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10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal


Nepal, most beautiful places in the world HD नेपाल सुन्दर देश l

Nepal, most beautiful places in the world
Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia. It is a multi-ethnic nation with Nepali as the official language. Kathmandu is the nation's capital and largest city. Nepal is bordered by China to the north and India to the south, east, and west. Nepal is located in the Himalayas and is home to eight of the world's ten tallest mountains, including Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth. The country has an area of 147,181 square kilometers (56,827 sq. mi). Nepal is a gift of nature. It is a small landlocked Himalayan country. However, it is full of geographical and cultural diversity.
Lumbini, Kathmandu, Janakpur, Mount Everest, Khaptad, Rara Lake, Janki Temple, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath stupa, Pashupati temple Barun Valley, Kanyam, Illam, Manakamana Temple, Dachhinkali Temple, bhaktapur durbar square Patan durbar Square Phoksundo lake, gosaikunda, Bandipur, Jomsom kagbeni, Karnali river Kaligandki river changu narayan Temple, Machhapuchhre Mountain are some of the most attractive places of Nepal.
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10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal - Nepal Travel Guide

Nepal Travel Guide and Tips: Here are the Best Places to Visit in Nepal and Tourist Attractions in Nepal.

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10. Lumbini
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9. Janakpur
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8. Khumbu
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7. Nagarkot
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6. Chitwan National Park
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5. Pokhara
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4. Patan
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3. Annapurna Circuit
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2. Bhaktapur
1. Kathmandu
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Top 25 Places to Visit in Nepal.

Top 25 Places to Visit in Nepal.
Nepal नेपाल is a landlocked country in South Asia.
Nepal is bordered by China to the north and India to the south, east, and west.
Nepal has a diverse ancient cultural heritage. The name Nepal is first recorded in texts from the Vedic Age, the era that founded Hinduism, the country's predominant religion. Nepal was the world's last Hindu monarchy. Siddharta Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, was born in Lumbini in southern Nepal.

Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal and its largest source of foreign exchange and revenue. Possessing eight of the ten highest mountains in the world, Nepal is a hotspot destination for mountaineers, rock climbers and people seeking adventure. The Hindu and Buddhist heritage of Nepal and its cool weather are also strong attractions.

Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world, is located in Nepal. Mountaineering and other types of adventure tourism and ecotourism are important attractions for visitors. The world heritage site Lumbini, birthplace of Gautama Buddha, is located in the south of the West region of Nepal (which despite the name is located in the centre of the country) and there are other important religious pilgrimage sites throughout the country. The tourist industry is seen as a way to alleviate poverty and achieve greater social equity in the country.
Wilderness tourism Nepal
The major religion in Nepal is Hinduism, and the Pashupatinath Temple, the world's largest temple of Shiva, located in Kathmandu, attracts many pilgrims and tourists. Other Hindu pilgrimage sites include the temple complex in Swargadwari in the Pyuthan district; Janaki Mandir in Janakpurdham in Mithila region; Lake Gosainkunda near Dhunche; the temples at Devghat; Manakamana temple in the Gorkha District; Pathibhara near Phungling; and Mahamrityunjaya Shivasan Nepal in Palpa District where the biggest metallic idol of Lord Shiva is located.
Buddhism is the largest minority religion. The World Heritage site at Lumbini, which is traditionally considered to be the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, is an important pilgrimage site. Another prominent Buddhist site is Swayambhunath, the Monkey Temple, in Kathmandu.

Dang valley is a sacred place for Hindus as well as other religions. Kalika and Malika Devi in Chhillikot hill, Ambekeshawori temple, Krishna temple, Dharapani temple are among the sacred places in Dang district. Chillikot hill is also a good place for sightseeing and also an ancient palace of a king.

Muktinath is a sacred place for Hindus as well as Buddhists. The site is located in Muktinath Valley, Mustang district.
Chitwan National Park
According to Nepal's Ministry of Tourism, major tourist activities include wilderness and adventure activities such as mountain biking, bungee jumping, rock climbing and mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, bird watching, flights, paragliding and hot air ballooning over the mountains of Himalaya, exploring the waterways by raft, kayak or canoe and jungle safaris especially in the Terai region.

