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10 Best Places to Visit in Malta


Visit Malta - What to See & Do in Malta - Top 10 Malta

What to See & Do in Malta. From the crystal clear waters to the Capital Valletta with St. John's Co-Cathedral to the historic capital Mdina to scuba diving at WWII wrecks there is so much to see and do in Malta. The food is amazing with rabbit, drinking some local wines and just enjoying the friendly people. Whether you are on vacation, holiday or working Malta is a nice place to be.
Top 10 Malta
Top 10 Sights in Malta
Top Sites in Malta
filmed in Mdina, Malta
Copyright Mark Wolters 2014

Top 10 Places To Visit In Malta - Trip to Malta - Best places in Malta - Malta Tourist Attractions

Top 10 Places To Visit In Malta - Trip to Malta - Best places in Malta - Malta Tourist Attractions

1. Mellieha Bay
address: Marfa avenue, Ghadira 9065, Malta

2. The Citadella

The Cittadella (Maltese: Iċ-Ċittadella), usually referred to as the castle, the Castello (Maltese: Il-Kastell) or the Gran Castello, is a fortification in Victoria, on the island of malta.

3. Hypogeum

The Hypogeum of Ħal-Saflieni is an underground shape dating to the Saflieni arrange in Maltese vintage circumstances, organized in Paola, Malta. it's miles consistently basically implied as the Hypogeum, sincerely implying underground in Greek. Wikipedia
deal with: Triq Ic Cimiterju, Raħal Ġdid PLA 1116, Malta

4. Blue Lagoon Bay

The Blue Lagoon is a piece of the Maltese islands often stuck in light of the reality that it just takes after quite reduce of paradise.
it's relatively candid with shallow.

5. fantastic Bay

excellent Bay is a champion many of the maximum conspicuous sandy seashores in Malta. incredible Bay has flawless waters and procured seashore of excellent reputation.

6. Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk is a customary calculating metropolis in the South eastern place of Malta, with a loads of three,534 as of March 2014.
The city's call begins from marsa, which means port and xlokk, that is the near-by name for south east. Wikipedia

7. Mdina

Mdina, also recognised by using its titles Città Vecchia or Città Notabile, is a reinforced city inside the Northern location of Malta, which filled in as the island's capital from antiquated records to the medieval length. Wikipedia

8. Sky blue Window

The Azure Window is a limestone customary bend on the Maltese island of Gozo. it is organized near Dwejra Bay at the Inland Sea.
The route of movement, which turned into made after two limestone sea openings folded, is awesome with scuba jumpers. Wikipedia
address: San Lawrenz, Malta

9. St. John's Co-Cathedral

Sacred character John's Co-Cathedral is a Roman Catholic co-location of petition in Valletta, Malta, gave to Saint John the Baptist. Wikipedia
address: Triq San Gwann, Il-Belt Valletta, Malta

10. Hagar Qim and Mnajdra

The asylum of Ħaġar Qim remains on an area sitting over the ocean and the islet of ... lies some other vital haven website, Mnajdra
observed over the Southern feigns.

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Top 12 Tourist Attractions in Malta

This video learn about top 12 tourist attractions in Malta. Malta is a Southern European island country comprising an archipelago of seven islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Here are top tourist attractions in Malta for planning your travel to Malta (things to do in malta)

photo credit:
Ġgantija temple by Darren Barefoot
Blue Grotto by Joonas L.
Mellieħa Bay by Shepard4711
The Citadella, Gozo by Bernt Rostad
Hypogeum of Ħal-Saflieni by Gertrud K.
Blue Lagoon Bay (Bejn il-Kmiemen) by a'Shioji
Golden Bay by hazelisles
Marsaxlokk by Raging Wire
Mdina by Mark Fox
Azure Window, Gozoby Never House
St. John's Co-Cathedral by Fabio Gismondi
Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra by peuplier

Top 10 tourist attractions in Malta - napisy PL

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Film z pobytu na Malcie, a w nim 10 najciekawszych atrakcji według mieszkańców Malty.
Movie from our trip in Malta. Top 10 tourist attractions in opinion people from Malta with english voiceover.


