficial Pirate taxis, as they often ripoff unsuspecting tourists.

Find out more things NOT to do in Costa Rica, in part 3!

Manuel Antonio National Park Travel Guide (+ tips for visiting Costa Rica!)

Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica, and with good reason. Where else can you see monkeys hoping from tree to tree, sloths hanging around, and beautiful pristine beaches just a stone's throw away? This Parque Nacional is a must visit for anyone in Manuel Antonio.

With this video I take you on our journey to the park, and give as many tips as I can while we are there.

Manuel Antonio National Park Travel Guide:

1. 0.01 Intro
2. 0:42 How to Get to Manuel Antonio National Park
3. 2:05 Should I book a tour guide?
4. 2:31 How to Buy Tickets
5. 3:26 Sloths
6. 4:28 Monkeys
7. 5:48 The Beach (inside Manuel Antonio National Park)
8. 8:22 The Secret Beach
9. 9:44 (BONUS!) The Secret of Life

As always, I'm Dan from The New Travel. Thanks for watching!


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As always, I'm Dan from The New Travel. Thanks for watching!

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20 Things NOT To Do in Costa Rica - Part 4

Get more Tips here!
Here are 20 Things NOT To Do in Costa Rica - Part 4!

16. Don't Forget Departure Tax
Unlike many countries, you will need to get a special exit visa upon leaving the country! $29 USD. American, US Airways and Copa have recently added this to the ticket price, but most others will have to join the lengthy line at the airport to take care of this pesky fee.

17. Don't Neglect Beach Safety
Costa Rica is famous for its wonderful sandy beaches, but many of them have high surfs or riptides, causing locals and tourists alike to drown every year, and there are rarely any warning signs.

18. Don't Buy Souvenirs at the Airport
Shops in the San Jose and Liberia airports are extremely overpriced, and the souvenirs are clichéd and unexciting anyway. To get more authentic items, consider bartering at local markets when doing your souvenir shopping.

19. Don't Forget to Learn Some Basic Spanish
English is not widely spoken in Costa Rica, particularly if you're going off the beaten path away from touristy zones. The local ticos are generally friendly and won't mind helping you practice your Spanish attempts.

20. Don't Rely on Travelers Checks
Travelers checks are becoming increasingly difficult to use around the world, and Costa Rica is no exception. They are not widely accepted, even in touristy areas, so you'll need to withdraw or change your money while you're there.

Now you know what NOT to do you can enjoy this bountiful paradise. ¡Pura Vida!

Where do you want to know what NOT to do in next?
Comment Below!

10 Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica - Costa Rica Travel Guide

Costa Rica Travel Guide and Tips: Here are the Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica and Tourist Attractions in Costa Rica.

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10. Tamarindo
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9. Chirripo National Park
8. Jaco
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7. San Jose
6. Rincon de la Vieja National Park
Geo Thermal:
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5. Corcovado National Park
Christian Haugen:
Christian Haugen:
4. Tortuguero National Park
Global Water Forum:
3. Arenal Volcano National Park
Ralph Kränzlein:
Luis Bujan:
2. Manuel Antonio National Park
Martin Garrido:
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1. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
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Cheap Ways to Vacation in Costa Rica

What are some cheap ways to vacation in Costa Rica?

Oh, I love that country! I have been there a few times myself, and pick up a few new tips each time I go.

Share them with me. I understand that you cannot save a ton on flights, but I want to enjoy myself without going to into tons of money to do it.

You really have to watch out for being nickled and dimed to death while you are there. Well, techinically they are Colones, but you get what I mean.

Of course, how can I avoid it?

For one, the alcohol is expensive. Don't expect bargain prices in this department. If you are looking to go there to party and get drunk you will end up paying top dollar for it.

That tip was quite sobering. I will keep that in mind and keep my alcohol consumption to a minimum.

Avoid the tourist restaurants. Their prices are jacked up. Look to see where the locals are eating and go there. You will pay half the price and get just as good of food, if not better.

What about hotels? Can I stay somewhere nice without paying too much?

You can stay in dorms for a lot less than you could a hotel. They have dorms all over the place and they are really inexpensive.

What about bottled water? I heard you should never drink the water in Central America.

That is a myth. The water in Costa Rica is completely safe. Save your money and drink the local tap water.

Any other tips?

Yes, take a train or a bus instead of a taxi when ever possible. A taxi is the most expensive way to travel around from place to place.

Thank you! I know that Costa Rica is the most expensive Central American country, but you actually make it sound doable on my budget.

While it is more expensive compared to the surrounding countries, it is still far cheaper than any European vacation you could ever go on.

Top Costa Rica Travel Tips - Essential for your Costa Rica Vacation

The Top 7 Costa Rica Travel Tips is the focus of this Frog TV video. These are the top questions we get asked all the time by our clients before booking a vacation to Costa Rica. So Adam Baker answers them for you right here! Check it out & if you have some MORE questions you would like answering please post them int he comments box below!

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Costa Rica `s most beautiful places

More at The most beautiful places in Costa Rica, from Volcanoes, Rainforests, National Parks and Beaches... you will find it all in Costa Rica. Fantastic beaches like Manuel Antonio, Volcanoes like Arenal and Rincon de la Vieja, National Parks and Rainforests like Tortuguero and Corcovado in the Osa Peninsula.