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10 Things To Do In Kathmandu,Nepal -HD

Hello and welcome to the top 10 things to do when you are in Kathmandu,Nepal. This video exactly shows you all the touristy
attractions and sights you must pay a visit during your intended stay in Kathmandu. It is a compiled documentary showcasing
the Buddhist culture,their traditions and rituals,the entire city of Kathmandu with the three other cities in the valley-
Patan,Bhaktapur and Nagarkot. The following are a few tips to keep in mind while visiting Kathmandu:

1. Never take Indian Rupee denominations of 500 and 1000 as they are prohibited.
2. Always finish up the exchanged Nepali rupee within your stay or else converting back to our own currency can be tough.
3. While you walk through the bustling streets of Thamel,walk carefully through the immense traffic which owns the place.
4. Use the footpaths wherever possible to walk or else you might end up in a traffic commotion.
5. Some places in Nepal strictly accept only Nepali rupees. So it is better to keep some Nepali denomination in hand always.
6. Taxis are easily available in all places,and not much bargain is needed,as prices are reasonable.
7. Smiling faces can be seen everywhere,and most people will help

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The music is used only for informative purpose and not violating any copyrights.
Copyrights rest in the hands of the owner or makers of the songs.

Enjoy this video whole heartedly and I am sure it will immensely help you when you visit Kathmandu. The city can be visited
all round the year for its wonderful location in the abode of the mountains,the lap of nature and with excellent climate.

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I would also like to know about your visit to Kathmandu, and your experiences there. Thanks a lot everyone.

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World best Place for Bungee jumping Nepal you have to do 1 time in your life.

10 best places to visit in nepal

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10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal

Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked central Himalayan country in South Asia. Wikipedia
Capital: Kathmandu
Currency: Nepalese rupee
Prime minister: Sher Bahadur Deuba
President: Bidhya Devi Bhandari



Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal !! Tourist Attractions in Nepal

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal !! Tourist Attractions in Nepal

10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal
Whether scaling the slopes of Mt. Everest or paying homage at the birthplace of the Buddha, a trip to Nepal is a top destination for many travelers. Situated along the Himalayan mountain range between China and India in South Asia, the country boasts some of the most diverse landscapes on the planet, from snow-capped mountains to subtropical forests.
From adrenaline-filled activities like mountaineering, kayaking and paragliding to serene strolls among medieval temples and hidden palaces, this country offers more memorable travel experiences than can be squeezed into a single visit. An overview of the best places to visit in Nepal:
10. Lumbini
Crowds of Buddhist pilgrims are an everyday sight in Lumbini, the traditional birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, Lord Buddha. With archeological finds that date back to around 550 B.C., the legendary site attracts scholars, scientists and curious visitors as well.
9. Janakpur
Located in south-central Nepal on the Terai plains, Janakpur was once the capital of a millennia-old Indian kingdom known as Mithila, and the Maithili culture still thrives here. Hindus believe Janakpur is the place where Lord Ram wed Sita, also known as Janaki, and thousands of Hindus from all over the world flock to the temple of Janaki Mandir each year to celebrate the anniversary of their marriage. With its three-story construction and 60 rooms, the massive 19th-century marble structure is the largest temple in Nepal
8. Nagarkot
Perfect for travelers who want to experience the beauty and majesty of the Himalayas without arduous physical activity, Nagarkot is best known for the views it offers of the mountains and the Kathmandu Valley. Perched on a high ridge to the northeast of Bhaktapur, the village of around 4,500 inhabitants commands views of eight Himalayan ranges.
7. Khumbu
Each year, the determination to trek to the summit of Mt. Everest brings thousands of adventurous travelers to Khumbu, the Everest Region located in northeastern Nepal. The journey begins at the Lukla airstrip where a clear two-lane trail eventually leads hikers to Everest Base Camp. Located primarily within the Sagarmatha National Park, Khumbu is home to the Sherpa village of Namche Bazaar where most expeditions to the mountainous peaks are staged.
6. Chitwan National Park
One of the best wildlife-viewing destinations in Asia, the Chitwan National Park in south-central Nepal offers needed sanctuary for rare and endangered species like the Bengal tiger and one-horned rhinoceros. The chance for a close-up look at exotic wildlife, including elephants, leopards, Indian bison, rhinoceros and sloth bears, is the park’s greatest attraction.
5. Pokhara