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Trip to Malta. Best places in Malta. (Maltese Music)

Trip to Malta 2014. 3 days in Malta Island. Top places in Malta. Best of Malta. Must see in Malta. Top places in Malta Island. In video, You can see:

00:04 Marsaxlokk ,
00:21 Mdina,
00:58 Blue Grotto,
02:12 Goldeb Bey
02:49 Malta Cruise
02:57 Blue Lagoon,
03:16 Jumping in Blue Lagoon))
03:41 Gozo Island, Azure Window,
04:05 Valetta.


Путешествие по Мальте. 3 дня на Мальте. В ролике показаны топ места Мальты и что нужно обязательно увидеть на Мальте.

Самые популярные достопримечательности Мальты. Марсашлок - рыбацкое село, Мдина - старый город, Голубой Гротт, Остров Гозо, Голубая Лагуна, Лазурное окно, Валетта - столица Мальты!

Music: Maltese branle

Malta - points of interest and things to do

This is a compilation of clips that shows you the beauty of Malta islands, and also it's capital, Valletta's main points of interests. On Malta, and also on Gozo, you have a lot of things to do, a lot of places to visit. Malta is famous for it's rocky coasts, and also for the historical places.If you are going to visit Malta, I'm sure you would enjoy it.

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✈️ 5 things to do in Malta

In this video I’m gonna give you 5 tips on what to do in Malta.
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Broke For Free - The Gold Lining

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10 Top Tourist Attractions in Malta

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Malta: Blue Lagoon Bay, Golden Bay, Azure Window, Hagar Qim and Mnajdra, Hypogeum, Marsaxlokk, Mdina, St. John's Co-Cathedral, Mellieha Bay, The Citadella

Malta: Top 10 Tourist Attractions - Video Travel Malta

Malta Travel Video: Top 10 Tourist attractions in Malta.
Malta Tourist attractions, Malta Tourist Destinations.

Copyright: Video created by
Omega Tours Co., LTD
Add: 176 Tran Phu Str - Hai Chau Dist - Da Nang City, Vietnam

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Photos Credited:

10. Mellieha Bay
Dietrich Michael Weidmann:
Giles Moss:
9. The Citadella
Jun-Dai Bates-Kobashigawa:
8. Hypogeum
Hamelin de Guettelet:
7. Blue Lagoon Bay
Nick Ribaudo:
6. Golden Bay
Frank Vincentz:
5. Marsaxlokk
Berthold Werner:
Tony Hisgett:
4. Mdina
R Muscat:
Berthold Werner:
3. Azure Window
Kevin Millican:
Darren Barefoot:
2. St. John's Co-Cathedral
Terry Feuerborn:
Ian Lloyd:
1. Hagar Qim and Mnajdra
Hamelin de Guettelet:

Top 10 Things to do in Malta

Share you memorable moments you spent at Maltese archipelago.

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Malta Travel Guide 2018

Malta Travel Guide 2018, Best Malta Vacation Packages, Visit (Mdina, Rabat, Mosta, Qrendi , Żurrieq, Dingli, Mġarr, Mellieħa, Valletta, Birgu, Attard, Marsaxlokk, Dwejra malta (Azure Window),Xagħra, Ramla, Marsalforn, Għarb, Xlendi , Victoria, Xewkija, Comino)
Travel Vlog 4K
0:01 Mdina
The mysterious golden-stone Arabic walled city of Mdina crowns the hilltop, and is a world apart from modern Malta. Its hidden lanes offer exquisite architectural detail and respite from the day-tripping crowds, who largely stick to the main street.

