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6 9 18, ITS A BOY 003


6 9 18, ITS A BOY 003

6 9 18, ITS A BOY 007


6 9 18, ITS A BOY 013

6 9 18, ITS A BOY 004


6 9 18, ITS A BOY 009

6 9 18, ITS A BOY 011


6 9 18, ITS A BOY 001

6 9 18, ITS A BOY 014

karuppar vijayam 2016

karuppar vamsam vijayam 2016

vlog#5 Jonaxx Davao BS 2018

songs/beats used
MBB - Feel Good
Ikson - Bliss

Sorry for the messy vlog. Sorry also I don't talk much, I really feel so awkward talking in front of the camera. Maybe I'll get better at this in time. lul

Disclaimer for the event/BS: JSL Admins did not organize this event. If you have questions or you need anything from it, please contact the organizer - F&A bookshop. I am not in any way affiliated with them. The JSL Admins are not, too. Thank you!

For those who are asking what camera I use, for underwater GoPro Hero 4. For vids like these it's DJI Osmo. :)

PS. I reuploaded this because there's a minor glitch on the first upload. :)

If you're a foodie, You need to watch this right now!

Welcome back to another vlog guys. I'm here in New Bedford of MA and trying out the local joints here. I came across this place called the Brazilian Grill, let me tell you that they have a super crazy concept of food, a huge spread and 16 different types of meat which are unlimited on your plate! Its really awesome,


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Naked Club's Video Streak edition 3

In this edition of Video Streak we join the GTA Skinnydippers group for an evening of naked bowling. Next we visit Lupin Lodge in California to interview the owner, Lori Kay and to show you around this inviting naturist destination. Included is an announcement of Bodyfest 2017 - one in California in June and another near Toronto, Canada in July. Also included is a preview short of one of our movies, Garden of Eden.

Contact Nomad if you wish to have your event, group or location featured!

LINKS relevant to this Video Streak:

Naked club is dedicated to creating opportunities for body-freedom expression and experiences. To join us start with this LINK

Naturism is an expression of the normalization of the clothes-free body in a social atmosphere that is not charged with sexuality. Most modern cultures indoctrinate us with the idea that being nude, if not in private, is intrinsically a sexual provocation. Every enlightened and thoughtful person in the world knows this is nonsense. The experience of being nude in a broader setting is truly liberating and should not be denied to anyone. Social interaction becomes more honest when textile barriers are down. Experiencing nature becomes more connected and sensual. Naturism is ultimately about becoming a more conciliatory human... with the world and with other humans.

We are open to receiving suggestions, invitations, submissions, ideas, contributions... We are looking for people who can shoot video (and photos) at places and times that are difficult for us to get to. Please get in touch.

USA 2016/17 #4 Mein Abschiedsbuch!

Aloha ihr Menschen da draußen!

hier ist endlich mein Video über mein Abschiedstagebuch :D
I hope you guys like it ^^

Der Link zum Buch:

~Intro Lied von Shawn Mendes - Something Big~

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[벨기에] 그랑플라스|오줌싸개소년,소녀|생캉트네르|와플|초코라떼

00:03 - 유로스타
03:03 - 그랑플라스
03:45 - 오줌싸개소년
04:08 - 노이하우스
04:45 - 와플
05:54 - 성모마리아의 성당 Church of Notre Dame de Bon Secours
07:30 - Chez Leon
08:44 - 오줌싸개소녀
09:14 - 생캉트네르 개선문
11:49 - 초코라떼 Le Comptoir de Mathilde
17:07 - 에베라르트 세르클래스
18:24 - 플릭스버스

Perpisahan Kelas 6 Angkatan 41 SD PL Jakarta 2018 part 1


Bali Vlog 03: 66 (double six) beach & Tanah Lot Temple [Gopro 5 + DJI Phantom]

Hi guys! welcome to our Bali adventures. We will be posting more condensed informative videos when we get back but the vlogs would be more about our trip day to day. We hope you'll enjoy!