With its tranquil lakes, verdant shorelines and mountain views, Pokhara is a popular resort destination for travelers from around the world. Known as the gateway to the Annapurna region in northwest Nepal, the lakeside city offers respite to weary hikers, and provides opportunities for outdoor adventures too, ranging from leisurely paddle-boat rides to white-water rafting. The largest of Pokhara’s three lakes, Phewa Lake is lined with luxury hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.
4. Patan
Situated across the Bagmati River from Kathmandu, Patan is as well known for its artisans as for its stunning display of Newari architecture. Built in the 17th century, the palaces, courtyards and temples of the Patan Durbar are the city’s star attractions. With its multi-columned façade and gilded spires, the recently restored stone Krishna Temple is particularly striking, as is the recently restored Sundari Chowk, a courtyard with an elaborately carved sunken bath as its centerpiece.
3. Bhaktapur
One of three ancient capitals in the Kathmandu Valley, beautifully preserved Bhaktapur experienced a fair share of damage during the 2015 earthquakes. Fortunately, most of the city’s temples and shrines, which are the main attractions in this place known as the City of Devotees, escaped unscathed.
2. Annapurna Circuit
The Annapurna Circuit in northwest Nepal offers hikers an outdoor experience nonpareil. Showcasing the varied landscapes of the Annapurna Region, the classic trek leads travelers high into the Himalayas, across plunging gorges, over desert plateaus and through lush subtropical valleys dotted by terraced farms. The trek also passes by many religious sites and quaint villages. Starting just east of Pokhara, the journey takes about three weeks to complete though many trekkers walk half of it by flying out at Jomsom Airport.
1. Kathmandu
The country’s cultural capital, Kathmandu is the place where most adventures in Nepal begin, as all flights from overseas land in the city’s airport. A crowded metropolis of more than 1 million inhabitants, Kathmandu is a chaotic mix of tourist shops, trekking agencies, hotels, restaurants, religious sites and artisan workshops.

10 Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

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10 Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka is a fascinating island country in the Indian Ocean with spectacular beaches, rich wildlife, a remarkable history and endless opportunities for adventures. Its flavorful food, famous tea, fun trains, oodles of elephants, welcoming people, timeless ruins, rolling surf, and cheap prices make it a great travel destination that it is today. If you are planning to explore this beautiful country, this article is going to help you make a perfect plan. Following are 10 best and most popular places to visit in Sri Lanka:

1. Sigiriya
2. Yala National Park
3. Polonnaruwa
4. Colombo
5. Kandy
6. Nuwara Eliya
7. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
8. Ancient city of Anuradhapura
9. Galle
10. Botanical Garden of Peradeniya

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Hello guys,I have made a video about the top places to visit in jhapa.Hope you will enjoy it.

3.Mini mountain
4.Kechana Kabal
8.Hattiban Resort
10.Pau pathivara
13.The Fun world

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10 AWESOME Things to do in Kathmandu, Nepal - Go Local (2018)

Ever wondered what Nepal is like? I take you through a list of my favorite ways to experience the city of Kathmandu, Nepal. Personally one of my favorite cities in Asia just because the culture is so... in-your-face, if that makes sense :D

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1. Pashupatinath - A sacred Hindu temple
2. Durbar Square - Who doesn't want to see a pigeon temple!
3. Swayambhunath Temple - The monkey temple
4. Food yo! - Momo, Pokhara, and Samosas
5. Boudhanath Stupa - One of the most famous religious sites in Nepal
6. Exploring Thamel - Make an effort to wander past all the tourist shops
7. Kopan Monastery - A peaceful site on top of a hill where you can watch monks teaching the principals of Buddhism
8. Nightlife - Check out Jazz Upstairs, Sam's Pub, and Rum Doodle
9. Asan Bazaar - Another great market where you can pick up just about anything
10. Talk to locals!

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1. Dizzy - Joakim Karud

2. Tibetan Mountains -
3. The Croft -

a movie by Cal McKinley


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Continuation from part 6 of my village experience :)

Nepali Village Life with Sarala Thapa - Part 7!!