1:15 Rabat, Malta
Rabat is a town in the Northern Region of Malta, with a population of 11,497 as of March 2014. The name of the town is derived from the Arabic word for 'suburb': الرباط, as it was the suburb of the old capital Mdina. Half of the present-day village core also formed part of the Roman city of Melite, before the latter was resized during the Fatimid occupation.

3:32 Mosta
Mosta (Maltese: Il-Mosta) is a town in the Northern Region of Malta, to the north-west of Valletta. In 2014, it had an estimated population of 20,241.

3:46 Qrendi
Qrendi (Maltese: Il-Qrendi) is a small village in the Southern Region of Malta, with a population of 2752 people as of March 2014. It is located close to Mqabba and Żurrieq. Within its boundaries are two well-known Neolithic temples called Mnajdra and Ħaġar Qim. In this village two feasts are held annually.

4:52 Żurrieq
Żurrieq is a town in the Southern Region of Malta. It is one of the oldest towns in the country, and it has a population of 11,823 inhabitants as of March 2014. The first documentation about it being a parish dates back to 1436 dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria.

5:10 Dingli
Dingli is a village in the Northern Region of Malta, with a population of 3,608 as of March 2014. It is 13 kilometres (8 miles) from the capital Valletta and two kilometers (1.2 miles) from the nearest town, Rabat.

5:42 Mġarr
Mġarr is a small town in the Northern Region of Malta. Mgarr is a typical rural village situated in an isolated region, west of Mosta. It is surrounded with rich farmland and vineyards. Many of its 3,629 inhabitants are farmers or are engaged in some sort of agricultural activity. Maltese pop singers Christabelle Borg and Gaia Cauchi both hail from Mġarr.

5:53 Mellieħa
Mellieħa is a large village or small town in the Northern Region of Malta. It has a population of 10,087 as of March 2014. Mellieħa is also a tourist resort, popular for its sandy beaches and natural environment.

6:47 Valletta
Valletta is the capital city of Malta, colloquially known as Il-Belt in Maltese. Geographically, it is located in the South Eastern Region, in the central-eastern portion of the main island of Malta having its western coast with access to the Marsamxett Harbour and its eastern coast in the Grand Harbour.

Birgu is an old fortified city on the south side of the Grand Harbour in the South Eastern Region of Malta. The city occupies a promontory of land with Fort Saint Angelo at its head and the city of Cospicua at its base. Birgu is ideally situated for safe anchorage, and over time it has developed a very long history with maritime, mercantile and military activities.

11:12 Attard
Attard is a town in the Central Region of Malta. Together with Balzan and Lija it forms part of the Three Villages and has been inhabited since the Classical Period. It has a population of 10,650 as of March 2014. Attard's traditional Latin motto is Florigera rosis halo (I perfume the air with my blossoms) due to its many flower gardens and citrus orchards. Attard is abundant with public gardens, including ornamental trees and flowers, maintained by the Local Council. The inhabitants of Attard are known as saraċini.

12:38 Marsaxlokk
Marsaxlokk is a traditional fishing village in the South Eastern Region of Malta, with a population of 3,534 as of March 2014. The village’s name comes from marsa, which means port and xlokk, which is the local name for south east. The word is related to the name for the dry sirocco wind that blows from the Sahara, comparable to the equivalent Catalan word, xaloc.

13:45 Dwejra malta (Azure Window)
The Azure Window (Maltese: it-Tieqa Żerqa), also known as the Dwejra Window (Maltese: it-Tieqa tad-Dwejra), was a 28-metre-tall (92 ft) natural arch on the island of Gozo in Malta. The limestone feature, which was located in Dwejra Bay close to the Inland Sea and Fungus Rock, was one of the island's major tourist attractions until it collapsed in stormy weather on 8 March 2017. The arch, together with other natural features in the area, has appeared in a number of international films and media productions.

14:34 Xagħra is a village on the island of Gozo in Malta.