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Gopro hero 5
Gopro PGY Tech gopro 5 adapter
DJI Phantom 3 4k
Samsung galaxy Edge 7
Sony Alpha a6000

Music :
Neehi - Where are you now
Nowe - Fantasy reality

We are always looking for new copyright free songs. If you have some of your creation and wish us to present them, please let us know!

NOTE I do not claim or wish to claim the rights to any of the music used in the video. All are CC licensed.

[6시내고향-창원] 굴 부자 햇굴 따는 날-경남 통영 (2015.10.20.화)

10월 20일 방송된 [굴-경남 통영]에 대한 정보입니다.

문의 -

한바다수산 010-5458-3031 / 굴수협 055-645-4513

#KBS창원 #6시내고향 #굴 #햇굴 #통영

☞ KBS 창원 1TV 실시간(On-air) 방송 시청하기

☞ KBS 창원 1TV VOD 조회하기 유튜브-KBS창원

Q&A: Why Hanoi? Do I Miss Korea? Favorite Thing About Vietnam? (July 2017) | LIFE IN VIETNAM

You guys gave me questions and I answered them. Yay!
This is a long video, so use the time stamps in the description box to navigate to a specific question or just enjoy the entire video. ^^

Thank you to everyone who asked questions, I really appreciate it. Please feel free to ask even more in the comments section!

[0:30] Why Vietnam? Why Hanoi? Why not Saigon?
[4:10] Will you go back to Korea?
[4:38] How long will you stay in Hanoi?
[5:10] What was your first impression of Vietnam/Hanoi?
[6:29] What are the biggest differences between Vietnam and Korea?
[7:30] How do you find the transition of moving from Seoul, where there are lots of English signs, to Hanoi?
[8:27] Does Google Maps work in Hanoi?
[9:04] Is Seoul/Hanoi family friendly? Which place has a more relaxed atmosphere?
[11:33] Does Hanoi have an expat area and how does it compare to Seoul's Itaewon? What is the vibe of Vietnamese people towards foreigners?
[13:33] How does this experience of starting fresh in Hanoi compare with when I first moved to Seoul?
[14:38] Favorite thing about Vietnam so far?
[15:35] Do you miss Korea? What do you miss about Korea?
[16:48] Do you like Vietnam or Korea more?
[17:42] Do you intend to learn Vietnamese to better communicate with the locals?
[18:25] What's the most inconvenient thing you've experienced in Vietnam so far?
[19:35] After settling in, do you plan on taking any trips around Vietnam?
[20:38] What's the biggest piece of advice you can give to someone who wants to travel full time and be a nomad?
[21:47] What country would you like to visit next? Would you ever move back to Japan?
[23:33] What has been your favorite country to live in so far?
[24:19] Is there Starbucks in Vietnam?
[25:30] How did you get internet connection? Did you buy a pocket WiFi?
[26:20] How fast is the internet in Vietnam?
[26:30] Any issues with street dogs?
[27:38] Any rats come into the home yet?
[28:49] Is it dangerous to walk around there with all your gadgets?

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Dr.T's Vlog / No. 22 - 老師的摩托車收藏 (第二集) My Motorcycle Collection Part 2

Chen / 教練 (IG:@zzcybin)


老師的 V7 Racer 橋段:



3.排氣管 (尾管):




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Chen / 教練的橋段:

1. 前後警示燈 + 車牌架

2. 油桶保護蓋 + 前後擋泥板

3. 前煞車和離合器按把

4. AGV 70週年安全帽

5. 防摔球

6. 油存桶蓋

7. 把尾後照鏡


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VLOG 003 2018 - welcome back to my channel ! here in hawaii, i make it a goal to get outside and explore on the weekends. On jan 13, 2018 a message was sent STATEWIDE saying a missile was headed our way and it wasn't a drill. 38 dang minutes later they sent another message saying how it was a drill. since work got cancelled for our friends, we went on the boat! and didn't let that ruin our weekend !

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