The Nepali Village life Vlogs are a set of video vlogs about my personal trip, that took me back to my ancestral village 'Mulabari' in Tanahun district, Nepal (back in September 2012).
Watch me attempting different daily village life chores to the best of my ability during my stay at the village.
My 7 day village life experience was a very unique exploration which will stay with me forever. I am sharing these videos so I can personally look back at my journey and I also hope the viewers can learn a little about the way of life in the villages in Nepal.
My village wasn't as I expected it to be. It wasn't as rural as I had thought, we had access to electricity and even 3G thanks to Ncell. 
Mulabari is a small village consisting of 18 houses and we are all kind of related because all the villagers including my family share the same ancestors. 
Please feel free to watch the videos, like it, share it and leave your thoughts and experiences.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Instagram: @alaras28 
Edit and Voiceover : Sarala Thapa aka me
Music: Kutumba, Nepali songs, school children patriotic song (No Copyright Intended)
Camera work by: Aakash Pradhan IG: @andyysora Andreas Pradhan
Location: Mulabari village, Tanahun district, Nepal.

Thank You!
Stay tuned for more!! Sarala  :)

अगर यहां नहीं गए तो आपने कुछ भी नहीं देखा | 10 amazing places you won't believe exist on Earth

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10 Most Amazing Places On Earth, Must See Once in Life
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Top 10 places to visit in Nepal

Here are the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Nepal . They are the most famous place of Nepal as well.
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Top 10 Places to Travel in Nepal

Here are the Top 10 Travel Destination in Nepal. These are one of the best travel destinations in Nepal. Beautiful Nepal
Amazing Nepal
Heaven On Earth
Tilicho Lake
Annapurna Base Camp
Kagbeni (Upper Mustang)
Rara Lake
Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world, is located in Nepal. Mountaineering and other types of adventure tourism and ecotourism are important attractions for visitors. The world heritage site Lumbini, birthplace of Gautama Buddha, is located in the south of the West region of Nepal (which despite the name is located in the centre of the country) and there are other important religious pilgrimage sites throughout the country. The tourist industry is seen as a way to alleviate poverty and achieve greater social equity in the country.

Namche Bazaar, gateway to Mount Everest, under snow
According to statistics of 2012, there was a slow growth rate of 9.8%.[out of date] According to statistics from Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), a total of 598,204 foreign tourists entered the country via aerial route in 2012. The government of Nepal declared 2011 to be Nepal Tourism Year, and hoped to attract one million foreign tourists to the country during that year.
Tourism in Nepal was badly affected, at least temporarily, by the series of earthquakes in 2015.
Top 10 most beautiful places in Nepal you most visit before you die.

Reference :

Top 10 Place to visit Butwal// बुटवलका १० रमणिय ठाउँ

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Nepal Travel: How Expensive is KATHMANDU?

In this video I explore Kathmandu, Nepal and show how much things cost.
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Gabriel Morris is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990. He is author of Following My Thumb, a collection of 26 exciting and hilarious autobiographical travel stories from his worldly wanderings during the 1990s; and of several other books. Visit for lots more info about his travel writing, photography, videos, budget travel tips and much more.

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Nepal Travel: How Expensive is KATHMANDU?

Nepal, most beautiful country in the world.

Nepal, most beautiful country in the world.
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Popular places to visit in Nepal
Tourist Attraction Places in Nepal
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Popular Places to Visit in Nepal

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Places to Visit in Pokhara Nepal.

Places to Visit in Pokhara
Pokhara पोखरा is a sub-metropolitan and the second largest city of Nepal as well as the headquarters of Kaski District, Gandaki Zone and the Western Development Region. It is located 200 km west of the capital Kathmandu. Despite being a comparatively smaller valley than Kathmandu, its geography varies dramatically within just few kilometres from north to south. The altitude varies from 827 m in the southern part to 1740 m in the north. Additionally, the Annapurna Range with three out of the ten highest mountains in the world — Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I and Manaslu — are within approximately 15 – 35 miles of the valley. Due to its proximity to the Annapurna mountain range, the city is also a base for trekkers undertaking the Annapurna Circuit through the ACAP region[5] of the Annapurna ranges in the Himalayas.

Phewa lake in Pokhara. Boating at phewa lake is one of the popular activities one does who go for visit.
Pokhara is home to many Gurkha soldiers. It is the most expensive city in the country, with a cost-of-living index of 95, and the second most expensive place in Nepal after Namche Bazaar.



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