15:04 Mgarr

15:22 Ramla

15:41 Marsalforn

16:49 Għarb

17:04 Xlendi

17:18 Victoria

17:37 Xewkija

17:54 Comino

MALTA TRAVEL GUIDE | Blue Lagoon, Gozo On An Open Jeep, Valletta, Comino | Travel Guide/Vlog 2016

More videos for you to (hopefully) enjoy here:


A long weekend in Malta including a festival with dancing paper confetti, the glittering Mediterranean sea, Blue Lagoon and exploring around Gozo island hanging off the back of an open jeep with a rock 'n' roll old man as your guide.

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MALTA TOUR | Visit Top Places

Summer Holiday 2017. Staying at Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Golden Sands. Visiting the islands of Gozo & Comino, St. Julian's, Sliema, Valletta and relaxing at the Golden Bay beach and pools.

More about Malta and other travel destinations, interesting information and photos please find on my blog:

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Visit Malta - 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Malta

The Best & Worst of Malta for Tourists. What to See & Do in Malta & Tips on Enjoying Your Vacation in the Fantastic Island Nation of Malta. Travel advice for travelers, tourists, vacationers, gamers and more in Malta.
Filmed in Mdina, Malta
Copyright Mark Wolters 2014

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Malta in 5 minutes | Travel Guide | Must-sees for your city tour

Malta is the ideal place for a short trip – in summer as well as in winter. But the former British colony offers more than just good weather. We show you Malta, Valletta, Gozo, but also nice beaches, blue grotto and more in only 5 minutes. This is your travel guide for your tour.
Recommended stay: Min. 6 days
Note: We regret that the Azure Window is collapsed in March 2017 and is no longer existent in the form shown.
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Amazing! Malta Tourist Attractions 10 Amazing Places To Visit 2018

Amazing! Malta Tourist Attractions 10 Amazing Places To Visit 2018
Amazing! Malta Tourist Attractions 10 Amazing Places To Visit 2018

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Malta 2017

Our trip to the stunning island of Malta along with its sister island Gozo. There are plenty of things to see and do on these two beautiful islands, rich with architecture, sights and stunning coastlines. This is certainly a place to visit!

Featuring Alex Gill, Chris Smith and Viktoria Kanova.


An Ending (Ascent) - Brian Eno

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Top 10 Cities of Malta

Thanks for watching.....
1) Birkirkara
2) Fgura
3) Mosta
4) Qormi
5) Rabat
6) San Ġwann
7) San Pawl il-Baħar
8) Sliema
9) Żabbar
10) Żejtun


Malta is a southern European country in the Mediterranean Sea. It lies 80 km (50 mi) south of Sicily, 284 km (176 mi) east of Tunisia and 333 km (207 mi) north of Libya. The country covers just over 316 km2 (122 sq mi), making it one of the world's smallest[9][10][11] and most densely populated countries. The capital of Malta is Valletta which is also the smallest capital in the EU at 0.8 km2.[12] Malta has two official languages: Maltese and English.
Malta's location as a naval base has given it great strategic importance throughout history, and a succession of powers including the Phoenicians, Romans, Moorish, Normans, Aragonese, Habsburg Spain, Knights of St. John, French and the British ruled the islands. Malta gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1964 and became a republic in 1974. Malta was admitted to the United Nations in 1964 and to the European Union in 2004; in 2008, it became part of the eurozone.
The name originates from Melite in Greek, or Melita in the Dorian dialect (Μελίτη, Μελίτα), which means very sweet, or honey-like.
Malta has a long Christian legacy and is an Apostolic see. According to the Acts of the Apostles,[13] St. Paul was shipwrecked on Malta.[14] Catholicism is the official religion in Malta.[15][16]
Malta is a favoured tourist destination with its warm climate, numerous recreational areas, architectural and historical monuments, including seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites,[17] most prominently the Megalithic Temples which are some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world. Source:

I, Kaushik Biswas, hereby declare that all information regarding this video I collect from and all Images use to make this video is from Google Search . I use Google Advanced Search to collect those images, usage rights : free to use, share or modify, even commercially section. Background Sound of this video I collect from Youtube Audio Library which are free to use. Thank you.