Exchange rate in Costa Rica

If you plan on traveling around Costa Rica you should be familiar with the money used here- and there's a LOT of it. Check out this video to clear things up.

Currency in Costa Rica is called the 'Colon'. It was named after Christopher Columbus, and was introduced as the official currency in 1896, replacing the money used in Costa Rica before (the peso). The correct plural pronunciation is Colones. The colon comes in bills denominated in the following amounts: 10,000, 5,000, 2,000, and 1,000 colones. The coins are denominated in 500, 100, 50, 20, 10, and 5 colones. Recently, the central bank has printed gold coins in all the same denominations mentioned above, however, several of them are smaller than those presently in circulation, and therefore, do not work in any of the public machines, i.e. telephones, etc.
In Costa Rica, monetary units are very close to the countrys history and cultural facts, for example, bills have a different picture of an important character throughout Costa Ricas history:
• 1000 colones bill honors Tomas Soley, an important politician once minister of commerce in Costa Rica.
• 5000 colones bill commemorates Costa Ricas ecological resources by an impressive picture of a Tucan in its natural environment
• 10 000 colones bill portraits Emma Gamboa an important teacher of Costa Rica.
Some of the currencies of Costa Rica have slang nicknames every Tico uses to refer to them:
• Tejas is 100-colones
• Cinco tejas for 500 colónes
• Un Rojo is 1,000 colones
• Un Tucan is 5,000 colones
In Costa Rica, exchanges rates change daily. Please make sure you are aware of the current exchange rate if you decide to use dollars in your transactions while in Costa Rica, that way you can avoid getting a fake rate and lose your money.
Do not exchange your U.S. money for Costa Rican currency in the U.S. before leaving. The U.S. dollar can easily be exchanged here at a better rate. Currency from other countries can only be exchanged at the central bank in San José, and is a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong process.

For more helpful travel information on Costa Rica make sure you check out our website and our blog.

Our Travel Tip Website-

michael alan's blog -

Our pictures from around Costa Rica -

Our Gay Travel Tip Webpage -

michael alan's gay blog -

Lots more travel tips on video by us -


Costa Rica Travel Advice 3 - Costa Rica cost of Living, Food, Security

Free Costa Rica Travel Advice: Making travel to Costa Rica easy by answering all the hard questions for you. Destinations, Budgets, Visas, Personal Travel Tips and so much more.

Planning a trip to Costa Rica? Do you have questions about the country, travel and culture? Watch our new series to hear travel advice from Jorge and Stephanie Morera of Pura Vida House, and learn what you want to know about travel in Costa Rica, and specifically, Guanacaste province. Visit us down there at Pura Vida House.

In this episode: What is typical Costa Rican food like? Is Costa Rica safe? How can I not be taken advantage of as a tourist?

All Inclusive Vacation to Costa Rica - The Pros & Cons

All Inclusive Vacation to Costa Rica - The Pros & Cons looks at all you need to know before you travel so you make the best choice!
For a Free Quote start planning here:

It's important to know the best spots to make sure you choose the vacation style that is right for you! We ask our local experts about Costa Rica's All-Inclsuive Resorts to understand the pros & cons.

Filmed on site at The Westin Playa Conchal Resort & Spa
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Presented by Adam Baker


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Costa Rican Currency

The Costa Rican unit of currency is the colón. Named after Christopher Columbus, the first European to visit Costa Rica, the colón has a value that fluctuates between 500-550 colónes per 1 US dollar. The cost of travel in Costa Rica is higher than other countries in Central America, but is still significantly cheaper than the U.S. or Europe.

Travelling costs largely depend on your preferences. Budget travelers can get by with $30 to $40 a day, while midrange travelers typically spend around $50 to $100 each day. There are all sorts of upscale hotels and fancy restaurants available for higher-end travelers too.

Money can be withdrawn from ATMs, which are widely available in Costa Rica. Some banks do, however, charge a fee for using an ATM abroad, so check with your bank before traveling. Credit cards are widely accepted at midrange and upscale hotels and restaurants. Some hotels accept travelers checks for payment, but many do not.

There is a 13% tax on all purchases in Costa Rica, including souvenirs, food, and hotels. Hotels add an additional 3% tourist surcharge and most restaurants include a 10% gratuity fee. You are not obligated to tip on top of this, but it's good practice to do so.

If you want to learn more about money in Costa Rica, please visit this page:

Learn more about Costa Rica:

Costa Rica Travel Guide Vlog (HD)

Costa Rica Travel Guide, Tourism and Vacations Costa Rica 2016 - Costa Rica Trip
Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide

San Jose Costa Rica day trip travel tips

Thank you for watching, fellow primate !
I recently had a short business trip to San Jose, Costa Rica which gave me a mere four hours to do some sightseeing.
What is there to see and do in San Jose ?
First hire a taxi driver for the day, or for the going rate of approximately $15 per hour (like I did).
Then I visited the National Theater, the Jade museum, and the Gold museum in four quick hours, with plenty of sights still unseen like the nearby volcanoes and rain forests.
Every admission fee at these sights was about $10 (US) and closed at about 5 PM.
Next time, guys !
I'm grateful for every view, comment, subscription, and share.



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