WHAT TO DO IN MALTA in 60 seconds

Check out our website:

Arne and Tim spent one Week in Malta in Spring 2016. Pretty much the best time to be around: Not too hot and a good opportunity to escape the from the temperatures in central Europe that you get in Months like March or April.

Our recommendations in order of appearance:

00:06 Malta’s capital Valletta is best explored April-June or September/October, when the temperatures are moderate, crowds are fewer and prices lower.

00:08 The Dingli Cliffs (Siggiewi) are situated at the southwestern coast nearby the small village Dingli and are best reached by car or a scooter.

00:10 St. Peter’s Pool (Delimara). To reach the hidden swimming spot in the southeast of the island, head to Marsaxlokk and continue towards Delimara Lighthouse.

00:14 Numerous diving companies operate on the island. One of the most renowned is Dive Systems Malta. Dive schools charge 70-90 Euros for a package of accompanied dives.

00:20 For further information on public transportation, check Malta Public Transport

00:22 Med Sun Scooter at Spinola Bay (St. Julian’s) offer decent scooters for 40 Europer 24hs.

00:24 Pjazza San Pawl lies in the heart of Mdina next to Rabat.

00:29 Triq Inguanez is one of the typical narrow lanes of the Arabic walled city of Mdina

00:31 The megalithic temples of Hagar Qim (Qrendi) in the South of the island are one the most famous prehistoric sites of Malta. Tickets cost 10€ for adults. Opening hours vary depending on the season. For further information check

00:34 The inscription from King George, Buckingham Palace to the people of Malta can be found on the Grand Master’s Palace (St George’s Square, Valletta).

00:38 The ferry ticket to Gozo costs 4,65€ (one passenger, roundtrip). You pay on your return trip. For further infromation check

00:40 The Azure Window (San Lawrenz) is situated on the westcoast of Gozo nearby the village of Dwejra.

00:42 Wied L-Ghasri (Ghammar) on the central northcoast of Gozo can be reached from Victoria heading out north on Triq L Imghallem and following the road all the way to straight to the coast.

00:44 San Blas Bay is situated on the northeastern coast, a 30min walking trip from the village of Nadur.

00:48 The family-run farmhouse restaurant Diar il-Bniet (Main Street, Had-Dingli) serves mains from 9-20€. For further information check
00:52 The Grand Harbour Marina (Vittoriosa) lies between Vittoriosa and Senglea. There is a Valletta Ferry Service Stop. For further information on how to get there by ferry check

00:55 The Lost & Found Festival takes place each spring. For further information on the electronic music festival check

00:59 Churches worth a visit include St Paul’s Cathedral (Pjazza San Pawl, Mdina), Church of St Paul’s Shipwreck (Triq San Pawl, Valletta) and St John’s Co-Cathedral (Triq ir-Repubblika, Valletta).

Top 10 Travel Destinations

At this years New York Times Travel Show, Brian Cox interviewed several representatives from some of the best tourist destinations in the world. After doing tons of research and the help from some great interviews, we present our top ten destinations to travel to in 2015 (in no order).

Este año mientras participaba en el New York Times Tavel Show, Brian Cox entrevistó varios representantes de algunos de los mejores destinos turísticos del mundo. Después de hacer una búsqueda extensiva y con la ayuda de las entrevistas (y entrevistados) te presentamos la lista de los Top 10 destinos turísticos para el 2015 (sin orden).

Video footage provided by:
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Argentina Tourism Board -
Philippines Tourism Board -
Czech Republic Tourism Board -
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Track & Trail River Camp (Zambia) -
India Tourism Board -
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Malta Tourism Authority -


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